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We chat about sci-fi, fantasy and horror - no cursing or profanity is allowed and we try to stay as on topic as possible, so if you are looking for a good place to talk about your favorite movies or shows without all the noise in other rooms, this is it! We have several javascript chatrooms available - choose the topic that interests you most or stop in one of our scheduled chats (see below). The rooms are open 24 hours a day so stop in anytime!

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Our Regular Chat Schedule:

We are revising our Regular Chat Schedule - tell us what you’d like to chat about and when! Planned chats are below.

Wednesdays: Star Trek Chat, 9 pm Eastern - Talk about any Star Trek series (including Enterprise)

Note: There are some days we may not be in the room as scheduled as Florida loves to get nasty thunderstorms during certain months of the year or we may have other connection problems! We do make every attempt to be in as scheduled! Please try us again if you miss us and feel free to talk when we aren’t there!

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