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Luke Perry stars as Jeremiah in the Showtime original series, JeremiahJust 12 years old when the Big Death killed every adult over the age of puberty, Jeremiah has survived by his wits keeping his compassion and sense of humanity in a world wrought with brutality. Haunted by memories of his parents of of his younger brother, whose life he failed to protect, Jeremiah is driven by his broken promise to protect his brother. His father was a high-ranking military official. Jeremiah desperately searches for “Valhalla Sector,” a place his father mentioned which he believes holds the answers to the Big Death.

Luke Perry

Best known for co-starring on Beverly Hills 90210, Perry also played Brad Majors in the Broadway production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He’s also co-starred in a number of films including Fogbound, The Enermy, Fifth Element, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and 8 Seconds. On TV, he’s been featured in Johnson County War, The Triangle, OZ, Riot, Normal Life, and American Strays.

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