Fall 2003/2004 TV Season

As the TV networks are always changing their minds, we will be updating this page as the season unfolds, so please check it out. All times are Eastern Standard Time - check your local listings for details.

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CANCELLED: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (UPN - Ending by choice) -  Birds of Prey (WB), That Was Then (ABC), Haunted (UPN) - Beyond with James Van Praagh (Syndicated) - Veritas: The Quest (ABC), Twilight Zone (UPN), John Doe (Fox), Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (WB), Touched by An Angel (CBS) - Dinotropia (ABC) - Firefly (Fox) - Miracles (ABC) - Starhunter (Syndicated) - Tremors (SciFi)

The Schedule (subject to change, of course):

Unscheduled or syndicated shows (check your local listings for time/channel in your area): Mutant X


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Fearless (WB)


1:00 am Crossing Over


Enterprise (UPN)

Smallville (WB)

Angel (WB)

Jake 2.0 (UPN)


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Tru Calling (Fox)



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Dead Zone (Scifi)

Joan of Arcadia (CBS)

Stargate SG-1 (SciFi)

Dead Like Me (Showtime)








Charmed (WB)

Tarzan & Jane (WB)

Dead Zone (USA)

1:00 am Crossing Over

Returning from Last Season:

Enterprise (UPN) - Angel (WB), Smallville (WB), Mutant X (Syndicated), Charmed (WB) - Stargate SG-1 (SciFi) - Jeremiah (Showtime)

New Series:

Jake 2.0 (UPN) - Fearless (WB) - Tarzan & Jane (WB) - Tru Calling (Fox) - Wonderfalls (midseason - Fox) - Joan of Arcadia (CBS) - Dead Like Me (Showtime)

Show Descriptions/Details:

  • Angel (WB) Wednesdays 9 pm (new day and time)

    Season Premiere: October 1, 2003
    Angel Investigations takes over the Los Angeles office of Wolfram & Hart. Returning cast members include David Borenaz as Angel, Amy Acker as Fred, Andy Hallet as Lorne, J. August Richards as Gunn, and Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndom-Price. Also joining the cast is James Marsters as Spike from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Charisma Carpenter’s Cordelia will not be a regular cast member next year though she is expected to guest star in several episodes. Expect other Buffy cast as guest stars from time to time.  www.thewb.com/angel
  • Charmed (WB) Sundays 8 pm

    Season Premiere: September 28, 2003
    The series returns to it’s focus on the 3 Charmed Ones - Pheobe, Piper and Paige as well as Baby Wyatt. Cole is gone though Leo (Brian Drause) is listed as a regular cast member as is Dorian Gregory. www.thewb.com/charmed
  • Crossing Over with John Edward (SciFi) Sun.-Thurs. 11/11:30 pm
    The popular paranormal series where psychic John Edward helps reunite people with those who have crossed over (died). Official site: www.crossingover.tv and www.johnedward.net
  • Dead Like Me (Showtime) Fridays, 10 pm
    Series Premiere: June 27, 2003
    Georgia "George" Lass (Ellen Muth) is a young college drop-out who has no job skills and seems unable to take an interest in anything, including her own life. George applies to a temp agency that sends her out as a file cler. Her lunch break - and her life - are cut short when a toilet seat from the MIR space station drives her into the pavement. George does not realize that she is dead until Rube (Mandy Patinkin), the kindly leader of a team of grim reapers, points out her remains. Rube takes George under his wing and introduces her to the other members of his undead group: Mason (Callum Blue), Roxy (Jasmine Guy) and Betty (Rebecca Gayheart). Official Site: www.sho.com/deadlikeme/
  • Dead Zone (USA) Sundays 10:00 pm (Reruns on SciFi 8 pm Fridays)
    Season Premiere: July 6, 2003
    Based on characters from the Stephen King novel, this new dramatic series tells the story of Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall), a young man injured in a near-fatal car accident who awakens from a six-year long coma with extraordinary psychic powers. He sees graphic visions involving a person’s fate that are triggered when he touches certain people or objects. Combining action, romance, the paranormal and a continuing quest for justice, the series follows Johnny’s struggle to deal with his new talents and find his place in the world. Also stars Nicole DeBoer, John L. Adams, and Chris Bruno. Official Site: www.paramount.com/television/deadzone/
  • Enterprise (UPN) Wednesdays, 8 pm
    Season premiere: September 10, 2003
    Season 2 kicks off with the conclusion of “Shockwave”. See our special section for details. Official site: www.startrek.com
  • Fearless (WB), Tuesdays, 9 pm (repeats Sunday 5 pm)

    From the executive producer of CSI and Without a Trace, this ensemble crime drama uncovers the FBI's best kept secret: the Y Unit. Society is breeding a new class of young criminals and it will take an elite division staffed with the finest young agents to infiltrate and apprehend them. The Y Unit requires a special kind of operative to succeed - much less survive. Born with a genetic defect, Gaia, 21, lacks the basic instinct her partners Ryan and Harmony must fight to control: fear. Whether Gaia's handicap is an important asset or a deadly liability for the unit remains to be seen. Stars Rachel Leigh Cook, Bianca Lawson, Eric Balfour, Erich Anderson, Ian Somerhalder, Judith Hoag and Gregory Itzin. Official Site: http://www.thewb.com/Shows/Special/0,11116,112858||,00.html
  • Jake 2.0 (UPN) Wednesdays, 9 pm
    Premieres: September 10, 2003
    A computer technician is transformed into a secret agent after he is accidentally infected with nanites based on the real life, beyond state-of-the-art nanotechnology that reduces the size of a computer to the molecular level. Stars Philip Anthony-Rodriguez, Marina Black, Matt Czuckhy, Chrisopther Gorham, Judith Scott, and Keegan Connor Tracy. David Greenwalt (Buffy & Angel) is one of the supervising producers - ironic since the new show will air against Angel on WB.
  • Joan of Arcadia (CBS) Fridays 8 pm
    Premieres: September 26, 2003
    In the believe it or not category...a show based on Joan of Arc? Yes. God starts talking to Joan, a 16 year old who lives with her family in Arcadia, CA. Her father, Will Girardi (Joe Mantegna) is the new police chief, Helen is his wife, and her brother Kevin is a 19 year old who was disabled in a car wreck a year before. Oh, there is a 15 year old brother too. God helps her, her faminly and a number of others. Mary Steenburgen plays Helen and Amber Tamblyn stars in the title role. Official site: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/fall_preview_2003/shows/joan_of_arcadia.shtml
  • Mutant X (Syndicated)
    Season Premiere: Week of September 29
    The rather popular syndicated series will be back for a third season. Karen Cliche joines the cast as Lexa Pierce, a character with a shady past. Also stars Victor Webster, Victoria Pratt and Forbes March. Official site: www.mutantxtv.com
  • Smallville (WB) Wednesdays 8 pm
    Season Premiere: October 1, 2003
    No details on the third season yet, but the cast is expected to remain unchanged.. See our special section for details. Official site: www.theweb.com/smallville
  • Stargate SG-1 (SciFi) Fridays, 9 pm - Season Premiere: Summer 2004
    The long-running Showtime series moves to SciFi for it’s eighth season. Stars Richard Dean Anderson, Christopher Judge, Amanda Tapping, and Corin Nemec as new character Jonas Quinn who replaces Daniel Jackson that left last season. Official site: www.scifi.com/stargate/
  • Tarzan and Jane (WB) Sunday 9 pm

    Series Premiere: October 5, 2003
    Tarzan and Jane reveals a part of the saga that has yet to be told. Flash forward two decades from the day young John Clayton was left for dead in the heart of the jungle. Today, robbed of both his birthright and his adopted home, Tarzan fights for his life in the glass and steel canyons of another jungle - New York City. From his rooftop perch, Tarzan protects the city with the primal morality that proclaimed him king of the jungle. His only human bond is Jane Porter - a beautiful and dedicated police detective who must battle her conscience as well as the criminal element. Engaged to another member of the force, Jane is torn between love, duty and her powerful attraction to this wild and dangerous vigilante. From Laura Ziskin, producer of Spider-Man. Official Site: http://www.thewb.com/Shows/Special/0,11116,113270||,00.html
    View a very brief trailer here (in Quicktime format).
  • Tru Calling (Fox) Thursdays, 8 pm

    Series Premiere: Thursday, October 30, 8 pm
    Most notable for starring Eliza Dushku (Faith of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), she plays Tru Davies, a smart, sexy, recent college graduate who -- when her high-powered medical internship falls through - finds herself working the midnight shit at the New York City morgue. One night, Tru questions reality when she thinks she hears a beautiful murder victim asking for her help. But the next morning, she wakes up to find that she is back at the beginning of that very same day - twelve hours before a murder that only she knows about is set to take place. Said to be a combination of Alias with CSI. Fan reaction to the premiere that has leaked out is very mixed - with some loving it and others hating it.
  • Wonderfalls (midseason Fox)
    Set against the backdrop of Niagara Falls, WONDERFALLS is a funny, provocative and magical one-hour dramedy about Jaye Taylor (Caroline Dhavernas), an underachieving twenty-something souvenir shop worker whose life is forever changed after she has what her family calls “an episode.” That’s when inanimate animal figures (toys, cartoon images, anything in the form of an animal) begin talking to her, and their cryptic messages set into motion a chain of events that invariably lead her into the lives of others in need. The series focuses on Jaye as she meddles in, muddles up, and ultimately betters the lives of herself, her eccentric family of overachievers, and the eclectic variety of strangers that cross her path. Over the course of this series Jaye will discover that the world around her really is a magical place, and  that the seemingly random events in her life are actually all part of something much greater.