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Premiere (aired Sunday, March 4) REVIEW

    Trying to prove a new computer chip will allow the manufacturer access to everyone’s computers, The Lone Gunmen are upstaged by Yves Adele Harlow. But that mission takes a back seat to the investigation of the death of Byers’ father and a possible terrorist plot.

“Bond, Jimmy Bond” (aired Sunday, March 11)

    While searching for the killer of a notorious hacker (and friend of Langly's), the astute three find a not-so-astute fourth who becomes their financial benefactor.


“Eine Kleine Frohike” (aired Friday, March 16)

    A lederhosen-clad Frohike convinces a Nazi war criminal he is her long-lost son.

“Like Water for Octane” (aired Sunday, March 18)

    The search for a water-powered car fuels the Gunmen to encounter missile silos, cows and unhelpful (there are any other kind?) government clerks.

“Three Men and a Smoking Diaper” (aired Friday, March 23)

    It’s not politics as usual when a Senator’s mistress is murdered and the Gunmen are forced to babysit the evidence.e

“Madam, I’m Adam” (aired Friday, March 30)

    Midget wrestlers and a hyperactive television salesman may help the Gunmen with a guy suffering from a severe case of identity crisis.

“Planet of the Frohikes” (or, a Short History of My Demeaning Captivity)(aired Friday, April 6)

    Edward Woodward (The Equalizer) lends his voice as the boys answer a plea to free the captive of a  Government experiment. It's a chimpanzee---who sent them the message. Hasslip: Leland Crooke. Lead MP: Peter Bryant.

”Maximum Byers” (aired Friday, April 13)

    Byers and Jimmy break into a prison and pose as inmates to contact a death-row convict whose mother believes his murder conviction is the result of a conspiracy. Pfeiffer: Darren Burrows. Lowry: Robert LaSardo. Spike: Badja Djola. Wash: Kevin McNulty. Tollin: Aaron Pearl. Mrs. Pfeiffer: Betty Linde. Runselhoff: Gardiner Millar. Eames/Elvis: Theodore Thomas.

“Diagnosis: Jimmy” (aired Friday, April 20)

    While laid up in the hospital after a skiing accident, an amnesia-stricken Jimmy suspects his doctor is wanted killer offing his patients.

”Tango de los Pistoleros” (aired Friday, April 27) - REVIEW

    The Gunmen follow Yves to Miami, FL, to see what she’s up to. They find it involves smuggling and Tango competitions. As Yves dances it up to stay close to the smuggler, Langly, Byers and Bond try to get into the competition to stay close to her - their audition is one of the funnier moments in the episode. Frohike, however, is the one who ultimately dances as we find out why he’s uncomfortable in Miami. Read our review of this episode.

“The Lying Game” (aired Friday, May 4)

    The boys' investigation into the shooting death of Byers' college roommate, an apparent blackmailer, yields a definite suspect: FBI Asst. Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) from "The X-Files".

“All About Yves” (airing Friday, May 11) The Season Finale - REVIEW

    From While trailing “Man In Black” Morris Fletcher, the boys stumble upon what may be a link to Romeo 61, the granddaddy of all conspiracies that happens to lead right back to Yves. Read our review of this episode.


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