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Welcome to our section on The Lord of the Rings at Scifispace.com.

Probably one of the most anticipated fantasy films in years has been a film version of J.R.R. Tolkienís ďThe Lord of the RingsĒ  Though previously attempted as an animated film, no one was able to fully bring the full, rich novel to life...until now.

The novel was finally realized as a series of 3 films with the first, The Fellowship of the Ring, released December 19, 2001. (The 2nd part, The Two Towers, will be released December 2002, part 3, The Return of the King, December 2003). The films were shot simultaneously - a first for a trilogy.

The story is an epic quest by a group of unlikely adventurers led by Frodo Baggins to find The Ring that is the key to saving the world. The Lord of the Rings has been called the greatest fantasy novel of the 20th century and while not all of the book will translate well to the screen and some things will change, director Jackson is a huge fan of the book himself and promises to be as true to the original as possible.

One problem that most who have wanted to make the film ran into over the years was the different heights and characteristics of the races in the novel. Jackson is using force perspective (an old technique of placing objects at various distances from the camera to create the allusion of a larger or smaller size) to get relative heights of the characters correct.

With the phenomenal success of Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone, The Fellowship of the Rings didnít break itís box office record, but itís clearly the better-made filming being nominated for AFI, Golden Globe, Academy Awards and others for Best Picture. See our review of the film here as well as news, photos, links, message board with chatroom, and more coming soon.

Release Dates:

Fellowship of the Ring: December 19, 2001
The Two Towers: December 18, 2002
Return of the King: December 2003

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