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Videos - Wallpapers - Browser Skins - Audio Files

Video Promos: You will need an unzip program and a video player that can view video files (some are Quicktime or Real Player formats) - We recommend Quicktime for the best compatibility. Thanks to MediaTrek for most of these files. Our bandwidth is getting expensive - find out how you can help!

  • Episode Clips:
  • Promos:
    • Promo: 5 New Missions - “On Wednesday, January 16...” MPG file 5.6K
    • Promo Reviews - “Over 15 million fans...” Quicktime format
    • Promo 10 - ”This fall, adventure comes in all shapes and sizes...” - 1.7 MB QuickTime Format
    • Promo: Break Through - 5.2 MB zipped MPG File
    • Promo 6 - “Ever since he was a boy he knew his destiny was in the stars...” 5.1 MB MPG file
    • Promo 4 - “For decades we’ve dreamed of traveling beyond our galaxy...” With footage from Broken Bow - aired 7/18/01 - 2.4 Megs - RealMedia
    • Promo 3 - “For decades we’ve explored the mystereis of space...” 810KB Quicktime format
    • Promo 2 - “The first crew to explore deep space paved the way for generations to come...” - 946K QuickTime format
    • Promo 1 B - “Before Janeway and Picard...” Corrected version includes Sisko - 975 KB QuickTime format
    • Promo 1 - “Before Janeway and Picard...” The first version without Sisko - 3 MB
  • Other Video:
    • ET Preview & Tour - 3.1 Megs - Tour of the new sets and interview from Entertainment Tonight July 11 broadcast
    • UPN Presentation - 25 Megs - Shot around the sets so look in the background for glimpses of them.

Wallpapers: (Note: All images are for personal use only.)

To use these as wallpapers on your Windows machine, download the file (several resolutions are available) and save to your hard drive. Then right click on your desktop, choose Properties, then Background. Click on the Browse button and locate the image on your drive. Select Stretch for the image and click OK.

The first ones are created by us at

T'Pol wallpaper created by us


Download 800x600


The images below were sent to us by reader Phillip Riggin. Thanks, Phillip!!

Enterprise wallpaper from

Enterprise wallpaper from

Download 800x600

Download 800x600

The following images were created by John Lambeth, Chameleon Digital Video, Raleigh, NC, and the wallpaper is exclusive to John photographs and enhances in Photoshops models built by a friend (believe it or not, these are the AMT model kit of the original Enterprise!!). They are planning a book authorized by Paramount in the near future. Thanks, John!

Wallpaper of the Original USS Enterprise 1701

Download 800x600
Download 1024x768

Download 800x600
Download 1024x768

The following image on the left was created by The Captain - ... Thanks, Cap!
The one of the right, was created by Ray Tracer - Thanks, Ray!

Download 800x600
Download 1024x768

Download 800x600

Browser Skins:

These skins require Hotbar (download from a really great utility for customizing your browser screens. It works with both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Lose the boring Windows look and add some personality to your bar! Once Hotbar is installed, just click on the skin you want below. You can also send it to a friend but clicking on the button next to the image. Design a skin for us! Must be 800 x 135 pixels in .bmp format! Email it to me! See Star Trek & SciFi Skins here....note: If you don’t have Hotbar installed, it will popup a window.

Audio Files:


Have a great image or a skin or screensaver or sound related to Star Trek you would like to offer our readers? Email it to me along with your name, email address and a short description.

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