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Transcript of our Chat

The transcript of our chat with The Lone Gunmen held March 5, 2001 with Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund. Ours was the first of 3 chats held that night conducted with the cast on the phone and the moderator typing and relaying questions to them - the others were at www.zealot.com and www.thexfiles.com. General comments are shown in creme, Moderator comments and questions in blue, and answers and comments from our celebrity guests are in yellow. The transcript has been edited to include comments the moderator missed originally and for ease of reading. (This is version 1 - more to add probably once I listen to the tape I made during the chat! Took longer than I thought today to get this edited! - Moderator)


<Moderator>  Did everyone see the premiere last night?
<Guest270> I saw the premiere! It was great!
<Max>  yep, it was awesome, i'm still in shock
<Mavra>  It was funny
<Mavra>  especially frohickie(sp) falling
<Guest270> Frohike.
<Mavra>  i knew i spelled it wrong just couldn't remeber the correct spelling
<Max>  lol
<Mavra>  hehe even
<Guest270> Is anyone else supposed to be doing work right now?
<Moderator>  I am! LOL! Getting ready for fast typing!
<Max>  right here, i really should be memorizing phylums
<Max>  oh well, bio test takes a back seat to lgm chat :)
<Magenta-chan> I should be painting right now, but I had to come see this :)
<Mavra>  i am supposed to be studing for a midterm
<Jewlzx> hehhehe
<Susi> Heh. Much better things are afoot!
<Guest270> Beats doing chi squares.
<Max>  right now i'm begging for a snow day, so i won't geel so guilty spending all night in chats
<Mavra>  hehe
<Jewlzx> are you guys going to the next chat?
<Guest270> The cat is joining us for chat. Anyone mind?
<Susi> goin' from one to the next, max?
<Guest270> Yeah, I'm going to the next chat if someone will tell me where it is.
<Max>  yep i'll be in em all. The Lone Gunmen Chat Train! LOL
<Mavra>  as long as the cat can type
<Max>  its at zealot.com
<Max>  hehe its ok, my gerbil just ran across the keyboard
<LoneGunmen> LOL max!
<Mavra>  lol
<Max>  thats not the least of it... his name is Byers:)
<Guest270> Mine licks my hands...okay, that was more than anyone needed to know, sorry.
<Max>  and he's the son of Frohike and Scully the bio lab gerbils:)
<Moderator> hahahaha
<Jewlzx> and 3rd chat is at www.thex-files.com
<Moderator>  Okay, everyone!
<Moderator>  Tom Braidwood and Bruce Harwood are now online, Dean Haglund is running late but will be here shortly. I want to welcome them to the room and thank them for being here.
<Foxsong>  Hi Tom and Bruce!!!
<Guest270> Hi Tom and Bruce, welcome and congratulations on a job well done :)
<Bruce>  Thank you.
<Tom> Thanks.
<Foxsong>  When is Langly gonna get the girl? ;-)
<Bruce> <laughing> He's gotten a lot of other things but not yet the girl.
<Tom> <laughing> No, not yet!

<Guest270> My family and I completely enjoyed the premiere and look forward to the subsequent episodes.
<Guest270> You guys must be tired. The show looks as if it's pretty intense to film.
<Tom>  Yes, it is - very full days
<Bruce>  Last Thursday we did an 18 hour day.
<Foxsong>  Tom, are you doing your own stunts? The hanging-from-the-cable thing was great.
 <Magenta-chan>  Foxsong, I second that :)
<Tom> Yes I did it all - the fall in the mud and all.
<Guest270> I'd be on the verge of collapse. I hope it's been fun! We're having a blast watching.
<Mavra>  Is Frohike falling going to be a runnig gag?
<Foxsong>  Oh, the mud -- I howled <g>
<Tom:> <laughing> Actually, they are starting to spread it around. Everyone will hae a chance to fall.
<Guest270> I went, owwwwwwwwwwwww!
<Bruce> I haven't had to fall down... yet.
<Guest270> Your health insurance carriers will not be happy!
<Foxsong>  Frohike can start tripping the others if they can't fall down by themselves ;-)
<Bruce>  <laughing> That place was really disgusting! They had to lay down clean mud for Tom to fall into.
<Tom> Yeah, it was bad.

<Mavra>  lol
<Foxsong>  Clean mud! Hee hee hee!
<Moderator>  What insights would you like to see viewers gain into your character's personalities?
<Bruce>  I'd like them to understand why they live in the basement.
<Guest353> Are you filming the finale now?
<Tom> We are in show 11 and we have 1 more to film after that. Starting next Monday.
<Mavra>  So there are going to be 12 shows--great since i only heard that there were only supposed to be 6!
<Guest270> Wanted to let you guys know we had a Pilot Party in Seattle this past weekend in honor of you. With Dom and everything.
<Bruce>  Thanks! Wow! Sounds like a great party!
<Tom> Wow! Great! We only drank beer.
<Guest187> For Bruce - what did your parents think of you becoming an actor?
<Bruce> The only thing they ever said against it was that actors didn't make any money - and they are right. Of course I fooled them by saying I was going to be a lawyer than changing when I got to university.
<Guest270> LOL!
<Guest187> And I am sure they are very proud of you
<Foxsong>  Once you get a TV show, your parents *have* to be proud <g>
<Jewlzx> Do you want any XF characters to guest visit on the show?
<Tom> Oh, we would love any of them to come. Mitch (who plays Skinner) has already come on and done an episode.
<Guest353> How many more ""The X-Files"" episodes will you be in this year?
<Tom> Probably at least 2. One shooting this week.
<Bruce> And we are also in one episode that hasn't aired yet - the first one when XFiles comes back with new episodes after we settle into our Friday time slot.

<Foxsong>  Oh cool! I was hoping to see more LGM on XF.
<Guest66>  Tom: Are you still behind the scenes on XF? Or have you also picked up that duty on LG?
<Tom> Not right now, but if the show gets picked up, I'm going to get them to let me direct one.
<Tom> Dean said he'd like to write one.
<Guest270> I'm supposed to be working. This is way more fun.
<Foxsong>  Tell Dean to come to NY and do some improv. We'd all love to see him!
<Guest270> His act is great.
<Bruce> A lot of people have said they'd like to see him in NY
<erica2> Tom, have you had to get buff to do all of your physical stuff on TLGM?
<Tom> <laughing> I probably should have, but I didn't.
<Bruce> Maybe if you started putting weights in your cigarrette packs!
<Tom> Yeah! <laughing>

<Foxsong>  LOL!
<Guest270> Okay, no dissing the smokers here :)
<Susi> LOL!!
<Erynn>  Bruce -- how was the premier party in Vancouver?
<Guest187> Bruce - I gather Barbara was there (and Ross and Ryan)
<Bruce> It was nice, we had a small group of friends and family at a sports bar in Vancouver and it was great. Yes, they were there and Ryan slept through the whole thing.
<Guest270> Sounds great!
<Mavra>  Were you affected by the earthquake?
<Tom> No. It shook things up a bit, but no damage or delays.
<Jewlzx> I loved the music last night, but I want to hear some other cooler music. What music do you guys prefer?
<Foxsong>  Yes! What was the music in the teaser? we've all been trying to figure that out.
<Bruce> I'd like really rough alternative rock myself. I donít know about the teaser music.
<Tom> No, I donít either.
<Jewlzx> What do your families think of your new show?
<Guest187> I think the show is GREAT
<Tom> Parents are excited - at least for me. They are really dazed by the whole thing, but quite excited.
<Foxsong>  Dazed and confused... ;-)
<erica2> Am I going to want to slap Jimmy Bond next week? Is he that stupid?
<Tom> No
<Bruce> No, he's kind of... selectively dumb.  Ask him for a political speech and he'd give you something Ronald Reagan could use. But he canít use a....uh....whatís that thing he uses in the episode?
<Tom> Oh, a paper shredder.
<Bruce> Yeah, he cannot use a paper shredder, but he can talk about America.
<Guest270> Yes, but can he program the VCR?
<Mavra>  lol
<Tom> <laughing>
<Bruce> <laughing> No!

<Guest270> Then I have that in common with Jimmy Bond.
<Magenta-chan> I also loved what I've seen of the show so far... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be on for quite a while :)
<erica2> Do you like being back in Vancover? Are the natives there happy for you guys?
<Bruce> Yes, very much.
<Tom> Well, we are locals so yes we are very happy.
<erica2> cool
<Foxsong>  It looks like next week the show really starts to pick up steam -- did you guys feel that way too, that once the introductions were out of the way with the pilot, that it could really roll after that?
<Tom> Yes, after the pilot and based on reactions to it, they've gone the route of more comedy.
 <Jewlzx>  Will this show be about defeating bad guys and doing con jobs like 'The A-Team'?
<Tom> We aren't really doing con jobs...
<Bruce> We are doing some A-Team stuff....but it's more Mission Impossible. Some disguises and that sort of thing

<Skates> Mission Impossible with a serious attitude!
<Guest270> I like the fact that you can deal with serious issues and keep the tone light.
<erica2> I think the show is a cross between Mission Impossible and Charlie's Angels (well, the movies. I am too young to remember the TV shows).
<Susi> I pity the fool who messes with Frohike!
<Tom & Bruce> <laughing>
<Foxsong>  I loved the preview.  It's going to be great!
<Guest270> They say drama is for those who feel, comedy is for those who think...
<Foxsong> Tom: How'd you like filming your hanging upside down scene? :-)
<Tom> It was rough - believe it or not, it was a day in a half in a harness. It's pretty tiring, rough on the body.
<Skates> Tom: Does Frohike still have the hots for Scully?
Tom> Not the same way it was in the early years...I think we are professional friends now. We're close.
<Skates> awwwww
<Skates> I thought Frohike would at least get one kiss
<Jewlzx> Bruce, will your character get more tough? I hated that he let his father hit him like that.
<Bruce> <laughing> No, but Byers is pretty focused on what he thinks is right. I think if he saw his father again and his father hit him again he'd take it. It's the kind of guy he is.
<Guest270> Yeah, getting slapped is pretty humiliating.
<Foxsong>  So is this a recurring theme -- characters with strained paternal relationships? First Mulder, now Byers...
<Skates> Okay-what is your favorite thing about the show and least favorite?
<Tom> Favorite - working with the cast. Least favorite - the hours.
<Bruce> I hate to be un-original, but I have to agree with Tom on that.
<Jewlzx> Will any of the guys be getting married on the show?
<Tom> No.
<Bruce> <laughing> Who would want to marry us? Come on?

<Guest270> I think you guys might not understand how women REALLY feel about so called geeks!
<Foxsong>  Yes -- our list has been awash in geek-praise for days now...
<Magenta-chan> Hey, there's plenty of good geek chicks who would appreciate them :)
<Guest270> Some of us are even married to them. Believe me, geeks have it going on.
<ChrissieK>  Will Mulder and Scully ever make an appearance on the show?
<Tom> We don't know....we have no idea. We've heard there will be a special, surprise guest star for the final episode, but we have no idea who it is.
<erica2> Do you like participating in chats with fans like us?
<Tom> Yes, itís fun.
<Bruce> Yes, and Iíll probably do it more often once Iím online.
<Max>  Does Byers still wear the wedding band Suzanne gave him?
<Bruce> Actually he never wore that wedding band. He put it away in a safe place.
<ErynnandThes> oh yeah, a ""safe"" place -- nobody will ever see it again
<Bruce> <laughing>
<Skates> If you could do anything with your characters, what would you do?
<Bruce> I would like to have an evil Byers show up to terrorize everyone!
<Max>  lol
<Guest270> That could most likely be arranged...
<Foxsong>  Evil Byers from the parallel universe! LOL!
<erica2> Oh no, evil twins are sooo Days of Our Lives territory.
<Guest187> No thanks, don't want an evil Byers
<ErynnandThes> you're really into that alt.universe thing, aren't you Bruce?
<Tom> I'd like a new van. That's what I'd like.
<erica2> I love your van.
<Lone> What do you guys think of Robert Patrick?
<Tom> I think Robert Patrick is terrific. He's a great guy to work with and it's a whole new energy.
<Bruce> He's a very good actor.

<Guest353> What is it like doing "The X-Files" episodes during filming of "The Lone Gunmen"?
<Tom> Very tiring
<Bruce> Yes. It would be easier if we both filmed in the same place - flying back and forth from Vancouver to LA makes it more complicated.
<Jewlzx> Will there be any UFO conspirocy on the show? Aliens? :)
<Guest270> 3 Men and a Smoking Diaper...you do realize some things stink worse than conspiracy, don't you?
<Tom> No UFOs or aliens.
<Bruce> I think they want to keep it more earthbound than the XFiles.
<Guest270> I like that the themes are very down to earth, and relevant.
<ErynnandThes> bruce/tom: will the writer's strike effect you guys?
<Tom> Well, the writer's strike will probably shut down the the show, yes
<Jewlzx> :(
<Foxsong>  Quick, get everything filmed before the strike!
<erica2> yeah, we will have to go outside or read books if there is a writer's strike
<Foxsong>  Ouch!
<Skates> What can you tell us about the shows coming up-things to look for...etc?
<Tom> Look for Nazi war criminals...
<Bruce> Wrestling midgets
<Jewlzx> What about a reality-type epsiode? :)
<Guest270> Hell looks a lot like reruns of Oprah.
<Bruce> Tango dancers.
<Tom> Cars powered by water... there are a few tidbits anyway
<Lone> Do you guys ever read the on-line fan-fiction?
<Tom> Yes, I've seen some of it.
<Bruce> I've looked at the slash fiction and I got afraid and stopped reading <laughing>
<Guest270> See, unlike the writers of your show, we let you guys get the girls.
<Guest270> The three of you do have great chemistry. What do you attribute it to?
<Tom> Well, we are good friends as well so that helps.
It just seemed to be there in the beginning. It seemed to work for the get go.
<Skates> Interesting-I do so hope it works out for you guys with the show-I thought you guys were the best candidates for a spin off with your lovely chemistry
<Skates> And you three are the highlight of the CD-Rom game
<Max>  I can't wait to see the plot behind CC's "three men and a smoking diaper"
<Jewlzx> Do you guys ever go into newsgroups to see what fans think about you?
<Bruce> The very first time I looked into an XFiles fan group to see what they thought of us, it was the day after Unusual Suspects had aired. And the very first thing I read was from someone who hated the show. So I haven't been back.
<Guest270> It's always good never to read one's own reviews.
<Max>  yea the response on the xf official board this morning was a little biased
<ErynnandThes> i've been seeing the positive edging out the negs
<ErynnandThes> both on the official site and in atxf today/last nite
<Guest270> Most of the people who have time to hang on the boards I wonder about. I rarely have time. I think the reporting there is rather slanted.
<Foxsong>  Don't read the official site boards. All the people who hate Season 8 go there to vent ;-)
<Guest353> Yeah they go to vent because they're in the minority!
<Tom> I read the XFiles site quite often
<Foxsong>  The LGM site is so much fun -- tell the people who designed it that we're having a blast with it!
<erica2> I love The LGM site it is so awesome.
<Chris27828> Cool :)
<Magenta-chan> Inquiring minds want to know... are we going to see any playing of D&D? :)
<Tom> We haven't yet played D&D.
<Bruce> I think Langly gave up D&D When he began to fight for the right.
<Skates> I smell a good story in that
<Chris27828> If you weren't doing TXF or TLG what do you think you would all be doing right now...?
<Tom> If not for XF or LG, I'd probably be a director.
<Bruce> I'd be pounding the pavement looking for acting jobs.

<Foxsong>  Nah, Bruce -- you'd be a lawyer <g>
<Jewlzx> What are your fave tv shows?
<Bruce> I like Buffy and Angel. And of course the XFiles too.
<Tom> I like Law and Order, XFiles...and I hate to admit it but I really enjoyed The Mole

<erica2> i think the ratings will be great on Fridays, because there isn't anything good on Fridays. I'll have to wrestle the remote away from my mom who will be watching Providence!
<Guest270> None of you are confessing to viewing Temptation Island?
<morley> Guest270: i'd never admit to watching TI. ;-)
<Foxsong>  I'm so glad it'll go to Fridays, and not Thursdays as they originally said.
<morley> Is the LGM show going for a more ""Get Smart"" feel?
<Bruce> No, not Get Smart. Not that satarical and wacky. And as strange as we get, we are still realistic
<Guest270> LOL!
<Tom> I was watching a special on Burlesque comedy last night and that's more what we are doing.
<Mavra>  How come every one knows where you do your publishing of your newspaper? I thought it was supposed to be secret?
<Bruce> Yeah, big secret! We donít even lock the door!

<Skates> Tom, will you direct an ep?
<Tom> If we get picked up for another season, Iím going to try to.

<Guest270> Does it seem a bit unreal to be having all of this happening?
<Tom> Yes, it's unreal to have all this happening.
<erica2> Bruce, do you miss working in the library?
<Bruce> No! Don't miss the library. I worked in the library for 7 years, and as much as I like libraries generally, I got really tired the last 2 years.
03/05/01 16:30:50 <morley> When did they redo the e-com-con site? Was it before the show aired? Or after?
<Moderator> Dean Haglund is just joining us.
<Dean> Hi, everyone. Sorry Iím late!
<Foxsong>  Hey Dean!
<erica2> Hooray!!!!!
<Jewlzx> Hi Dean!
<Skates> DEAN!
<Guest270> Hi Dean.
<erica2> Where have you been, watching Wheel?
<Chris27828> <waves>
<Mavra>  hi dean
<ChrissieK>  *wave*
<Dean> <laughing> Yeah, Wheel of Fortune
<Skates> -hands him a cyber Mountain dew-
<Max>  What do you guys think of the LGM official site and the recently hacked e-com-con site?
<Dean> I like the official site. And thought the ecom hack was cool. <asks Tom and Bruce if they had heard about it and explains to them that someone hacked it and were posting job applications and all. They all laughed>
<Jewlzx> If you guys had one wish, what would it be?
<Dean> I'd like to kiss someone - Iíd prefer a female.
<Foxsong>  I am rooting for Langly to get the girl at some point. ;-)
<Guest270> Hopefully you'll have the opportunity.
<Guest270> Any fic I've ever written, Langly ALWAYS gets the girl. So there.
<Magenta-chan> *volunteers* :)
<Bruce> I want to build an Octium 4
<Pyrts>  Mr. Braidwood, will you be doing any work on the upcoming season of Da Vinci's Inquest?
<Tom> I don't know yet about DaVinci's - it's possible.
<Bruce> Really?
<Tom> Well, depending on the scheduling and if we get picked up.
<Bruce> Oh, true.  Yeah, if this LG thing doesn't get picked up, he'll have all sorts of time.

<Jewlzx> lol
<Chris27828> Hehehe
<erica2> langly has the best hair. he could be the new Breck guy, if LGM doesn't pan out.
<Foxsong>  LOL! Breck guy!
<Dean> <laughing> My commercial agent is working on it.
<Foxsong>  Dean, does wardrobe give you the band t-shirts, or do you bring your own> <g>
<Dean> All my t-shirts have to be approved by the costume department, but often
Bands will want to be on my chest <laughing> and vice versa, so it's a weird mix.
<morley> Heh yeah Dean I'd give you my ""Alien making whoopy Fiend"" tshirt if you'd wear it on the show
<Foxsong>  I think you should wear a Monster Magnet tee one time.
<Lone> or Violent Femmes.
<Magenta-chan> I'd like to see Langly in a Misfits shirt...
<Skates> Who's your favorite band?
<Dean> There are so many favorite bands...right now in my CD player is Radio Heads, the Kid A Album.
<Max>  yea, radiohead rules
<Skates> Cool
<Guest270> I would love to see Morris Fletcher with you guys...of course, you won't remember seeing him, seeing as it was all a dream...
<Bruce> Oh right, Fletcher wasn't a dream though. A different time dimension. But then we wouldnít know it was Fletcher, weíd think it was Mulder acting very, very strangely....
<ErynnandThes> hey - frohike met morris fletcher in vegas
<Chris27828> if you guy could make a guest appereance in any tv show, what would it be...?
<Tom>Hollywood Squares
<Dean> Yeah, Tom loves Hollywood Squares.
<Bruce> I'd like to do Buffy
<Dean> The Invisible Man as his twin brother also invisible.
<Chris27828> LOL ;)
<Skates> ROFL!
<Bruce> So that would be a voice role?
<Dean> Yeah!
<ChrissieK>  Dean, do you have any upcoming stand up performances planned?
<Dean> I'm planning to appear at a benefit in Vancouver on March 10 if I'm back from LA in time. But nothing else booked just yet.
<Jewlzx> Any behind the scenes fiming bloopers you would like to share with us? ;)
<Bruce> Bloopers are always funnier when you are there.
<Dean> Yeah, it's one of those things you have to be there for.
<Dean> The baby that cried when it wasn't supposed to and wouldn't when he was supposed to was pretty funny.
<Bruce> Yeah! That was.
<Guest270> That's what babies do, Dean.
<Gelsomina> Question: you guys have any insight whether TLG will mirror any real world 'conspiracies' like in the pilot w/ 'Octium'-Pentium IV chip?
<Dean> They all do. They all are based on something real.
<Bruce> And the senator that may have killed his Mistress, etc. That's always topical.
<morley> What about Late Night with Conan O'Brien? Any chance all 3 of you will be on that show?
<Dean> We are already booked for Conan O'Brien.
<erica2> When?????
<Foxsong>  When will you do Conan????????
<erica2> I love Conan
<Max>  oh that would rule morley
<Dean> I have no idea when the Conan thing is.
<Bruce> Conan is popular, huh?
<Tom> I guess so.

<Foxsong>  I bet it'll be on the LGM site when they know.
<Guest353> Hey Dean, will you ever update your site? What about that conspiracy show you said you'd be hosting?
<Dean> The conspiracy show was the victim of venture capitalist fallout. But we are looking to refinance and once we get it together, we will be back. And my site is in-between webmasters at the moment.
<Jewlzx> How do you get along with the writers on the show?
<Tom> Very Well.
<Bruce> They are all great people.
<Dean> And Funny
<Jewlzx> Dean, they said earlier that you may write an episode, what would it be about?
<Dean> Langly would get the girl in the episode I write
<Dilby>  ::dies laughing::
<Bruce & Tom>  <laughing>
<Foxsong>  Then I will like your ep!
<Guest270> YES!!!
<Chris27828> if you guys could visit any place in the whole world, where you've never been, where would you go...?
<Dean> Galoupous.
<Bruce> Berlin.
<Dean> Not that we'd like to be as far away from each other as possible.
<Tom> There have been rumors about merchandise.
<Detoured> Which XF ep was your favorite to do?
<Bruce> For me I think Unusual Suspects.
<Tom> Probably First Person Shooter.
<Jewlzx> Will there be any Lone Gunmen merchandise for us to buy? Like action figures? ;P
<erica2> How about Lone gunmen T-shirts?
<Foxsong>  I would pay way too much $$ for LGM action figures <g>
<Skates> I would love to see Novels
<Magenta-chan> I would love to see LGM posters...
<morley> I want LGM dollies, dammit.
<Gelsomina> Is there any concern about fallout from mirroring real world in the show? E.g., Intel being pissed you flashed the P IV chip at the end of the show? Or worse, retrobution from the Gov't.
<Jewlzx> LOL
<Chris27828> Hehehe
<Dilby>  Yes. Cute little stuffed LGM plush figurines. ^.^
<erica2> LGM Barbies!!
<Foxsong>  Cuddly plush LGM...?
<Jewlzx> ROTF
<erica2> Hey, how come you guys dissed the Mulder and Scully Barbies in TV Guide? I bet Mattel doesn't like you now!!!
<Foxsong>  The barbies didn't *look* like Mulder and Scully -- that's why we all bought the MacFarlane ones.
<Tom> We did?
<Dean> Erica: What did they say about the Barbies?
<erica2> it says that Dean said "Let's face it, Mulder and Scully Barbie were a disaster."
<erica2> They said that they didn't sell.
<Dean> Oh! I probably said something about them not selling. Not that they were a bad idea.
<Bruce> They were really a Mattel thing? Not just dressed up by fans?
<Moderator> Nope. A Collectorís edition actually released.
<Bruce> Oh, I didnít know that.

<morley> Question: Do the LGM dollies come with their own laptops? Or are those sold seperately? 
<morley> Kevlar sold seperately.
<Tom> Theyíd be built in. <laughing>
<Bruce> <laughing> Byers would come with a change of ties.
<Dean> Different ties for different occasions!
<Chris27828> Hehehe...
<ChrissieK>  *laughs*
<Skates> Personally, I loved the virtual reality ep you guys did of XF-any hope of that kind of ep again?
<Bruce> We do have a kind of VR episode coming up, but it's really different.
<Dean> Definitely different
<Guest270> Very cool!
<Detoured> Is there any special significance to the name ""Frohike""? Who came up with it?
<Tom> No signifigance to the name. Was just in the script from the beginning.
<Lone> " Langly " is the name of the CIA base, I think.
<Dean> Langly is for Langly, VA. All the government places.  It turns out there is a hot dog vendor in downtown Vancouver that thinks I was named after him, though. <laughing>
<Jewlzx> Do the Lone Gunmen have any pets? Will they get any?
<Bruce> Hmmm, pets... Well, we donít have any plants cuz we don't have any sunlight....

<Dilby>  The Lone Gunmen should get a pet iguana. I think it would suit them.
<Foxsong>  I think they should have a lizard...
 <Jewlzx>  lol
<Bruce> If we got a pet it would have to be a guard dog. It would be pretty funny if we got one that didn't like any of us.
<Dean> Yeah! <laughing>

<Chris27828> LOL
<ErynnandThes> nah, the guys need chicks!
 <Dilby> *volunteers!*
<KatieBoB> How about a SLUG?
<Jewlzx> little yellow chicks?
<Foxsong>  LOL!
<Moderator> Thanks for coming everyone! The guys have to head out to their next chat, but I want to thank them for coming.
<Bruce> Thanks. It was fun.
<Tom> Thanks a lot for coming.
<Dean> Thanks for watching! Good night!
<Detoured> Thanks guys! I hope the show is a huge success!
<Mavra>  bye everyone and nice to see all of you here
<erica2> Thanks for the chat guys, I'll see you in the next one!!!!!
<Guest270> Thanks for being with us. Appreciate it. Best wishes to all three of you.
<Foxsong>  Guys, thanks so much. This was great! see you in the next chat!
<Jewlzx> I love you guys!! I hope the show will last and be a huge success :)
<Skates> Thank you very much for coming, you guys do rock!
<ErynnandThes> yeah!

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