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The Lone Gunmen:
“Tango de los Pistoleros”

This week’s episode of “The Lone Gunmen” features the boys doing the Tango - believe it or not :-)

The Gunmen follow Yves to Miami, FL, to see what she’s up to. They find it involves smuggling and Tango competitions. As Yves dances it up to stay close to the smuggler, Langly, Byers and Bond try to get into the competition to stay close to her - their audition is one of the funnier moments in the episode. Frohike, however, is the one who ultimately dances as we find out why he’s uncomfortable in Miami.

This one is a bit more of a classic “Mission: Impossible” style scenario than others - and the comedy is far lighter and not as farsical as it has been. Actually one of the best episodes so far, they seem to be finding a better mix of comedy, mystery, and action then in previous episodes. It also gives more insight into Frohike’s history and starts a possible relationship between Jimmy Bond and Yves (!)

I would like to see some more complex storylines - I haven’t seen the true “Mission: Impossible” style (the TV series - not the movies) they are supposedly aiming for. So far, the stories have been a little simplistic. More character development would also be nice - it was nice to see a softer side of Yves in this one and learn a little more about Frohike, but you never quit get the feeling the characters are all that interested in each other or 3 dimensional.

Out of a possible 5 stars, I give it:

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Fact File:

The Lone Gunmen
“Tango de los Pistoleros”

Bruce Harwood
Tom Braidwood
Dean Haglund
Stephen Snedden
Zuleikha Robinson

Friday, April 27
9 pm on Fox

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