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Banner & Button Ads

You may advertise across our family of sci-fi web sites, and in addition to for combination rates. Specials with various promotions partners may also be available - contact us for information.

We now offer flat monthly charges! No more trying to figure out CPM rates! Our current rates are competitive with other sites of our size and scop and a great value!

Banner Ads:

Banners are run in the upper right of the main frameset. Banners may also be run on some of the sub pages depending on category of your ad and your request. Buttons are run on the right side of the main frameset and may be run on interior pages. Prices are per month:




120 x 30 Button




120 x 60 Button




468 x 60 Banner




Other sizes may be possible - please contact us with your requirements..

Exclusive Ad:

(your ad will be the only one on that page [excluding internal ads]) Add a flat fee of $250 to above rates (Exclusive ads are subject to availabilty and are on a first come, first serve basis only).

Calculating Costs:

We now offer a flat monthly rate instead of CPM calculations. We are very competitive and a great value for your money. At our current page views, a CPM campaign at just $10 would be almost $3000 a month. We offer a full size banner for only $500!

Ads contracted for 6 months may take a discount of 10% from the total when prepaid. All ads must be paid at least one month in advance before they appear.

Cross-site buys with and are also available. Contact us for special rates.

Design Fee:

$150 one time flat fee per ad.

Technical Details:

Ads may be prepared by you or your ad agency. Animated buttons & banners are accepted in .gif or .jpg formats and must be under 30K in size. Flash is accepted. Other formats and sizes may be accepted - contact us with your requirements.

Demographic information and our site statistics are available.

For additional information, please contact Lori or Rebecca at or (407) 678-9449, or (407) 399-5538