Directory of Science Fiction Clubs & Organizations

Please note: This list is compiled from information submitted to us and is accurate to our knowledge at the time of posting. Clubs often change addresses and we strongly suggest contacting them for current information. and it’s family of websites are not associated with these organizations in any way (unless noted otherwise).

Apolloite - The Absolute Live-Action Anime Girl Site. Fan club dedicated to Apollo Smile, the live-action anime girl. Has interviews, reviews, downloads, articles, fan art, photos, fan fics, updates, news and more.

Baltimore Science Fiction Society - A science fiction organization that promotes the creation and appreciation of science fiction cultural arts through our convention, Balticon, public outreach and raising money for literacy projects. Email or write them at PO Box 686, Baltimore, MD 21203-0686

Creatures of the Night - UK-based group for fans who meet in person or thru the web to talk about all things from Kolchak to Dr. Who. Email for info.

Crossing Over with John Edward Club - Noted celebrity medium John Edward hosts Crossing Over on the SciFi Channel. This website gives information about John as well as appearances, newsletter, etc. - Mailing address: Sixth Avenue Productions, Attn: JC Audience Department, 423 West 55th St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10019.

Des Moines Science Fiction Society, LTD - Des Moines, IA - The Des Moines Science Fiction Society, Ltd. (DMSFS) is a gathering of central Iowa science fiction and fantasy fans. Our interests include reading science fiction and fantasy (of course), watching science fiction and fantasy (of course), cutting-edge science and technology (of course), the space program (of... you get the idea), computers, F & SF gaming, alternative philosophies and faiths such as neo-paganism, cyberpunk, overdressing, underdressing, improv, costuming, and many, other cool things. DMSFS is the sponsor of DemiCon, Des Moines' annual science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention. Visit our website for a schedule of meetings and activities.

Dragon Riders Club (DRC) all about dragons, unicorns and other things.,

Epic Fantasy & Science Fiction Fan Forum - Yahoo group for fans with anthologies, discussion, links, etc.

Fantastic Frontiers: NorCal SciFi/Fantasy Club - Free social club for science fiction & fantasy fans who live in El Dorado & Sacramento counties in California. - Mailing Address: 1680 Big Oak Road, Placerville, CA 95667

IKAV Nemesis - Klingon Assault Group, Atlanta, GA. A Star Trek, Klingon fan club. Initiate and participates in many sci-fi conventions, charity events, parties, etc. and challenge others to get involved.

Imaginative Cinema Society - Baltimore, MD. A film club dedicated to the enjoyment of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy films. We discuss the films we watch at our meetings and make monthly club trips to local theatres to see genre-related films. We meet on the last Saturday evening of the month in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Email or contact them at 137 N. Bradford Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Jerry Sohl Fan Club - Dedicated to author Jerry Sohl, author of many science fiction and Star Trek books. Email:, mail 2470 Jefferson St., Carlsbad, CA 92008.

Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society, Inc. - A local club over 25 years old. Meets every 3rd Saturday of the month except December. Hold one convention a year called ConQuest, the last weekend in May. For information email or visit their website at

Great Lakes Gaylaxians is a sf/fantasy/horror/etc. fan group for Metro Detroit, Michigan fans. They meet onece a month and publish a newsletter. For information, contact or 1106 E. Fifth Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067

LexFA - Lexington SF & Fantasy Association, Lexington, KY. Meetings held on the second Sunday of each month. Site features extensive convention calendar, links and reviews. Online meeting/mailing list available., 219 Alsab Ct., Lexington, KY 40509.

Little Rock Science Fiction Society, Little Rock, Arkansas. A fan society serving central Arkansas, the LRSFS is committed to the appreciation of genre fiction, and in raising the public’s awareness of science fiction, fantasy & horror, in print and film, through the medium of their annual convention, Roc*Kon. or PO Box 45271, Little Rock, AR 72214.

MaRS a scifi and fantasy ezboard. Dune the Miniseries is featured plus a tribute to sci fi author A.E. Van Vogt. Discussions of Tolkien, Dune novels and more. Email

National Fantasy Fan Federation is a general interest club for fans, beginning writiers, and pros who want to interact through our various functions such as round robins, correspondence, and contests. Publishes two magazines: The TNFF and Tightbeam. Their scope is International. Info at their web site or email or write to Harold Marcum, PO Box 286, Kermit, WV.

Needlethorn Weyr is a brand new Pern PBeM club set in the tenth pass. Several high ranking positions are open for this “Dragonriders of Pern” club based in International Falls, MN, and the Internet. Info at or

New Worlds is a play-by-message board role-playing group where players are invited to take part in an original 26th century sci-fi setting where four interstellar powers are fighting for galactic dominance and players are right in the thick of it. or email

Official Ted Raimi Fan Club - Join your fellow Tedites, Xenites, Deadites and Questies in the Ted Raimi forum, Club Ted! Members get special perks - a special Members Only section of the website where you have access to exclusive interviews, photos, computer artwork, sound files, video clips and fan written reviews on Ted, his work, and appearances not available anywhere else on the net. Write Club Ted, 2032 Hickory Hill, Argyle, TX 76226,

Penn State Science Fiction Society - State College, PA. Devoted to all aspects of fantasy and sci-fi in allmediums. Has a club library of about 3,000 books. Email:

Philadelphia Science Fiction Society - One of the oldest general SF clubs with book discussion, annual picnic, movie outtings, and more. Puts on Philcon every year. Meets the 2nd Friday of every month - meetings are open to the general public. Info PO Box 8303, Philadelphia, PA 19101.

Research Triangle Science Fiction Society. Based in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh), this club meets twice monthly - one is a literary dicussion, the other a social event. RTSFS also has an active email discussion list. They currently have about 25 members with 75 on the email list. They are amultifacited group interested in literature, movies, comics, role-playing games, anime. Email for information on joining.

Sci-Core: Winnipeg’s Ultimate Sci-Fi & Fantasy Club. A club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that supports media, literary, artistic and gaming facets of the sci-fi & fantasy realms. They believe in having fun which includes various events, activities and projects. Email or write 451 Kent Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2L 1Y2

SeaBreeze Weyr. An alternate 11th Pass PBeM Weyr approved by Anne McCaffrey. They always have open ranks so come and join the fun!

Starfleet International This is an International club with chapters all over the place! While the main focus is usually on Star Trek, many chapters are general science-fiction. You can earn a rank and position on board the starship (chapter), get promotions, attend Starfleet Academy (by mail), and more. Check out their website for information and to find the chapter nearest you!

Team Banzai is a group of fans all around the globe dedicated to the 1984 film “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”. They are very active on the Internet with some 10 web sites, a weekly online newsletter with over 500 subscribers, an email Onelist community of over 100, a twice weekly chat room gathering and they are developing a virtual convention for August 2000. All fans of this campy action sci-fi adventure film with a heart and a message are welcome. or email

The 7th Fleet is a remnant of the former National Organization, "Star Fleet Command", which disbanded in December of 1997. On January 1, 1998 the 7th Fleet was organized with the official sanction of Star Fleet Command. The 7th Fleet currentlty consists of The U.S.S. Kelly (flagship)--Salt Lake City UT, The U.S.S. Ticonderoga--Ogden UT, The U.S.S. Retributor--Salt Lake City UT (all former SFC ships), and The U.S.S. Rendezvous--Logan UT (an Independant ship previously). We will accept other ships that meet our high standards. Our Motto is, "We do not stand alone". Each ship is an extended family, and the Fleet is an extended-extended family.  We battle together and we celebrate together. Email:
Message Board:

USS Kelly - the largest fan club in the State of Utah. Commissioned September 1, 1985 it is the second oldest operating club in the State. The U.S.S. Kelly is the Flagship of the 7th Fleet.  She is a "Super Dreadnaught" (Modified Galaxy Class) Starship.  Our Club is family oriented.  We have monthly activities for the ship and for individual departments. email

USS Jurassic - An international correspondence chapter of Starfleet International. We have ranks, and awards based on a member’s activities. Also involved in several projects, stampede, Overseas Coupon Project, donating afghans to infants and children, Amateur Radio (we have 2 callsigns: K8SSJ in the US and VE7SSJ in Canada), creating ship blueprints, and our webpage at - we’re always looking for new members, so email us at or write PO Box 158, Hamersville, OH 45130.

USS Magellan/USS George S. Patton - Lansingburgh, New York. A Star Trek Fan Club and Mailing List (Non SIMM) primarily based on the internet with over 30 members worldwide, and linked to an additional 400+ members at Their website is or and email is Snail Mail address for info: USS Magellan/USS George S. Patton, 606 3rd Avenue, Lansingburgh NY 12182

USS Paegan - Starfleet International’s Orlando, FL chapter and the oldest SFI chapter in the SE. Monthly meetings, get togethers, and just plain sharing members love of Star Trek and science fiction. Email

USS Superior - Marquette, MI. Star Trek fan club. Email

USS Ulysses NFC-2006 - Beaumont, CA - A chapter of the International Federation of Trekkers based in Beaumont, CA. We have won IFT Awards every year we've been in operation: Best Newsletter, IFT Rookie Ship of the Year, the Graham Award, and IFT Honor Roll. Check out our website for Sovereign Class starship information and where to obtain awesome pictures. We also have pages on our charity, The Living Desert, and pictures of our away missions. We have general monthly meetings as well as participate in conventions throughout the year: the Star Trek Grand Slam in Pasadena, CA, Farscape, Fangoria, Hercules/Xena, and others. Website: - Email: Snail Mail address for info: PO Box EI, Beaumont, CA 92223

USS Venture - Plattsburgh, NY - A fan club that gets together on the 3rd Thursday of every month sharing current events and different views of Star Trek & Scifi and other ventures. Email:

Washington Science Fiction Association - Washington, DC - Oldest science fiction club in the greater Washington DC area. Its members are interested in all types of science fiction and fantasy literature as well as related areas such as fantasy and science fiction films, television, costuming, gaming, filking, convention-running, etc. Has sponsored an annual convention in the area almost continuosly since 1950, currently known as Capclave. Email: