Terminator 3 is coming

After a lot of speculation, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is officially on the production slate with a July 2, 2002 release planned.

Watch the Trailer: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Confirmed Cast:
Arnold Schwarznegger

Possible Cast:
Eddie Furlong
was signed to play John Connor, though most recent word is this part will be recast. Nick Stahl has been cast as the grown John Connor. See photo below.

Kristanna Loken has won the role of the Terminatrix - the female terminator beating out a lot of contenders. Kristanna co-starred in the Mortal Kombat series and has a recurring role in Philly.

Claire Danes plays John Connor’s love interest (Sarah Bush was originally cast in this role but appeared “too young” to the director).

In the future, a young John Connor leads the initial battles against skynet’s machine minions after Judgement Day. Arnold will battle a female terminator (rumored that everyone from Natasha Henstridge to former wrestler Chyna has been rumored to be in consideration for this role) of the T-1000 variety (no, Robert Patrick will not be in this one).

The future setting means we can expect a lot of battle scenes with Skynet robots facing humans and lots of CGI effects.

Jonathan Mostow Credits
John D. Brancato
(Credits) & Michael Ferris III (Credits)

More will be coming as we discover it.


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4/16/03: The trailers are out. Choose your format and speed:




8/7/02: The first teaser trailer has been released along with a new, official website just for this version. View the trailer here and the official site here.

4/25/02: See the first photo released here. The film is currently filming on location in California. Aint It Cool has a set report here (there are advantages to living in California :( ).

Nick Stahl will play John Connor in Terminator 33/25/02: Actor Nick Stahl has been cast as the grown-up John Connor replacing Eddie Furlong. Stahl was most recently seen as Frank in In the Bedroom

3/12/02: Effects guru Stan Winston has signed to provide makeup and special effects for T3.

12/13/01: Warner Brothers has beat out the competition to distribute the film. Schwarzenegger is reportedly getting $30 million to play the cyborg one more time in this film budgeted for $170 million. Principal photography is set to begin April 2002. 

Linda Hamilton has stated she will not be in the film since ex-husband James Cameron is not involved.