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AlphaBetaFanFic: A Onelist Community to allow fan fic writers to share their stories & to offer one another constructive critiques. Each member must critique two stories of equal or greater length for each one they submit. If you submit a novel length story, you may choose to critique several short stories adding up to twice the length of your submission. Your first submission is a "freebie," meaning your critiques will be credited toward your second submission. All stories must be included in the message body--not everyone can receive attachments. This group is open to any TV show & content. You must, however, label every story accurately, including rating, plot summary, & any spoilers.

Fans-Spilling-Ink: A writers' group for round robins/fan fiction (fan fics) for Gargoyles (Disney-animated), Quantum Leap, Star Trek:TNG, Star Trek:DS9, Star Trek:Voyager & Sci-Fi/Fantasy themes. Crossovers welcome. Also for critiquing/editing one another's work (either finished stories or works-in-progress). Published or non-published writers welcome. Content rated PG-13 ONLY.

Morpheus Press: New online fiction publication focusing on vampirism, mythical creatures, the supernatural, and post-apocalypse. They are looking for original fiction (1500 words or less) and artwork based on these themes. There web site will be up soon, but or more information, contact

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