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The crew of EnterpriseThis section will help keep you infomed of all the latest news, episodes, cast and more for the series starring Scott Bakula as Capt. Jonathan Archer. Our photo section now includes video and other multimedia files as well. Also take a look at our History of Star Trek! Check out the Download page for some exclusive wallpapers and more. Check out our new Database of terms, characters, etc. from the show. Help the Enterprise blast asteroids in our game (see our gameroom for others). There will be lots more coming as we discover it. Be sure to bookmark this site and return often! We have a webring too - so if you have a site for Star Trek or Enterprise, be sure to join! And join us in our Enterprise Chat Room on Wednesdays at 9 pm Eastern to discuss the show!

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General Information

Enterprise is set in the 22nd Century before the events seen in the original series Star Trek starring William Shatner, etc. This series focuses more on the birth of the Federation and man’s first exploration of the galaxy... an effort to capture some of the flavor of the original series. Take a look at the cast description and you’ll recognize some of the character traits found in the less harmonized, less politically correct time of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. This “getting back to the roots” of Star Trek is the shot in the arm the faultering series has needed.

According to the Official UPN Press Sheet:

“ENTERPRISE, a pre-quel bridging the gap between today’s world and that of the original ‘Star Trek’ is sure to excite the show’s enormous fan base.

Set early in the 22nd century, ENTERPRISE focuses on a history of the galactic upheaval that leads to the formation of The Federation. Its compelling stories of team bravery and individual heroism are sure to answer countless questions for both die-hard fans of the series and neophytes to the ‘Star Trek’ universe.

Episodes of the previous four ‘Star Trek’ series and nine feature films are currently seen in more than 100 countries, have been translated into dozens of languages, and have collectively generated close to $2 billion in revenue. Starring a fresh young cast, this exciting new chapter continues to push the edge of the visual envelope with the kind of state of the art special effects that have made ‘Star Trek’ a global phenomenon’

Through their struggles, Humans, Vulcans, and numerous others, together will learn to work and live in harmony. Like their forefathers before them, they strive for a better live and boldly go where no one has ever gone before!”


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