Quick Take:

Dead Last
(WB Summer Series)

Kett Turton (Vaughn Parrish)
Sara Downing (Jane Cahill)
Tyler Labine (Scottie)
Wayne Pere

Series Premiere:
August 14, 2001

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Dead Last is a mix of teen comedy and supernatural hijinks that didn’t work real well in the first episode, but may develop over time.

The story revolves around an up-and-coming band of young musicians. Drummer Scottie (Labine), who can fix anything (hmmm - and is named “Scottie”??) gets zapped while fixing the lights in a club they are to play in and falls through 2 floors. He finds an ancient amulet in the sand with inscriptions - one in Latin that it just so happens Vaughn (Turton) reads while they are driving in their van to the next gig. A strange vortex of sorts appears and scorches the outside of the van as they pass through it. It’s then that the weird things start happening - such as seeing Red Coats and a strange Pilgrim (Dwight Schultz) that keeps reappearing.

Much of the episode is their fighting all the strange things that start happening and trying to get rid of the amulet (which they find cannot be burnt, smashed, sold or given away). Jane (Downing) starts investigating it and finally talks to the Pilgrim (duh!) to find out just what is going on. By the end of the episode, they figure out they have to help the ghosts they see move on by completing the unfinished business holding them on Earth.

My basic complaint is that figuring out what they had to do took waaaay too long. After the initial shock of seeing ghosts, I sure would want to find out what was going on and would have talked to that Pilgrim the second time he appeared! Especially when he told them he had to explain things to them! But some of this is typical for a first episode - it takes time to develop the characters and blend of comedy and “thrills” they are trying to go for here. The characters so far seem a bit bland, but we’ll have to see how things go after a few more episodes.

Out of a possible 5 stars, I give it:

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Viewer Comments:

For one [thing], Kett Turton is totally hot! This great and I don't know what you are talking about. These characters are anything but bland! I guess you really couldn't tell on the first episode so I guess I'll cut you some slack! Keep watching people. Don't give up on this one!” - Dee

“I watched only the first episode and really love the performance of the three actors. They are really amazing, we need more actors like them. Congratulations.” -- Cinthiaq Gamboa