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Episode 21: Letters from the Other Side (Part 1)

Jeremiah, Markus and Erin are held as prisoners at Valhalla Sector, where Jeremiah's father, Devon, tells his son that his presence has given those in charge a dangerous advantage in their effort to take control of the country. Military dictators of Valhalla Sector use Jeremiah to try to force Devon to reveal the secret of the Black Death. Kurdy, dodging pursuers, encounters the enigmatic Mister Smith who says God is sending him messages. One message is for Kurdy to stop trying to find his friend; he will find him if he gives himself over to those who are chasing him. Eventually, Kurdy is captured - by Lee Chen, who takes him back to Thunder Mountain.

Jeremiah meets Devon's lab assistant, Liberty 'Libby' Kaufman who tends to him after the Valhalla Sector leaders torture him in an attempt to break Devon's resolve.

At Thunder Mountain, Lee introduces Kurdy to Meaghan and outlines a desperate plan to get Jeremiah, Markus and Erin released in exchange for Meaghan. The unsuspecting leaders of Valhalla Sector agree to the swap.

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Markus), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Robert Wisden (Devon), Byron Lawson (Lee Chen), Joanne Kelly (Liberty Kaufman), Suzy Joachim (Meaghan)

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Russell Mulcahy


Episode 22: Letters from the Other Side (Part 2)

While Valhalla Sector prepares to exchange Markus and Erin, Lee Chen and Kurdy convince a group of dubious Thunder Mountain volunteers to undertake a mission to attack Valhalla Sector. Although they still do not trust Lee, the group has faith in Kurdy and agrees to the mission.

The leaders take Devon prisoner and place him in the cell next to Jeremiah. Father and son know the leaders are exchanging Markus and Erin but they cannot imagine what Thunder Mountain is offering in exchange - except that it must provide a key to the Big Death.

When the exchange takes place, Markus sees Meaghan but is unable to stop her from carrying out her part in the drama. Meanwhile, the Thunder Mountain forces launch their attack on Valhalla Sector. Mister Smith makes his way to the battle just in time to save Kurdy from a sleeper agent within the attack team as the Valhalla Sector leaders return to the base and lock it down with Jeremiah, Devon, Libby and Meaghan inside. As the Big Death spreads through Valhalla Sector, Libby's quick thinking provides a way for Jeremiah and Devon to try attempt survival amidst the turmoil.

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Markus), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Robert Wisden (Devon), Byron Lawson (Lee Chen), Joanne Kelly (Liberty Kaufman), Suzy Joachim (Meaghan)

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Russell Mulcahy


Episode 23: Strange Attractors

After their brief reunion, Jeremiah leaves Devon handling the decontamination of Valhalla Sector and returns to Thunder Mountain. He plans to help Markus find and rescue the young leaders Valhalla Sector took prisoner.

With Kurdy still holding Jeremiah at least partly responsible for Elizabeth's death, Markus decides to separate the two for a while. Each is assigned a different part of the mission to rescue the leaders, including Theo, who are being held in Milhaven. Time is tight; unless word comes from Valhalla Sector soon, they will all be killed. Libby, with her previous knowledge of Milhaven, teams up with Jeremiah to infiltrate the compound and find out where the prisoners are being held. Kurdy, with his constant shadow, Mister Smith, will head the attack force that will move in once Jeremiah tells them where to find the prisoners. If the effort succeeds, Jeremiah will oversee the rebuilding of Milhaven while Kurdy hits the road to find out what is about to happen in the east.

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Charles Winkler

Episode 24: Deux Ex Machina

Markus tried to bring order out of chaos but is meeting resistance from the new young leaders who have grown to maturity and power by taking care of number one. Among this group, Theo is his unlikely choice for a possible ally but she has a surprising reason for being preoccupied. Some of the delegates are missing and, fearing thugs have captured them, Markus asks Kurdy to try to find them. Kurdy wants to take Mister Smith, but Markus partners him with Trent, an existing member of the Thunder Mountain team. Cory's vicious gang captures Kurdy and Trent. The gang is holding the missing delegates but rescue for anyone seems impossible until the mysterious Mister Smith makes an unexpected and electrifying appearance.

One person everyone at the leaders' meeting seems to have heard of, but never seem, is the mysterious Daniel who controls an area on the East Coast. When his representative arrives, Theo makes an astonishing declaration that sets new wheels in motion

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Mike Vejar

Episode 25: Rites of Passage

Devon arrives at Thunder Mountain and Jeremiah is looking forward to spending time with him but they find their reunion being haunted by the unspoken question: what happened to Jeremiah's mother? Libby knows and gives Jeremiah a letter Devon entrusted to her long ago. As he reads, Jeremiah learns a lot about his parents and what happened to them right after the Big Death. What he does with the knowledge will shape his relationship with Devon for the rest of their lives.

Being at Thunder Mountain gives Theo time to ponder a question of her own: can she really handle the responsibilities that are looming in her new life? It falls to Erin to try help the woman who never accepts help from anyone.

Writer: Sara (Samm) Barnes Director: Martin Wood


Episode 26: The Mysterious Mister Smith
(Part One of the Season Finale)
First Aired November 7, 2003

Kurdy tries to unravel the mysteries that surround Mister Smith. Jeremiah has a “High Noon” encounter with the citizens of Milhaven when some of Daniel’s disciples storm into town.

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Mike Vejar


Episode 27: Voices in the Dark - View Clips
(Part Two of the Season Finale)
First Aired November 7, 2003

Adam comes to Milhaven to kill Jeremiah and nearly succeeds, sending Jeremiah, Kurdy and Mister Smith on a dangerous mission into one of Daniel’s strongholds.

Writer:  J. Michael Straczynski Director: Martin Wood




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