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Episode Guide

 Season 1

  1. Broken Bow - A Klingon ship crash lands in Kansas prompting the newly built Enterprise NX-01 to launch earlier than expected to take him home against the wishes of the Vulcans. But the Klingon gets kidnapped by the Suliban Silik as we discover the Suliban are taking orders from a mysterious man in the future.
  2. Broken Bow - Part 2 of the above
  3. Flight or Fight - Should Enterprise get involved when a ship’s crew is murdered by another race? That’s the decision Archer struggles with while T’Pol urges him not to get involved.
  4. Strange New World - Exploring the first Earth-like planet in the Enterprise’s journey which ends up with T’Pol and Tucker at each other’s throats as the landing party becomes infected by alien pollen.
  5. Unexpected - In repairing an alien vessel, Trip picks up more than he expects as he becomes pregnant.
  6. Terra Nova - The mystery of what happened to the colonists of one of the farthest human colonies is finally solved by the Enterprise.
  7. The Andorian Incident - When Archer decides to visit a Vulcan monestary, he finds more than he expected - Andorian Terrorists! The Andorians think the Vulcans are spying on them....Archer gets to the bottom of it making an unexpected ally in the process.
  8. Breaking the Ice - Mayweather and Reed get stuck on an icy comet they are exploring while Archer deals with a Vulcan ship that may have been spying on Enterprise. Has T’Pol been passing them encoded messages for weeks?
  9. Civilization - Where are energy emissions coming from on a pre-industrial planet? Archer’s first time “getting the girl” as well as the first covert away mission.
  10. Fortunate Son - When a merchant ship is attacked, Enterpise comes to their rescue...even if they don’t want to be rescued.
  11. Cold Front - Archer has to deal with a time traveler and the Suliban. Introduces a Federation agent from the future assigned to help Enterprise. He will reappear in Shockwave.
  12. Silent Enemy - Who is the unknown alien that keeps attacking the Enterprise? And what is Reed’s favorite food? Both big mysteries in this episode!
  13. Dear Doctor - Should Dr. Phlox cure one species even though it will destroy another? Phlox and Archer deal with a moral dilemna that is the first time what will become The Prime Directive is discussed.
  14. Sleeping Dogs - The Enterprise comes to the rescue of a Klingon ship - even if they don’t want to be rescued. We learn a little more about Klingons and how they live on ships.
  15. Shadows of P’Jem - The Andorians actually come to Archer’s aid when he and T’Pol get caught in a planet’s civil war.
  16. Shuttlepod One - Reed and Tucker have a limited amount of air left on the pod when they think Enterprise was destroyed. Some interesting dream sequences and discussion ensues.
  17. Fusion - The Enterprise encounters a ship full of Vulcans working to integrate their emotions instead of elminate them. Is it something T’Pol might be interested in exploring?
  18. Rogue Planet - The Enterprise meets a race of hunters who have some cool technology...but what are they really hunting and do they have a right to kill another species??
  19. Acquisition - Ferengi raid the Enterprise convinced there is a hidden vault of treasures. Features Ethan Phillips & Jeffrey Combs.
  20. Oasis - The crew encounter an alien trader who tell them about a haunted ship they investigate. Features Rene Auberjonis.
  21. Detained - Not all Suliban are evil - some are herded into detention camps in this story which is the first to address current world events...though in a very, very slight way.
  22. Vox Sola - Means “Voice of the Son” and is directed by Roxann Dawson. A giant squid-like alien (actually more interesting than it sounds) takes over the cargo bay.
  23. Fallen Hero - The Enterprise transports a Vulcan ambassador T’Pol idolizes expelled from her post for reasons unknown. Archer and the Ambassador develop a new trust along the way...the first episode indicating a human/Vulcan friendship will eventually develop.
  24. Desert Crossing - Archer must deal with the circumstances of his previous actions as his “reputation” proceeds him - with the facts greatly distorted making him a ‘hero’ who helps people win wars. But should he step in to aid one faction...especially one considered terrorists.
  25. Two Days and Two Nights - the crew finally make it to Risa, the pleasure planet where Archer gets involved with a woman who may be a spy while Reed and Tucker make a bad choice in ‘women’. Directed by Michael Dorn (Worf of TNG)
  26. Shockwave - The season finale and part one of a 2 part episode. Enterprise is ordered to return to Earth after apparently causing the destruction of the planet they were exploring. But did they? Archer travels back in time to find out...and ends up apparently stranded in the process.

 Season 2

  1. Shockwave, Part II - Debuts September 18 - Could Archer’s removal from the Enterprise’s timeline really prevent the Federation from being created?
  2. Carbon Creek - The Enterprise helps rescue trapped miners.
  3. Minefield - The Enterprise encounters a minefield planted near a planet and must try to dislodge one that attaches itself to the ship’s hull.
  4. Dead Stop - Enterprise goes to an automated repair facility that charges a heavy price...and has a secret. Directed by Roxann Dawson (B’Lanna Torres)
  5. A Night in Sickbay - Will focus on Dr. Phlox, Archer and Porthos. Porthos has to spend the night in sickbay and a worried Archer stays by his side...probably driving Phlox nuts in this ‘humorous’ episode.
  6. Marauders - Klingons are raiding a mining colony and Enterprise comes to the rescue.
  7. The Seventh - T’Pol is haunted by flashbacks and she and Enterprise hunt a Vulcan criminal named Menos.
  8. The Communicator - Builds on the idea from TOS episode A Piece of the Action when Reed loses his communicator on a pre-warp planet causing problems for the civilization there.
  9. Singularity - Enterprise takes a close look at an unusual black hole that’s part of a trinary star system with the stellar phenomenon having a strange effect on the crew.
  10. Vanishing Point - Hoshi becomes a ghost able to walk through walls and invisible to all but somehow must warn the crew of an alien plot to destroy the ship. (was originally to be episode 9 but it has apparently moved).
  11. Precious Cargo - Trip helps a cargo ship and accidentally releases a woman from suspended animation. Things get messy when he tries to get himself and her off the ship.
  12. The Catwalk - When Enterprise has to pass through a dangerous storm, the crew take refuse on the most protected part of the ship - a small maintenance catwalk.
  13. Dawn - Trip and an alien crash land on the dark side of a small moon and must work together before deadly temperatures hit them at dawn. Directed by Roxann Dawson (B’Lanna Torres)
  14. Stigma - Phlox diagnoses T’Pol with a syndrome which is stigmasized by Vulcans - and must try to get information about it. One of his 3 wives makes an appearance.
  15. Cease Fire - Jeffrey Combs returns and brings Suzie Plakson with him as Andorians and Vulcans battle over control of a planet - with Archer the only one Shran will allow mediate a cease fire.
  16. Crash Landing - The Tholians and Sulibans both want a wrecked ship the Enterprise has found... a ship that contains a human corpse long before humans should have been in space.
  17. Canamar - Archer & Tucker are on a prisoner transport that is taken over by the alien inmates.
  18. The Crossing - The Enterprise crew are possessed by aliens.
  19. Judgement - Archer is called to testify in a Klingon inquest. Includes a Klingon named Duras - the name of a Klingon involved in a conspiracy against Worf’s father.
  20. Horizon - Ensign Mayweather has the chance to visit the cargo ship he grew up on - only to find things haven’t been the same.
  21. The Breach - Enterprise evacuates a group of Denobulan geologists from a world taken over by a militant faction.
  22. Cogenitor - The Enterprise meets a race called the Vissians...and Tucker gets a little too curious about a member of the species’ third gender.
  23. Regeneration - An alien vessel and two bodies of cybernetically enhanced humanoids are found in the artic on Earth and Enterprise is asked to help when the cyborgs come back to life and steal a ship.
  24. First Fight - Archer remembers his early days competing to be the first to break the Warp 2 barrier.
  25. The Expanse - When a probe from an unknown alien race unleashes a devastating assault on Earth, Enterprise is recalled, then sent to search for the aliens.

 Season 3

  1. The Xindi - Captain Archer and his crew learn of a Xindi working at a mining colony and set out to track him down.
  2. Anomaly - Enterprise is crippled by inexplicable, destructive special anomalies that distort the laws of physics.
  3. The Extinction - The Enterprise finds a Xindi vessel on a jungle planet as well as a biological agent that mutates Archer, Reed, Hoshi and T’Pol into a primal alien lifeform. Directed by LeVar Burton.
  4. Rajiin
  5. Impulse
  6. Exile
  7. The Shipment

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