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Lana Lang

The young Lana Lang watches her parents get killed by a meteoriteBefore Clark Kent moves to Metropolis and meets Lois Lane, there was Lana. In the comic book, Lana was Clark’s school sweetheart. We saw the adult Lana in Superman III (played by Annette O’Toole in fact) when Clark visited Smallville, but now we see how their relationship developed during the teenage years depicted in Smallville.

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk plays Lana Lang in SmallvilleBorn and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Kreuk began acting in plays in high school, but mostly focused on her schoolwork rather than the stage. Fate came calling at the beginning of her senior year when a casting director looking for new talent for the television series Edgemont tapped Kreuk for a starring role. It was her first professional audition.

Kristin Kreuk plays Lana Lang in SmallvilleS i n c e t h e n, s h e h as starred on the series for two seasons and will continue her role while filming Smallville in her hometown of Vancouver. She will also be seen this fall starring in the title role of the television movie Snow White, opposite Miranda Richardson.

Kreuk currently lives with her family in Vancouver and when not working enjoys reading and spending time with friends.


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