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The Cast

Also on the Cast pages above is information on upcoming appearances, how to write them, and some of their more interesting quotes from episodes as well as photos.


The Crew

Rick Berman
Executive Producer
Brannon Braga
Executive Producer

Merri D. Howard
Supervising Producer
(also on TNG & Voyager)

Writing Staff
Stephen Beck (7 Days)
Herman Zimmerman
Production Designer
(also served on ST:TNG, DS9, Voyager, ST VI, Generations, First Contact & Insurrection)
Ronald B. Moore
Visual Effects Supervisor
(also worked on TNG, Voyager, Generations)

John Eaves
Senior Illustrator
(also designed the NCC 1701-E for First Contact)
Michael Okuda
Scenic Arts Supervisor
(worked on TNG - Voyager)

Denise Okuda
Art Department
(also worked on Voyager, DS9, STVI, Generations, First Contact, & Insurrection)

Louise Dorton
Art Director
(also worked on Voyager)

James Martin
Art Department
(illustrator on DS9 & Voyager)

Anthony Fredrickson
Art Department
(scenic artist on DS9, Generations, First Contact & Insurrection)

Doug Drexler
Junior Illustrator
(since Generations)
Robert Blackman
Costume Designer
(worked on all TNG movies)

Carol Kunz
Costumes Supervisor
(worked on all since TNG)

Michael Westmore
Makeup Supervisor
(also worked on TNG, DS9, Voyager, Generations First Contact & Insurrection)

Suzanne Westmore
Makeup Artist
(also served on Voyager)

Michael Moore
Charlotte A. Parker

Hair Stylists

Jerry Fleck
First Assistant Director
(also served on TNG, Voyager, First Contact & Insurrection)

Michael DeMerrit
Second Assistant Director
(also served on Voyager)

Marvin V. Rush
Director of Photography
(served on all since season 3 TNG)

Douglas Knapp
Camera Operator
(also worked on Voyager)

William Peets
Lighting Technician
(worked on TNG - Voyager)

Brad Yacobian
Unit Production Manager

Jim Mees
Set Decorator
(also worked on TNG & Voyager)

Craig Brinkley

Lazard (LZ) Ward
Steve D’errico

Set Security


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