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We now have our own, new message boards! Thanks to our techs at Awave, Inc. for getting these going!  We are still working on formatting and design, but  the boards are fully functional and we invite you to use them. Click the link below to visit them.

Take me to the Forums!

Some of the great new features are:

  • A MUCH faster interface and NO POPUPs!
  • A Member Profile - let others know about you, your website, etc. Other members can even send you private messages!*
  • Email notication of new messages and your ability to track messages and topics - even keep track of new messages between visits!*
  • Ability to upload and use avatars and other graphics*
  • Create a unique user name no one else can use on the board!*
  • Earn Rankings based on the number (and quality) of posts! Become a Super User!*
  • Use a signature on your messages that can include graphics*

*You must register (itís fast and free!) to use these features. Please note I do not require membership to read or reply to messages, but you will need to register in order to post new topics.

Our old boards are still available here.


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