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Ensign Hoshi Sato, Communications Officer

Ensign Sato, Communications Officer of EnterpriseEnsign Hoshi Sato is "striking and intelligent," as well as an expert in exo-linguistics. As Communications Officer, she's not only in charge of all communications aboard the Enterprise, but also serves as ship's Translator. An expert in exo-linguistics, she learned to manipulate her vocal chords to emit a range of alien sounds no human has ever produced. She has a natural affinity for picking up languages. Her skills were highlighted in Episode 3.

She’s mid to late 20s and Japanese. She has a feisty spirit that often tests the patience of the crew. She doesn’t like the idea of being trapped in a “tin can” hurtling at impossible speeds. Every time the ship jumps to warp, she grips her console and closes her eyes - a “white knuckle” space farer. She is also nervous about being too close to the warp core and doesn’t like any little shakes the ship makes.

Hoshi means “star” in Japanese (with thanks to a reader for telling me this).

See the Cast Photos page for more pictures.

Linda Park

Linda Park plays Hoshi Sato in Star Trek EnterpriseBorn in Korea and raised in San Jose, California, Linda Park began performing in theatre productions in high school and went on to study acting at Boston University where she received a B.F.A. Now, only one year after graduation, she joins the cast of Enterprise.

Most recently, Park completed filming "Jurassic Park III." She has also guest-starred on the television series Popular. Her stage credits include "Mad Forest," "Lysistrata," "Richard III" and "The Trojan Women."

Park currently lives in Los Angeles. She is a bronze-level international Latin ballroom dancer and a certified actor combatant by the Society of American Fight Directors.

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