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General Information: went online in March 1999 as a fan produced hobby site and has quickly grown to over 2.7 million hits and over 184,000 page views and 42,000 unique visitors a month! provides original content and coverage of the vast science fiction, science fact, fantasy, horror community including weekly news, live celebrity chats, message boards, chat room, calendar of events, directories of clubs, stores, and game tournaments, and much much more.

It has grown steadily to become a regular stop for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror. It has been named one of Yahoo’s Top Sci-Fi Sites and it’s Enterprise section is Yahoo’s 2nd Most Popular site for Enterprise, an MegaSite and one of the Top Star Trek Sites. Additional original content including celebrity interviews & chats is sure to continue the growth of the site, currently averaging 20 - 30% per month.

Though we’ve only recently began accepting advertising, we are already attracting some major attention. Some recent advertisers include:

  • Disney/MGM Studios (May 2000)
  • Wizards of the Coast/Forgotten Realms (August 2000)
  • Last Day novelette from Project Amigo (October 2000-April 2001)
  • TachyCon Sci-Fi Convention (March 1999 through July 2000)
  • (ongoing)
  • And more can help our advertisers to reach their campaign goals in multiple methods, from traditional banner and button advertising, content sponsorships, contests and multi-media marketing online and off. We offer our advertisers programs  designed to specifically meet their campaign objectives and maximize their ROI.

For additional information, please email or see contact information. We are also a Gorilla National Affiliate and joing campaigns with their other entertainment sites are possible.