Mutant X

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Mutant X

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John Shea (Adam)
Victoria Pratt (Shalimar)
Victor Webster (Brennan Mulwray)
Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin)
Lauren Lee Smith (Emma deLauro)
Tom McCamus (Mason Eckhart)

Series Premiere:
Week of October 8, 2001

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Based on the other Marvel comic book series about mutants, Mutant X was finally cleared in a lawsuit Warner Brothers filed against them concerning similarities with X-Men. The show debuted the week of October 8 in syndication. Unfortunately, the premiere had a number of problems - most notably a disjointed story and too much attempted stylization.

Producers seem to have tried for an edgy, Matrix/X-Men style that falls flat. Some weird camera angles, slow motion and other little tricks just serve to make the approximately 15 minutes of real storyline feel disjointed and stretched. Visuals that fit the story is one thing - but effects with no real purpose are just distracting.

There was also a feel of being a comic book-inspired show with word-balloon-style dialog and stereotyped, oversketched characters, especially the villians - reminded me of The Flash without the fun of that series. And if no one figured out in the first few minutes the old guy would be killed, Id be amazed. Dialog and storyline were all rather ho-hum...and their super-amazing powers were rather old and tired.

The cast seems capable enough...if given decent scripts and direction....though there is no stand-out star and no real identity for any of them. They all blend in and seem pretty bland - leather trench coats and all. No diversity or interesting member yet...perhaps that will develop in time. Victoria Pratt is the one that is hyped the most in the promos, but the former co-star of Cleopatra 2525 is given little to do and seems tame and just as bland as everyone else.

Visual effects do not a good series make and hopefully the producers and writers will work harder on substance rather than flash in upcoming episodes. If not, I see this one being cancelled rather quickly... though the fact it is syndicated instead of on a network might give it a better chance to get itself figured out.

Out of a possible 5 stars, I give it:

Viewer Opinions:

I like the show it is very good I would like to go on the show -- T.G.

I LOVE Mutant X!!! I give it 5 stars. Every week is a treat to watch the show. -- Lily

I love mutant x, the story lines are brilliant and colorful. I love the character mason eckart he is so hot, also I like the charater adam he is so good looking. -- Debra Baker

The show is a little slow but those of us who love the world of x-men x-factor or anything mutant based we'll stick by the show no matter what! Also please don't count them out yet 1 star out of 5 is a little harsh don't you think? -- LeBron Allen

I like Mutant X. There is so much happening at one time. I watch this show all the time. -- Becky Whetstone

Mutant X is great to watch. I watch it every week on Sky One at 8pm. -- Donna Brady

I love Mutant X. The characturs are brilliant, there are good story lines, and I love the episodes. I watch it every week, it's one of those programs you just have to keep watching. -- Natalie

I must say that Mutant X is a very, very good show and hopefully it will stay on the air. -- Raymond Durecout III

I think Mutant X is a very good show with lots of action. The best part is that the team are very close and stick by each other through thick or thin, and thats something our world needs to see no matter how strange things might appear on the show to other people. -- Carl

I love the show. It is so cool. But it is kind of slow....I can wait! Keep up the great work! -- Miranda Brock

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