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Yves Adele Harlow of The Lone GunmenYves Adele Harlow
(Zuleikha Robinson)

Newcomer Zuleikha Robinson has caught the attention of today’s hottest directors in feature films and television with her talent and exotic looks. After only meeting her once, Mike Figgis chose her to star in his highly touted film “Time Code” opposite Salma Hayek, Holly Hunter and Kyle MacLachlan. The film is a radical departure from traditional feature films and the first of its kind in the digital filmmaking arena. The motion picture was shot entirely with hand-held digital cameras in a single 93 minute take with no editing.

Chris Carter was equally taken with Robinson when he encountered her at the casting session for his new series The Lone Gunmen. With her sensual dark features, he knew that she would be perfect as Yves Adele Harlow, the mysterious, modern-day Emma Peel who comes to the Lone Gunmen’s rescue as they try to solve their latest conspiracy theories.

Born in London and raised in the Far East, Robinson’s ethnic background is a mixture of Burmese, Indian, Iranian, Scottish and English. At the age of 15 she took her first drama class in England where she discovered her love for acting. She pursued her talent in numerous theatrical productions in the UK and Los Angeles, where she recently graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Robinson enjoys painting and traveling and divides her time between Los Angeles and London.

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