Welcome to The Game Room

Come play a game of:

  • Defender of the Moon - Destroy the aliens with your lasers before they suck your base’s power!
  • Hangman - The topic is Science Fiction Movies & Television Shows (a Javascript Game)
  • Lone Gunmen Hangman Game - special for the Lone Gunmen TV Show
  • Star War - No, not Star Wars...this one has a little Enterprise with lasers to blast the falling stars.
  • Tailgunner - a cool java game with nice graphics and sound. All mouse controlled!
  • UFO Attack - This one reminds me of a hand-held game I had back in the 80s when the graphics were simpler. Guide your missles to blow up the incoming UFOs.
  • WordSearch - Find Sci-Fi TV shows, Movies, and more! Randomized every time so see if you can beat your best time!

We are working on adding some more games to this section. Please check back!

Have a cool game you’d like to share with others? Javascript, trivia, whatever? Let us know about it! We’d love to feature it here!