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SS Enterprise - NX-01

Akira Class Starship

Smaller than Kirkís Enterprise, the NX-01 is the first starship built by Earth (by Captain Archerís father in fact). A computer-generated ship I assume to be created by Foundation Imaging who worked on Star Trek: Voyager as well. Also see our photo page for shots of the interior and more.

The first published photos of the new Enterprise from the July 14 issue of TV Guide are below (click on the one at left to view it larger) - similar to the ship from First Contact (below). My thanks to 2 site readers for sending these photos to me!

Click to view large


Registry Number: NX-01, Starfleet

Crew Compliment: 87

Length: 190 meters

Weight: 80,000 metric tons


The Enterprise NX01Armanments: The Enterprise is equipped with laser cannons, hull-retracting plasma-charged artillery turrents, and spatial torpedoes.

Defensive mechanisms: No shields, only equipped with retractable polarized hull plating.

Shuttlepods: The Enterprise is equipped with shuttlepods, each carrying six passengers and a pilot. They are launched using a magnetic arm, which lowers them through bomb bay doors below the hull of the ship and then releases them. Used for ship to shore, ship to ship, and ship to station transportation. Capable of sub-warp speeds only.

Replicators: The Enterprise stocks regular foodstuffs but has primitive replicators, or protein resequencers, that can produce limited items like pasta and beverages.

Transporters: No bio-filters. Crewmembers must decontaminate themselves in a Decon Chamber with phosphorescent gel. Transporters are only used for cargo, through human transport will be pioneered during the first season.

Communications: Long-range communications only possible while at warp. Intra-ship communications through touch-panel only. Away teams will carry communicators with primitive universal translators in them.

The photo at left is of the Akira Class ship from ST: First Contact which the new Enterprise was based on. The one below is of course the original Enterprise. Elements of both are evident in the new NX-01 ship.

The original Enterprise

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