No longer a rumor, Birds of Prey has been cancelled by the WB. The remaining completed episodes will air through December. 11/20/02

Cancellation pending?

There are rumors circulating that Birds of Prey will be cancelled some time in the next few weeks. The show failed to keep the high ratings of itís premiere and has been dropping steadily. Nine of the original 13 ordered have been completed and will probably air through December. No word on if the last 4 episodes will be shot or not. 11/15/02

Premiere comes in 3rd in over night ratings

Birds of Prey debuted at a big 6.4/9 rating with only The West Wing and Bachelor topping it. A very respectible debut and I think the best ratings of the new genre shows to date.


Birds of Prey was based on elements from the DC comic book following the story of Barbara Gordon, formerly Batgirl, who was paralyzed by the Joker during a fight and has renamed herself Oracle. Joining her is Helena Kyle, daughter of Batman and Catwoman (aka Selena Kyle), and a mysterious young psychic named Dinah. They are assisted in the fight against crime by Detective Jesse Reese and Bruce Wayneís (aka Batman) former bulter, Alfred. Batman has left Gotham City for reasons unknown and its up to the Birds of Prey and other crimefighters to keep the city safe.

The series stared Ashley Scott as Helena Kyle (aka The Huntress), Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, Rachel Skarsten as Dinah (daughter of Black Canary), Mia Sara as Dr. Harleen Quinzel (aka Harley Quinn, Jokerís former Moll), the ongoing villian. Shemar Moore plays Detective Reese and Ian Abercrombie as Alfred Pennyworth, the loyal Butler.

Unfortunately, the series was short lived after ratings fell off abruptly following the much-hyped premiere that failed to catch on with many fans. Scripts and acting lagged somewhat behind the ambitious production and The WB Network pulled the plug in October, 2002.

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