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Kurdy and Jeremiah face off Jeremiah and Kurdy sneaking around Jeremiah & Kurdy Jeremiah and Kurdy share a meal Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner)
Captain Iron (aka John) in Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass
Luke Perry stars in Jeremiah Kurdy (Malcolm Jamal-Warner) Kurdy (Macolm-Jamal Warner) Theo
Theo and Jeremiah
Malcolm-Jamal Warner stars as Kurdy Luke Perry stars as Jeremiah
Tending to a wounded Kurdy in Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass
Jeremiah and Capt. Iron scope out the bad guy's camp in Woman Under Glass
Part of John's flash back when Jeremiah mentioned Valhalla Sector was this frightening scene.
Jeremiah and Claire in To Sail Beyond the Stars
Kurdy in To Sail Beyond the Stars
Claire with a rifle protects here gasoline in To Sail Beyond the Stars
Kurdy and Jeremiah try to save Claire's gas after the Burners attack
The Burners...who are they? Jeremiah just doesn't like whiners
The Bag
Jeremiah helps yet another pregnant woman
Jake Busey in The Bag
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