Take a break from your day and play:

  • Defender of the Moon - Destroy the aliens with your lasers before they suck your bases power!
  • Hangman - The topic is Science Fiction Movies & Television Shows (a Javascript Game)
  • Lone Gunmen Hangman Game - special for the Lone Gunmen TV Show
  • Star War - No, not Star Wars...this one has a little Enterprise with lasers to blast the falling stars.
  • Tailgunner - a cool java game with nice graphics and sound. All mouse controlled!
  • UFO Attack - This one reminds me of a hand-held game I had back in the 80s when the graphics were simpler. Guide your missles to blow up the incoming UFOs.
  • WordSearch - Find Sci-Fi TV shows, Movies, and more! Randomized every time so see if you can beat your best time!

We are working on adding some more games to this section. Please check back!

Have a cool game youd like to share with others? Javascript, trivia, whatever? Let us know about it! Wed love to feature it here!


Its time to spin off my gaming section to its own home! Still in development and being refined, but please visit the new, awesome....

The online games and other small things will remain here at, but watch for more indepth coverage of the latest games, expanded walkthrus, dedicated forums and more at! is an SF/F Mega Site

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