The following are descriptions taken from Paramount casting sheets - these are information sheets sent to casting agencies. Iíll include actor information once the role has been cast. This list doesnít include the regular TNG cast, of course.

Shinzon - Played by Tom Hardy

The true nemesis in "Nemesis" wears a Reman military uniform throughout the movie. Shinzon, aged between 20 and 30, has a pale face and golden hair. He is the result of a plan by the Romulan Government to clone Captain Picard and to replace him with Shinzon once the time has come in order to be able to infiltrate a Romulan spy into Starfleet. But once the new government gained power, it decided to discontinue the plan and banned Shinzon into the dilithium mines where the Reman already worked for the Romulans as a slave people. He was supposed to die in the mines but a Reman, Viceroy, had compassion on him and helped him survive. Shinzon, now leader of the Reman, is ready to kill thousands of Romulans with his fleet in order to liberate the Reman from their slave existence.

B-9 - Played by Brent Spiner

Early prototype of the Data android, identical in physical appearance.

Donatra - Played by Dina Meyer

Commander Donatra is a key figure in the movie. The attractive Romulan has a dry sense of humor and a cold, calculating intellect. She is a subordinate of Shinzon and shows strong interest in him, but he refuses her. Donatra also is the commander of the warbird Valdore, which belongs to Shinzon's fleet.

Viceroy - Played by Ron Perlman (Beauty & the Beast)

The assistant of Shinzon is an elderly Romulan officer who is respected by his own people, but he is closer to Shinzon. But yet, both seldom have the same opinion, which is why there are some minor conflicts between the two in the movie.


Tal'Aura is a member of the Romulan Senate. During a session of the Senate (one of the first scenes in "Nemesis"), she leaves the room on a pretext. Yet, she leaves a small, silver box behind on her desk which wraps the room in a glowing energy jacket a moment later. That way, every kind of life in the room is erased, and the Romulan Senate gets killed. Senator Tal'Aura is in fact a true ally of Shinzon.


Praetor Hiren is the president of the Romulan Senate. He is a qualified politician in his sixties, and he is convinced to the very end that the military is not going to decide the political course of Romulus. Hiren is not willing to make compromises but rather wants to banish Shinzon and the Reman back into the dilithium mines as quickly as possible. But before he gets the possibility to do so, he painfully looses his life in the bomb attack on the Senate.

Commander #1

The Romulan Commander, whose name is never mentioned in "Nemesis", is a member of the Romulan Senate. He is present at the session of the Senate shortly before the bomb attack and suggests that the Romulans unite with the Reman in order to be able to fight the Federation. But Praetor Hiren doesn't want to hear about it.

Commander #2

Another Romulan Commander we learn almost nothing about in the movie. He discusses the fusion of the Romulans and the Reman with "Commander #1", which is not supported by any of the other Senate members.

Reman Officer

The Reman officer (name is not mentioned) belongs to the senior staff of Shinzon's ship.


Mr. Branson is the new helm of the Enterprise. He just has some short scenes in the picture when Picard or Riker give him orders.

Madden - Played by Stephen Culp

Commander Martin Madden is a young Starfleet Officer who boards Enterprise towards the end of the film. Shortly before his first meeting with Picard, he seems to be very nervous.

Ops Officer

The young Andorian woman has a short appearance as the new Ops Officer of Enterprise at the end of the movie.


He is shown in one of the last scenes of "Nemesis" together with Captain Picard and some other crew members on the Enterprise's bridge.

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