DragonCon 2002 is coming in August!

DragonCon was a blast as usual!

Iím still shifting through my notes to make things coherent...but the whirlwind called Dragoncon has come and gone. Take a look at some pictures here with more to come as well as a full report soon.

Dragoncon is the largest sci-fi convention in the Southeast! Weíve been going for years (see our report from 2000) and plan to make it again in 2002.

Why do we go (and why should you)?? Itís HUGE! Itís a tremendous party for sci-fi fans with a ton of celebraty guests, sneak previews of upcoming movies, and just a lot of fun!

On Sunday, September 1, Jefferson Starship, the only rock band to ever be nominated for a Hugo, will perform a live 2 1/2 hour set following the Dragon*Con Costume Contest in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Centennial Ballroom. The concert will also be simulcast to all hotel rooms in both the Hyatt and Atlanta Marriott Marquis, the main Dragon*Con host hotels. Sunday afternoon, the band will also be on hand for a Q&A panel and several hours of autographing for fans.

Some things we are especially excited about this year include the fact they arenít using the Apparel Mart anymore with everything now centrally located between the Marriott and the Hyatt!! Yeah! Walking back and forth was exhausting!!

  • Guests: Iíve met and have worked with a number of celebrities over the years and always enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Some of those Iím really excited about this year at Dragon are:
    • Julie Caitlin Brown: A wonderful lady and friend, Julie was Natoth in Babylon 5. Sheís also a wonderful singer and I look forward to picking up her new CD!! Jason Carter and Rick Biggs are always wonderful to see as well.
    • Andreas Katsulas: He was GíKar in Babylon 5 of course and one of the most interesting speakers Iíve ever heard! Canít wait to see him again.
    • Brad Linaweaver: The author is a friend of friends of mine and Iíve heard so much about him, it will be wonderful to finally meet him in person!
    • Tracy Hickman: The incredible author (and friend of Margaret Weiss whom I met several years ago) will be there. It will be great to see Margaret Weiss and Don Perrin again too, of course.
    • Ethan Philips and Robert Picardo are two Voyager stars Iíve never met and look forward to seeing both.
    • Rowena is an awesome artist and one of my favorite people I met when I had her as a guest a few years ago. Iím looking forward to meetin her again.
    • David Prowse Iíve known for several years and itís always wonderful to see him again along with the other Star Wars cast.
    • Richard Hatch and Herb Jefferson Jr. are two of my favorite Battlestar Galactica stars that Iíve known for a while and always love to see again.
    • David Allen Brooks and Peter Woodward were two of my favorites in Babylon 5: Crusade and Iíll look forward to meeting them! Iíve spoken with Mr. Woodward by phone (incredible voice!) but never met him in person.
    • Virginia Hey from Farscape I had the pleasure to meet briefly at Megacon and look forward to seeing again. Sheís a fascinating lady that shares a lot of my interests in natural healing, Yoga, etc.
    • Check out their list of guests here.
  • Previews: While it hasnít been announced yet, I suspect there will be previews of a ton of movies as usual and expect the following will be represented by special trailers, guests, etc:
    • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. With Dragon just a few months before it is due to premiere, I imagine they will have some sneak previews, special trailers or other fun things! I canít wait!
  • Performances: Dragon always has some wonderful performances too and this year is no exception! Iím especially looking forward to:
    • Apollo Smile: The Live Action Anime Girl is always fun to watch perform - though sheís playing late this year (11:30 pm on Saturday), Iíll definitely be staying up!
    • Cruxshadows: This is an awesome group and I canít wait to see them perform again! I had them as performers at my convention a few years ago and they wowed everyone! They arenít performing until 1 am (!) Sunday, but Iíll definitely be staying up!
    • Jefferson Starship: Will appear September 1 (see top of article above)

Click here for their official site and watch for more information here as we discover it followed by special reports after the con.