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Premiere - Aired October 16, 2001 - View the Trailer

Clark as the scarecrow in the pilotA meteor shower hits Smallville hard killing Lana Lang’s parents and disguising the crash of a small spaceship carrying the infant Superman. Found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, they name him Clark and raise the boy as their son. As his powers begin to emerge, young Clark Kent must try to survive high school while learning more about his secret from the only people he can trust - his parents.

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    I was very pleasantly surprised by the premiere which was well written and very enjoyable. The dialog is clever and characters are interesting. Yes, parts of it was rather contrived (the meteor that hits exactly on Lana Lang’s parents, the kryptonite necklace made from part of that meteor she wears as a reminder, etc.), but it still came together very well and is one of the best series premieres I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to more episodes and I’m afraid it will spell the death for Roswell which airs opposite it on UPN.

Metamorphosis - Aired October 23, 2001 - View the Trailer

Metamorphosis Smallville episodeHigh school student and childhood friend of Clark, Greg Arkin, (guest star Chad E. Donella) has secretly been videotaping and stalking Lana for some time. Planning to run away to get away from his mother and his obsession with Lana, he crashes his car - releasing his collection of kryptonite-infected insects. The bites turns him into a human/insect turning his obsession with Lana into mating with her to complete the “eat, molt, mate, die” lifecycle of an insect.

Greg’s new-found confidence causes him to more actively pursue Lana...earning a warning from Whitney. Later, as Whitney is driving home, Greg leaps from a tree onto Whitney's truck causing Whitney to crash. The Kents drive up and see Whitney unconscious inside. Clark drags Whitney out, then shields him with his body as the truck explodes in a huge ball of flame. Horrified, Jonathan and Martha rush to Clark, amazed, but relieved, to find that he is alright.

Meanwhile, Lex holds Lana's kryptonite necklace in his possession and ponders what to make of the strange stone. Clark discovers the necklace Lana wears is made of the meteor and that it adversely affects him - unless he or it is shielded by lead. Lex suggests to Lana that she's dating the wrong guy, and cryptically tells her she should ask Whitney what he was doing before the homecoming game. Back at Greg's house, his mother Arleen arrives home to find the thermostat set at 103 degrees, and Greg's room covered spider silk. Greg appears behind her, suggesting that he is now the end product of millions of years of insect evolution. First he'll eat, then he'll molt, and then he'll mate. Terrified, Arleen tries to back away, but Greg stops her with a torpedo of wet silk he shoots from his mouth.

At school the next day, Lana confronts Whitney about making Clark the "Scarecrow," and asks for her necklace back. When Whitney admits he lost it, Lana is furious and storms off, looking for Clark. Greg bumps into her, and reminds her of their study date. That night, Greg attacks Clark in the barn and Clark must save his father in the process.  In the aftermath of Greg's attack, Clark confesses to Jonathan that he feels responsible for the bad things that happen in Smallville since they seem to be caused by the meteors that accompanied Clark's arrival on Earth. At school the next day, Clark tells Chloe about Greg. After some research, Chloe figures out that Greg has transformed into some sort of "bug boy” and suspects his next action will be to mate...which leads them to figure out Lana will be the target.

Clark suspects Greg is taking Lana a tree fort that Clark and Greg used to play in as kids and finds Lana cocooned in silk, and Greg lying in wait. Greg pushes Clark through the wall of the tree fort, and they both fall to the ground. Greg then jumps a fence and heads for an abandoned foundry. Clark follows. Unfortunately, the foundry is filled with meteors and Clark is weakened the moment he steps inside. Greg attacks Clark, getting the best of him until Clark makes his way into a metal vat made of lead. His strength renewed, Clark fights back. Greg accidentally pulls a lever that sends a massive weight crashing down on him. That night, Clark anonymously leaves Lana's necklace hanging on her front door. Lana is thrilled and grateful to have it back.

    Director: David Nutter
    Writers: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
    Guest Cast: Chad E. Donella

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    Review: A little bit of standard sci-fi (the guy that becomes an insect kidnapping the girl, etc.) but the good dialog and character interaction made it above average. Nice to see the developing relationship between Clark and Lana and Clark’s continuing to discover his powers and deal with them. Also interesting to see the early days of Lex Luthor and his friendship with Clark. A very good episode.

Hothead - Aired October 30, 2001 - View the Trailer

Fathers and sons come to a standoff as Clark joins the football team despite his father's wishes, ultimately discovering the coach (guest star Dan Lauria) has been altered by kryptonite and is using his fire-starter abilities to hurt anyone who gets in his way of winning. Lex meanwhile, goes saber to saber with his father over the control of LuthorCorp.

    Director: Greg Beeman
    Writer: Greg Walker
    Guest Cast: Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years), John Glover (Batman & Robin)

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    The strength in this episode is the contrast in relationships between Clark and his father and Lex and his. The rest of the story is just mediocre as the football coach uses kryptonite-induced powers to try to win at all costs. Of course, his own power backfires on him (uh, pun not totally intended) thanks to Clark. The whole story was rather predictable, but the interplay between the characters was enjoyable.

X-Ray - Aired November 6, 2001 - View the Trailer

Clark starts experiencing "vision problems" when his "x-ray vision" starts to develop. A girl named Tina idolizes Lana, dressing like her right down to the kryptonite necklace...which has a different effect on her than Lana. Meanwhile, we see some of the beginnings of what will make Lex Luthor the ultimate bad guy as he robs a bank in this episode. A reporter from the Daily Metropolis Newspaper (no, not Lois Lane) shows up threatening to expose Lex, who demonstrates his incredible manipulative powers convincing her of his innocence.

    Writer: Mark Verheiden
    Director: James Frawley
    Guest Cast: Sarah-Jane Redmond as Nell Lang

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    A good exploration of Clark discovering his emerging powers as he learns to deal with and control his X-Ray vision. Going to be real interesting to see what happens the first time he discovers his heat vision :) Otherwise, this was a fairly predictable, standard episode...a girl wanting to be more popular than she is just happens to be a shapeshifter (thanks to being 3 with soft bone disease when the meteors hit), so tries to take over Lana’s identity whom she idolozies. There is a nice bit of Lex Luthor dealing with a reporter trying to blackmail him...reveals a bit of his darker, yet masterful side. 

Cool - Aired November 13, 2001 - View the Trailer

About 17-year-old Todd Kelvin, a Smallville High student who seems to need to absorb heat to keep himself from freezing. Todd takes an interest in Chloe to get what he needs. Clark and Lana start spending more time together as friends with Lex helping to get them together by loaning them his limo to take them to a concert.

    Writer: Michael Green
    Director: Jim Contner

    Guest Cast: Michael Coristine as Todd Kelvin


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    Good effects in this one, though the ending seemed a bit if something was cut out just before Clark goes to rescue his mother. Maybe just me. A rather standard story otherwise though...nothing real surprising though the blossoming friendship between Clark and Lana is fun to watch here.

Hourglass - Aired November 20, 2001 - View the Trailer

Smallville episode HourglassA woman named Cassandra loses her sight during a meteor shower, which allows her to see into the future. Among the things she can see are the graves of Clark's family and friends, which makes him fear that he will outlive everyone for whom he cares. An old man named Harry is made young. He enacts revenge upon the grandchildren of people who did him wrong in the past. Lana sees the Chloe's "Wall of Weird" for the first time.

Craving - Aired November 27, 2001- View the Trailer

Smallville episode CravingTh

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e story involves an over weight girl named Jodi who must satisfy her Cravings in an unconventional manner. Lex Luther plays a major role in this story. In fact, Lex meets Chloe Sullivan for the first time, and they discuss her theories on the weird happening that have been part of Smallville since the meteorite shower. Lex is so impressed with Chloe's deductive reasoning that he helps her get a summer job at the Daily Planet.

Review: I missed this episode unfortunately...anyone want to write a review of it?

Jitters - Aired December 3, 2001- View the Trailer

An experiment at the Luthor fertilizer plant makes an old friend of the Kents, Earl Jenkins, shake and jitter. Earl has worked as a janitor at LuthorCorp in Metropolis for several years. During the course of his time there, he witnessed an experiment where corn was sprayed with a fertilizer that, when mice ate it, gave them the jitters. Not long after that Earl started to become shaky and jittery himself. The key to finding a cure would be to find the possibly-fictional "Level Three" of the LuthorCorp plant.

    Writers: Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld
    Guest Stars: John Glover (as Lionel Luthor), Tony Todd (as Earl Jenkins)


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    : First, I have always loved Tony Todd so seeing him as a guest star was a nice treat! I enjoyed this one (though wasn’t fond of the “jitter” effect they used), especially at the end as it contrasted the relationships between Clark and his father so well with that of Lex. We can see the beginnings of Lex’s jealousy over his strained relationship with his father which will undoubtedly become part of the reason for his turning to criminal activities (yeah, it’s cliche...but they are handling it very well with superb writing and the acting talents of the cast).

Rogue - Aired January 15, 2002 - View the Trailer


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ark's secret identity is at stake when a bad cop witnesses him use his superhuman powers and coerces Clark to join forces with him; however, when Clark double-crosses the cop, he is not prepared to deal with the consequences for him and his family. Meanwhile, Lex receives an intriguing proposal from an old British flame.

    Director: David Carson
    Writer: Mark Verheiden
    Guest Stars: Cameron Dye (as the cop), Kelly Brook

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