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Premiere Episode:
The Long Road (Episodes 1 & 2)
First Aired March 3, 2002

Fifteen years have gone by since the world "ended" -- literally for one generation, symbolically for Jeremiah's generation. Jeremiah (Luke Perry), is twenty-seven, cynical, cautious and intense. He is one of the few left with a conscience and with a sense of debt to his dead parents and the brother whom he unwittingly let die in the chaotic aftermath of the epidemic. He is grimly determined to find the location of the "Valhalla Sector" which his father spoke about shortly before he died. He is also determined to help those less fortunate than he, as a vindication for his brother's death.

Jeremiah and Kurdy share a meal in Showtime sci-fi series JeremiahJeremiah writes ritualistic, poignant notes to his dead father, keeping him apprised of his progress. On his way to a town where he has heard there is a good information network, he meets Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), a loner who's accustomed to taking care of "number one" and who tries to steal Jeremiah's freshly-caught fish. Jeremiah takes pity on Kurdy and shares his meal, and although Kurdy disappears shortly afterward, the two are destined to hook up again.

As Jeremiah enters the town and approaches the free market, a scuffle breaks out. Armed bandits try to rob market vendors. There is gunfire from a building nearby, thugs are dispatched, and the true power of the town becomes apparent -- the self-styled leader Theo (Kim Hawthorne), a tough-as-nails woman who has trained a team of ferociously loyal jocks and nerds to keep order and to research technology. Jeremiah saves Theo's life from sniper fire and they have a meeting.

Later, in a bar, Jeremiah meets Simon (Daniel Gillies) and Matthew (Curtis Bechdholt), who witnessed his quick response to the sniper. Matthew speaks to Jeremiah about recruiting him for their "cause" and they agree to talk later. Jeremiah and Kurdy reconnect in the bar and resolve their differences.

Theo and Jeremiah in Showtime's original series, JeremiahMeanwhile, Theo's thugs have discovered a camoflauged Land Rover, belonging to Matthew and Simon. It's so unusual to have a vehicle, especially one with fuel, that Theo knows Matthew and Simon belong to some sort of organization. She has them captured and is prepared to torture them to find out the truth.

Theo discovers that Simon was speaking to Jeremiah in the bar, and has Jeremiah captured as well. Kurdy witnesses Jeremiah's abduction and, in a rare moment of unselfishness, follows and decides to help him escape. He creates a riot by spreading the rumor that Theo has been holding out on the town members by hoarding supplies. In the ensuing confusion Kurdy breaks into the school in Theo's compound and releases Simon and Jeremiah. Matthew has already been shot to death by Theo.

The three companions escape in the Land Rover, but Simon is fatally wounded in the process. As he is dying, he makes Jeremiah promise to return the Rover to "Thunder Mountain" and warn the leaders that the "Big Death" may be coming again. Jeremiah and Kurdy in the sci-fi series, Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Kurdy find "Thunder Mountain," an underground government nuclear bomb shelter where 2000 people are living, unknown to the outside world. They are under the charismatic and idealistic leadership of Marcus Alexander (Peter Stebbings), who believes Jeremiah's story about Simon's and Matthew's death. Together they formulate and carry out a plan to foil a mass murder of minorities by "skinheads" twenty miles from the compound. An alliance is forged, and Jeremiah and Kurdy agree to continue to help find out more about whether the "Big Death" is in fact coming again, as well as ways to help make the world a better place.

Armed only with Simon's journal of networks/contacts and the Land Rover, Jeremiah and Kurdy head back to the outside world to help rebuild a new society on the ashes of the old.

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Markus Alexander), Tricia Helfer (Sarah), Kim Hawthorne (Theo), Daniel Gillies (Simon), Curtis Bechdholt (Matthew), Teryl Rothery (Mary), Byron Lawson (Lee Chen), Kadyse McClure (Elizabeth Munroe), Robert Wisden.

Writer: J. Michael Strczynski Director: Russell Mulcahy

Episode 3: Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass

First Aired March 15, 2002

Captain Iron (aka John)As Jeremiah and Kurdy deal with a youngster who’s assumed the identity of a superhero, Markus keeps a surprising secret: he’s in love with a woman who survived exposure to the Big Death virus by remaining sealed in an isolation chamber.

Fortunately, the episode has more depth than the brief description released by MGM would make it sound. The “youngster” was actually a young man who couldn’t deal with his parent’s death and believed so strongly that a hero would appear when one was needed, he became his favorite superhero himself when one didn’t. It was a very interesting story and opened up the morality issue of what can one person really do to make a difference. Jeremiah gives a moving speech to God as well.

The second plot, that of the “woman under glass” gives a glimmer of hope that a cure can be found for The Big Death before it comes again....if they can find someone who has retained enough medical knowledge in order to develop a vacine from the survivor’s blood. Or perhaps some medical personnel survived in Valhalla Sector or elsewhere. It was an interesting story line involving friendship and trust between Markus and Erin. I have to wonder if that isn’t part of the reason for Markus sending Jeremiah and Kurdy out on reconnaisance missions.

Guest Cast: Roman Danylo (Captain Iron/John), Andrew Francis (Young Markus), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Suzy Joachim (Meaghan), Nathaniel Archand (Shashona), Russell Porter (Mike Masters), Winston Brown (Vincent), Tyler Williamson (Young John), Sarah Deakins (Shelley Masters)

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Brett Dowler

Jason Priestley guest starsEpisode 4: And the Ground...Sown with Salt
First Aired March 22, 2002

Jeremiah and Kurdy come up against Michael, a man who has proclaimed himself a god and plans to take over the entire nation, beginning with the End of the World.

Arriving in Cranston, a town controlled by a man named Michael who has proclaimed himself a god, Jeremiah and Kurdy find their contact, Jesse nailed to the wall of a shed. Moments later, he is dead as Michael's soldiers riddle the shed with machine gun fire. Jeremiah and Kurdy are left untouched. Clearly, Michael wants something from them and invites them to join him.

Michael proves to be a charismatic but terrifying host. He has taken over an abandoned army base, a huge arsenal of weapons, and the minds of his followers. Those who are not his followers are his prisoners and slaves. Michael shows Jeremiah just how little he values them when he executes several because Jeremiah will not reveal where the End of the World is. Michael's lover, Julie, gives Jeremiah his first clue. Michael began as the leader of a group of young men. He saw himself as a success. Then, his self-image grew out of all proportion. As Michael sees it, Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha were all just regular guys who worked their way up. Now it is his turn.

Michael's next test of Jeremiah and Kurdy is unbelievable. He offers them some information, asking for what he wants in return. When they offer nothing, he shows them a video camera image of a nearby town. He explains that his weaponry includes daisy cutter bombs, six of which he has planted in the town. With chilling unconcern, he pushes the detonator and 2,000 people die.

As Jeremiah and Kurdy, locked up in the gym, discuss the need to stop Michael's mad crusade, Julie tells Michael that she is pregnant. He tells his guards to throw her out next morning. Julie sneaks into the gym and tells Jeremiah she will help the prisoners escape if he will take her to the End of the World. He agrees. Julie tries to fulfill her promise, but the guards catch on. Julie sends the others on and goes back into the building to have a very personal showdown with Michael.

Guest Cast: Jason Priestley (Michael), Miles Meadows (Jeff)
Note: Priestley co-starred with Luke Perry in Beverly Hills 90210.

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Peter DeLuise

Episode 5: To Sail Beyond the Stars
First Aired March 29, 2002

Jeremiah and Claire in To Sail Beyond the StarsJeremiah faces a deadly renegade group called the “Burners” while falling in love with Claire, a woman who dreams of sailing across the ocean and who has been stealing every bit of gas she can find. Meanwhile, Kurdy befriends a pregnant woman and delivers her baby.

Jeremy and Kurdy travel to a small coastal town where Simon's journal says someone knows about a group called the Burners. Camped, they spot a young woman, Claire, siphoning gas from their rover but they cannot catch her.

Next morning, entering the town, Kurdy tells Jeremiah to stop getting involved in other people's problems. He thinks he means it, until he spots a pregnant girl weeping by the roadside. He gives her food and a moment's reassurance before joining Jeremiah in search of Simon's contact, Eddie, at a pool hall. They find him, but Eddie won't talk about the Burners before closing time, so they separate to wait for dark.

Kurdy finds the pregnant girl again, now in labor. He settles down to play the role of midwife. Jeremiah, walking the streets, is startled when Claire runs by, carrying a bottle of gas and pursued by the angry guys she stole it from. He helps her elude them and she offers to show him why she wants the gas.

While Claire is telling Jeremiah about her dream of sailing across the world in her father's boat, Kurdy encounters William, who has seen the Burners at work.  Kurdy and William go to the pool hall but find Eddie dead and barely escape his killers. Jeremiah and Claire make love but their tender moment is followed by terror as the Burners attack Claire's house with flames and guns. Jeremiah draws them off and Kurdy appears just in time to help him get away as Claire takes matters - and a gun - into her own hands. Safe themselves, the trio struggles frantically to save Claire's gas supply from the fire. As Claire sets sail to find her place beyond the horizon, Jeremiah and Kurdy are left to ponder the strange ID tags worn by their attackers.

Guest Cast: Melissa Crider (Claire)

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Neill Fearnley

Episode 6: The Bag
First Aired April 5, 2002

Jeremiah helps Paula.The son of a medical doctor has set up a dubious medical practice of his own, traveling with his brother from town to town and exploiting people...until his past catches up with him.

On their way into a coastal town (seems to be a lot of these) where they may learn more about a mysterious vaccine, Jeremiah and Kurdy meet William and his pregnant wife (lots of these too), Paula. Paula is running a fever and is in serious need of a doctor. When they arrive in the small community, they are told a doctor just arrived but the huckstering welcome of the doctor's brother, Jake, does not inspire confidence. It soon becomes clear that Reese has learned something about being a doctor from an old medical text, a doctor's bag and years of watching his father work. Whether he has learned enough is one question. Whether he will defy his brother and accept responsibility is another.

Jeremiah doesn't appreciate Reese's whiningAs Reese tends Paula, Jeremiah and Kurdy set out to find their next contact, Holcomb. Instead, they find his girl friend, Sadie. Holcomb is out of town and seriously ill. Sadie offers them all a place to stay, if only as a way to keep the doctor near until Holcomb returns.

In the middle of the night, Jeremiah wakes to find the brothers gone. He and Kurdy head out in pursuit and find them, badly beaten and robbed of all their possessions - including Reese's medical bag. Without it, Reese's confidence is utterly gone. Kurdy takes Jake and goes in search of the bag. At Sadie's, a drunken Reese whines about how hard life is. Jeremiah cuts into him, revealing the tragic secret of his own brother's death.

Kurdy and Jake battle the thieves and recover the bag but by the time they return, Reese has found something better - himself. His new confidence is enough to save Paula and her baby but not enough to save Holcomb. He is dying from the effects of an experimental vaccine but the task he sets Jeremiah and Kurdy may help save others if - or when - the Big Death returns.

Guest Cast: Ryan Robbins (William Stauber), Jake Busey

Writer: Sam Egan Director: Michael Robison

Episode 7: City of Roses
First Aired April 12, 2002

>A brutal assault on a young woman triggers memories for Jeremiah and Kurdy who then take separate paths: Jeremiah to find a mysterious vaccine and Kurdy to find his past.

Jeremiah rescue a young girl who has been gang raped. The encounter elicits a murderous rage from Jeremiah because the attacker's jacket matches the one worn by his brother's killer. For Kurdy, a minor wound uncorks long-buried memories of childhood terror.

They bring the victim, Lydia, back to Thunder Mountain. Erin tries to heal her body and mind but Lee rages at the breach of security. Markus confesses his concerns to Meaghan - the only person on Thunder Mountain he can trust absolutely.

As Jeremiah and Kurdy head off to learn more about the vaccine they have been tracking, Kurdy announces his intention to make a side trip to Portland, the town where he grew up. He hopes to solve the mystery of his suddenly persistent flashbacks. Irritated, Jeremiah drops him off in his old neighborhood.

In his old apartment, Kurdy remembers an argument between his parents - and the sound of a shot. He is lost in reverie when Ricki Hatton enters the room. Both are startled to realize that she used to be his baby sitter. Reluctantly, Ricki tells him that she knows his father shot his mother, then himself while young Kurdy hid in a closet. Only then does the rest of Kurdy's memory return, a memory of his mother begging for death to end her suffering. For him, one part of the suffering now ends.

Jeremiah finds the man whose vaccine killed Holcomb and confronts him with the fact that his work may have another unplanned result - widespread panic.

Guest Cast: Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin)

Writer: Sam Egan Director: James Head

Episode 8: Firewall
First Aired April 19, 2002

Investigating a group known as the orange men, Jeremiah and Kurdy capture Quantrell and everything changes for Thunder Mountain - Quantrell is an adult survivor who knows a great deal about both Markus and Valhalla Sector.

A frantic group flags down the rover and tells Jeremiah and Kurdy that men in orange suits just kidnapped a girl from their party. As they give chase, a helicopter appears. The fleeing men in orange drop the girl as they climb to the chopper but one of their number is left behind and - impossible as it seems - he is about 50 years old. Jeremiah and Kurdy take the man to Thunder Mountain where he is placed in a clean room.

The leaders at Thunder Mountain are amazed when they realize the Markus and the man, Quantrell, know each other. Both also know that Markus' father was a doctor and Quantrell a base commander during the Big Death. And they know that Quantrell locked down the base, leaving Markus' mother and father outside to die.

For Jeremiah, the realization that Quantrell is from Valhalla Sector - and may know his father - is shattering.

As the Valhalla Sector helicopters approach, Markus wants to release Quantrell to save the base but Jeremiah argues, hoping Quantrell can lead him to his father. The issue is decided for them as Lee Chin smuggles Ezekiel into Thunder Mountain where Ezekiel turns off the air supply for Quantrell's clean room. With Quantrell dead, the choppers turn around. Having seen the kind of world Quantrell wanted to build, Markus makes a momentous decision. It is time for the people of Thunder Mountain to go into the world and offer help - and hope.

Guest Cast: Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Andrew Francis (Young Markus), Michael Rooker, Carin Moffat (Jean Alexander)

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Peter DeLuise

Episode 9: The Red Kiss
First Aired April 26, 2002

When their vehicle is carjacked, Jeremiah and Kurdy find themselves in an abandoned amusement park where a group of parents greets them with mixed emotions but the children believe that Jeremiah has been sent to save them from an unseen and deadly predator.

Raiders steal the rover, leaving Jeremiah and Kurdy on foot. They find an abandoned amusement park and enter, only to be accosted by Cord Geary, who is surrounded by several families who live in the park. All the men are armed, including Jack, who is there with is daughter, Sophie.

While the adults question Jeremiah and Kurdy, a group of children watch. Their leader is a twelve-year-old known as Fipps, who tells his friends Tommy and Beth that Jeremiah is "him" -- the one who will stop the "blood vultures" who have been preying on them. Cord is willing to accept the newcomers, but Jack is hostile. With two children found dead -- one with no blood left in her -- and two still missing, he trusts no one.

The children prove to be remarkably well read and capable. They also follow a children's cult that has been springing up around the country and their faith in his ability to save them un-nerves Jeremiah. He is more concerned with the fact that the raiders came by and traded their packs and will be returning to trade for a generator the families are repairing. He and Kurdy agree to help guard the children until the raiders return but they cannot gain Jack's trust.

When another child is killed, the adults begin to take sides about their visitors. Then little Sophie vanishes -- from the guarded storage room where the children have been sleeping. As they explore the grounds, Jeremiah and Kurdy find an old plan of the park, and realize that a tunnel runs right under that space. Entering it, they find Sophie's doll and a partly smoked joint. The drug leads them to a dealer, then on to a herbalist. Under pressure, "Medicine Joe" reveals that a man named Magyar supplies him with a medicine that will ward off the Big Death if it returns. The medicine includes the blood of children.

When Jeremiah goes to check Magyar's lair before leading a rescue party in, he is taken prisoner. Around him kept in pens, are the missing children. Nearby is Magyar's lab. Meanwhile, Kurdy tries to convince the adults that the children should be made to and face reality. Young Beth's reaction to that makes Kurdy consider the value of believing in something. When Kurdy arrives with the adults, everyone is put to the test and Kurdy finds that the children's' faith is, in a way, justified.

Writer: Sam Egan Director: James Hea


Episode 10: Journeys End with Lovers Meeting
First Aired May 2002

Jeremiah encounter a cult that is marching toward the ocean where, their leader believes, they will be taken in a great ship to a better world. Jeremiah is concerned when Kurdy briefly joins the pilgrimage but the end of the journey leaves them both wondering about life and about faith.

Jeremiah and Kurdy encounter a group on a pilgrimage to the ocean. They offer to share their evening camp, food and their stories and poems. Although Kurdy is drawn by Constance and her companions, Jeremiah is suspicious. When the leader, David, begins to speak, the suspicion grows. David says that a great white ship with golden sails will take them up as a sign to the world that there are still miracles. Jeremiah is a definite non-believer.

As the group resumes its trek the next morning, Kurdy decides to walk with them while Jeremiah drives alongside. As they pass through a suburban area, one of the group is threatened when someone living in the neighborhood accuses him of theft. David steps between them and is hit in the face. He just turns and walks away as Constance explains the group's vow of non-violence.

The second evening, Kurdy reveals a side of himself even Jeremiah never suspected as he reads a poem he wrote. Then he tells Jeremiah he is going to stay with the group until they reach the ocean.

Jeremiah, now on his own, returns to the community where David was hit. He overhears their plan to rob the pilgrims. He is about to go to warn them when some of the suburbanites take him prisoner. One of them steals and puts on Jeremiah's boots. Those boots tell their own tale to Kurdy when the men come to the pilgrims with a story about a blocked road and a plan to lead them around it. His fists fly and the man reveals Jeremiah's location. Both Constance and David are saddened by the violence and by Kurdy's determination to go to rescue Jeremiah.

Reunited and free to move on, Jeremiah and Kurdy decide to check out the pilgrims' fate but, when they reach the ocean, they find no people - alive or dead - only discarded belongings and the word "Believe" painted on a rock.

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Martin Wood

Episode 11: Thieve’s Honor
First Aired May 2002

When Elizabeth and Gabriel are scouting prospects in Clarefield, Theo's guards take them prisoner. Jeremiah and Kurdy's attempt at rescue involves both extreme danger and some surprising developments.

Elizabeth and Gabriel leave Thunder Mountain to scout prospects in Clarefield, where Theo is still in charge. Theo's guards spot and capture them. Lee Chin tells Markus that he believes someone tipped off Theo. A concerned Markus sends Jeremiah and Kurdy to find and rescue the pair.

In Clarefield, things take an unexpected turn when one of Theo's underlings, Eric Rasmussen, turns on her and takes over. He banishes Theo and two attendants and locks up Elizabeth and Gabriel. Outside town, Jeremiah and Kurdy spot the threesome just as one of them, Sam, is about to execute Theo. For the second time, Jeremiah saves Theo's life. Sam is killed but Keith escapes. Theo's gratitude is less than overwhelming - she's furious because Keith got away. Jeremiah wants to convince Theo to help them, but Kurdy just wants to get Elizabeth safely out of Clarefield. He leaves Theo with Jeremiah to go and reconnoiter. He leaves Jeremiah a pair of handcuffs for Theo.

Keith returns and tells Jeremiah that Rasmussen will make a deal - give him Theo and he will release Elizabeth and Gabriel. Jeremiah says he will deal and starts to handcuff Theo. As he goes to put the second cuff on her, she turns the tables and puts it on him. After they are cuffed together, Jeremiah realizes that the key is in Kurdy's pocket. He and Theo are stuck with each other's company. Forced to communicate, they learn some surprising things about each other. Jeremiah may get the final surprise, however, as Theo quietly swipes a knife from his pocket.

Meanwhile, the Thunder Mountain team tracks the source of the messages to Clarefield to Jacob, who swears he was only trying to help his sister Deborah find the team and get to Thunder Mountain. Instead, Deborah finds Kurdy and offers to help him if he will take her back to the mountain. He agrees.

As Kurdy spies on the rec center, where the prisoners are held, Jeremiah and Theo arrive. She palms her weapon, fearing the worst, but Jeremiah has another surprise for her. It changes everything and makes the rescue possible.

Writer: Sam Egan Director: Holly Dale

Episode 12: The Touch
First Aired May 2002

Jeremiah and Kurdy try to help citizens of a town where physical contact is punishable by death while, at headquarters, Markus' illness sparks a struggle for control.

Checking out one of Simon's clues, Jeremiah and Kurdy arrive in Mayfair to find the whole population has been gassed. In the nearby town of New Hope, they find a whole community under a decree that forbids all physical contact. Stenn, the self-appointed leader, and his group of "elders" have turned a fear that the Big Death might return into an emotionally crippling religion.

Neal and Karin, a young couple deeply in love, cannot marry, cannot kiss. They cannot even hold hands. A mother may not hug her child. Under Stenn's religion, neither passion nor tenderness can survive. A young man named Vernon seems to see how evil this religion is but, like the rest, he is afraid; afraid to act, afraid even to speak.

While Jeremiah and Kurdy probe into the secrets of New Hope, Markus faces fears of his own. Under the influence of a strange illness, he sees disturbing apparitions. Fevered and disturbed, he is unaware of the conflict developing over control of Thunder Mountain.

The child Elayna's request for information about her mother worries Jeremiah. His distress increases as Vernon, despite his fear, tells what he knows about Mayfield. Caught asking questions, Jeremiah is jailed and finds his fellow prisoners include Elayna's mother. Outside the jail, the situation explodes when Neal and Karin attempt to flee and the Elders stone Neal to death. Tricking the guards and convincing the other prisoners of Stenn's ultimate objective, Jeremiah leads a jail break and joins Kurdy in a confrontation with Stenn. At headquarters, Markus recovers but knows he faces a difficult future.

Guest Cast: Kirby Morrow (Angus Deveraux), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Amber Rotherwell (Karen)

Writer: Sam Egan Director: Michael Robison


Episode 13: Mother of Invention
First Aired May 2002

Looking for Steve, the leader of a group Markus may want an alliance with, Jeremiah finds Michelle, who had been his lover, and her son. He and Kurdy must find out if Michelle is rebuilding a world or just piling up a private treasure.

Markus sends Jeremiah and Kurdy to establish contact with a group headed by a man named Steve whom, they are told, almost no one has ever seen. They follow a pair of obvious couriers, are taken prisoner and blindfolded. When his blindfold comes off, Jeremiah is face to face with a young woman he had a torrid affair with some years ago.

The next morning, the prisoners are told they are about to meet Steve but when the blindfolds are removed they get a shock. "Steve" is Michelle, a fact known only to Doug, her second in command and a few close associates.

Michelle shows Jeremiah and Kurdy around her operation, where her skilled helpers mend broken things from the old society and barter them for food and other necessary supplies. She says she has no interest in an alliance with Thunder Mountain, which she terms an old boys club. Privately, Doug tells Kurdy that he and some others would like to cooperate - without Michelle's blessing. When Kurdy questions that idea, Doug says Michelle is actually stockpiling a private hoard of stuff.

Having dinner with Michelle, Jeremiah meets Gabe, her five-year-old son and begins to wonder if he is the boy's father. Michelle says she doesn't know. In any case, she does not want the boy to count on anyone but her.

Kurdy tells Jeremiah of Doug's accusation and, reluctantly, Jeremiah agrees that they will follow her if she goes out that night. She does and retrieves two stashed duffel bags. When Jeremiah demands to see what she is hoarding, she shows him. The bags are full or artworks - beautiful but of literally no value in the current world. Michelle has a small, secret cottage filled with such objects. She is saving them from destruction out of her own appreciation for beauty and in hopes that, someday, the world will have time for such things. Abashed, Jeremiah and Kurdy make her an offer; they will provide safe storage at Thunder Mountain for her treasures and help her save more in exchange for some of her information and resources. A fragile partnership is born.

Writer: Sara Barnes & A.L. Katz Director: Neill Feanley

Episode 14: Tripwire
First Aired June 2002

Markus is seeking outside alliances, believing that Valhalla Sector may plan a military take-over, which raises questions about Jeremiah's father. A sniper and the mysterious Ezekiel raise further doubts.

Jeremiah, plagued by bad dreams, is already uneasy when Markus announces his plan to start forming outside alliances. He intends to help rebuild the town of Camden because he knows Valhalla Sector is moving west and Camden, with its missile silo, is a likely target. He believes Valhalla Sector may intend to establish a military dictatorship. And, if Valhalla Sector is the enemy, what kind of man was Jeremiah's father?

Working in Camden, Jeremiah spots the mysterious Ezekiel again. Ezekiel stuns him by claiming that they are brothers and that Jeremiah is in danger. Before Jeremiah can ask more, Lee Chen sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. When he comes to, Jeremiah finds Kurdy and tells him of the warning. They rush to the podium where Markus is addressing the community but, before they can move him away, a sniper fires. Injured, Markus urges Jeremiah to find out who did it.

Jeremiah and Kurdy find the sniper, dead. A trail of blood leads Jeremiah from the room to another encounter with Ezekiel who delivers a very strange message.

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Neill Feanley

Episode 15: Ring of Truth
First Aired June 2002

Theo promised Jeremiah and Kurdy a suitable reward for saving her life - a visit to a fabulous inn. Never one to make things easy, however, she has provided directions that leave them half-starved and out of gas. Fending off hunger with some wild mushrooms, they have some peculiar visions around the campfire but none as strange as the one Jeremiah has in the morning when he is awakened by an elephant. Kurdy dismisses that as a hang-over hallucination and they both forget about it when they finally find the inn-cum-brothel Theo sent them to.

When Kurdy selects Cassandra as his partner for the evening, he incurs the wrath of the club's enormous bouncer and resident tough, Yarbo. Meanwhile, Jeremiah's partner, Polly, tells him that, years ago, she left her baby daughter in a circus with the child's father. The circus is nearby and Polly wants to re-join it and try being a real mother at last. Her problem - someone must fight for her freedom. Jeremiah agrees to do so but next morning, he and Kurdy are appalled to find out that his opponent will be Yarbo. Kurdy takes matters into his own hands, knocking Jeremiah cold and taking his place in the ring. He takes a beating but, thanks to a well-timed tip from Cassandra, decks the brute. Desault, the club's proprietor, reluctantly honors the deal. Armed with a new can of gas, Jeremiah, Kurdy and Polly take off for the circus.

They find the troupe but Gregory, China's father, is far from delighted that his one-time love wants to re-unit with their daughter. He is fearful for China's happiness and also distracted. The troupe's star attraction, the elephant Lana, is missing. Jeremiah tells him of the elephant he saw only a few miles away and agrees to help find her. Gregory asks his acrobats, Parker and Janine, to take care of China and be sure Polly does not try to take her away.

Knowing what a hard time she is having, Kurdy stays with Polly while Jeremiah and Gregory go on an elephant hunt. When they find Lana, they face a battle. A cruel local farmer has set her to pulling logs. Jeremiah comes up with a plan to rescue Lana. He also talks to Gregory about the value of giving someone a second chance. If Gregory takes it to heart, there might be a happy ending for Polly after all.

Writer: Sam Egan Director: Ken Girotti

Episode 16: Moon in Gemini
First Aired June 2002

Jeremiah and Erin are having a somewhat flirtatious fencing match. She's pretty good with a foil; he's just learning. As they leave the gym, she tells him she has just heard from her twin sister, which probably means Lauren has taken up with another abusive boyfriend and needs help. Impulsively, Jeremiah kisses her and gets a negative reaction.

The relationship between Kurdy and Elizabeth is warming but when she offers to accompany him to sound out the separatist Black group Shadow of the Crescent for Markus, he is reluctant. Kurdy doesn't want to even think about how he would feel if anything happened to Elizabeth.

Despite the new tension between them, Jeremiah goes with Erin to find Lauren. As they travel, he learns that Lauren is habitually irresponsible and far too casual with men, booze and drugs. The relationship between the twins is further strained because, after the Big Death, Lauren took all of their mother's antique jewelry. When they do find Lauren, she says she walked out on "Geronimo" but fears he will come after her. She wants Erin and Jeremiah to help her get away. Seems she also wants Jeremiah, which leads to a very steamy encounter.

Kurdy and Elizabeth find the group but its leader, Kwame, is not receptive to any alliance with whites and his assistant, Raheem, is downright hostile. It is difficult to overcome racism - no matter whose racism - but in the end, they persuade Kwame to hear what Markus has to say. The success brings them to acknowledge their love for each other.

Erin and Lauren make use of their identical looks and Erin's fencing ability when Geronimo shows up. The fight escalates as Jeremiah steps in with a lance. While the three-way fight rages, Lauren slips away. Later, as she takes her leave, she hands Erin a package containing their mother's jewelry. Her surprise is equaled by Jeremiah's when something she says leaves him wondering just which twin he spent a passionate night with.

Writer: Sam Egan Director: Brad Turner

Episode 17: Out of the Ashes

Lee Chen sends Jeremiah and Kurdy to Denver to pick up books from a library that has survived relatively intact. In the library, they meet Edgar, a self-appointed librarian who is trying to protect the collection from a group of book-burning zealots. They promise to help and Kurdy decides to stay put while Jeremiah takes time out to look up his old friend Red. Left alone with Kurdy, Edgar admits that he has never learned to read.

Jeremiah finds Red and meets his girlfriend, Maggie, a wheelchair-bound artist who asks Jeremiah to help her fulfill a mission. When her father died, she promised to scatter his ashes on the banks of the river where they once lived but, unable to walk, she cannot get there without a vehicle. Jeremiah has a vehicle and agrees to drive them to the river.

When the armed zealots come back for more books, Kurdy and Edgar try to fend them off but, when the other library patrons run off in terror, the battle is lost. Later, Kurdy tells them that this won't end unless they find the courage to fight for their books - the books an illiterate man is trying to protect for them. He also undertakes to teach Edgar to read.

Jeremiah drives Maggie and Red to the river but finds another obstacle. To get to where Maggie must scatter the ashes, they have to get above the river using an old hand-operated gondola that spans it. Maggie's mission becomes an exercise in courage and physical endurance for both of them.

When the zealots return to the library, they are faced down by a well-armed group of patrons who have found their own way to courage.

Writer: Sam Egan Director: Brad Turner

Episode 18: A Means to an End

Jeremiah and Kurdy are surprised when Erin radios them to meet someone at a gas station and - contrary to past rules - bring them back to Thunder Mountain. They are more than surprised when they meet their passenger and it is Theo.

At Thunder Mountain, Andrew Kincaid is hitting on Erin but he is also skillfully pumping her for information. He traps her into confirming that Markus is bringing outsiders to the base, then he and his brother, Thomas, use that information to challenge Markus at the next council meeting. He is forced to put his planned meeting on hold and wait for the council to reach a conclusion on his leadership. Lee Chen has the pleasure of telling Jeremiah and Kurdy that they will have to hang out with Theo until they get further instructions - from Andrew.

Jeremiah and Kurdy, having made their own executive decision, arrive at the mountain with Theo and are admitted. Andrew and Thomas see this as their opportunity to set up a sting. While Theo is talking to Markus, Thomas slips a walkie-talkie into her bag. A short time later, with a group of witnesses, he accuses her of stealing the walkie, which he pulls from her bag. Infuriated, Theo grabs a weapon and strikes him over the head. Andrew orders Lee to lock Theo up. Rapprochement with Theo seems unattainable until Andrew realizes that his brother's injury was really the result of their own fear.

Writer: Sara (Samm) Barnes Director: Mike Vejar

Episode 19: Things Left Unsaid (Part 1)

Kurdy brings Elizabeth, who is seriously wounded, to Theo's nightclub hoping someone can save her. Meanwhile, Jeremiah is walking, alone, toward Millhaven where he hopes to find his father. Ezekiel warns him that he must not go there but remains with him, keeping guard.

Kurdy is overwhelmed with grief when he cannot save Elizabeth, who has barely enough breath left to tell him she loves him. Stricken, he must bury the woman he loves before trying to locate Jeremiah before death strikes again.

Markus and Erin arrive in St. Louis for the meeting they hope will help save the world. Concerns about security are high and they dare not tell Nathan, the organizer, that Lee Chen is a traitor.

Jeremiah reaches Millhaven and finds "Wylie," who tells him that people from Valhalla Sector use Millhaven as a transfer point. He takes Jeremiah to the field where many of the victims of the virus were buried and tells what he knows. From those who were willing to talk, he has learned that Valhalla Sector was the most secure place to be when the Big Death swept the planet. He has also learned how the virus first came into being, and why everything about the vaccine is a closely-guarded secret.

Jeremiah and Wylie are about to leave as both Kurdy and Ezekiel approach. Suddenly, soldiers and helicopters appear. As gunfire erupts in the field, armored vehicles in St. Louis surround the meeting and it, too, becomes a hail of bullets.

Unaware that the military is taking control of St. Louis, Kurdy watches in horror as a helicopter carries Jeremiah away to an unknown fate.

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Mike Vejar

Episode 20: Things Left Unsaid (Part 2)
Season Finale

Opening Simon's journal, their guidebook on groups to contact, Jeremiah sees something he missed before. One page - the last one - has been cut out. He and Kurdy try to find out who did it and why. The trail leads to Lee Chen and evidence that Lee has been in secret contact with someone outside. Jeremiah drives out of Thunder Mountain, defying Markus and angering Kurdy, and heads for Clarefield to find out just who Simon was dealing with. Reluctantly, Kurdy agrees to go along but warns this will be his last mission with Jeremiah. He wants to go back to Thunder Mountain and build a life with Elizabeth.

As Markus and Erin continue toward the meeting, Elizabeth picks up Theo and learns that Jeremiah and Kurdy have been asking about a sect called the Brothers of the Apocalypse. While she and Theo detour to check on them, Lee meets with a well-equipped military force. As Jeremiah and Kurdy learn what the sect's leader knows about the Big Death, Elizabeth arrives only to be intercepted by Ezekiel who warns that she has been followed. As he tries to get the group away to safety, gunfire erupts. Elizabeth is badly hit and, for Kurdy, it is the final straw. He drives away with her, leaving Jeremiah behind.

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Mike Vejar


Season Two

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