Fall 2009 TV Season

As the networks are always changing their minds, this section will be updated as new information is available. All times given are Eastern Standard Time. Naturally, we only include sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows in this list.

CANCELLED: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox), Crusoe (NBC), Knight Rider (NBC), Kyle XY (ABC Family), Life on Mars (ABC), My Own Worst Enemy (NBC), Valentine (CW), Pushing Daisies (ABC), Charlie Jade (SyFy), Battlestar Galactica (SyFy), Stargate Atlantis (SyFy), Reaper (CW), Eleventh Hour (CBS)

RETURNING SHOWS:Heroes (NBC), Dollhouse (Fox), Lost (ABC), Medium (CBS), Ghost Whisperer (CBS), Chuck (NBC), Fringe (Fox), Smallville (CW), Supernatural (CW), The Vampire Diaries (CW), True Blood (HBO),

NEW SERIES: V (ABC), Flash Forward (ABC), Eastwick (ABC), Human Target (FOX), Past Life (FOX)


Chuck (NBC). Airs: Friday 8 pm. A third season of the spy/scifi show returns.

Day One (NBC). Airs: Midseason. Only planned for one season, this show will chronicle the journey of a group of survivors after a global catastrophe (sounds a bit like Jericho, huh?).

Dollhouse (Fox). Airs: Friday 9 pm. Stars: Eliza Dushku. Created by Joss Whedon. Dolls are people whose memories are wiped with new identities implanted so they can fulfill their wealthy client's missions (or fantasies). See our special section.

Eastwick (ABC). Airs: Wednesday 10 pm.

Based on the 1987 movie "The Witches of Eastwick", it is a devilish comedy about 3 witches and the Devil in a small town as the witches (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price & Jamie Ray Newman) come into their power.

Flash Forward (ABC). Airs: Thursday 8 pm. Everyone on earth sees their future 6 months in advance and try to deal with the knowledge.

Fringe (FOX).

Ghost Whisperer (CBS). Airs: Friday 8pm. Stars: Jennifer Love Hewitt. Goes into its 5th season with strong ratings and some creative storylines. Hewitt plays Melinda Gordon who can see Ghosts helping them to move into the light.

Heroes (NBC). Airs: Monday 8 pm. Yes, the adventures of normal people with super powers saving the world will continue.

Human Target (FOX). Airs: Wednesday.

Stars: Mark Valley (Fringe) Based on the DC Comic series about Christopher Chance (Valley), whose security firm protects their clients by Chance assuming the targets identity. Set to begin in January.

Lost (ABC). Returning for a sixth season, there are 17 episodes planed to tie up the storyline.

Medium (CBS) Airs: Friday 9 pm. Stars Patricia Arquette who can see ghosts and have visions of murders.

Past Life (FOX). Airs: Tuesday 9 pm (midseason).

Stars: Kelli Giddish, Nicholas Bishop, Richard Schiff. About a team of past-life detectives that investigates past lives to determine if they influence a persons current life. Inspired by MJ Rose's book The Reincarnationist

Smallville (CW) Airs: Friday 8 pm. Ninth season planned to be the shows last about Superman's early life on Earth.

Supernatural (CW) Airs: Thursday 9pm. Returns for another season of kicking demon butt. Should be a good combo with The Vampire Diaries at 8 pm.

True Blood (HBO).

Stars: Anna Paquin. Returns for a second season on HBO, this adult/bloodier vampire series is about what happens when everyone knows vampires are real and has to figure out how to live with them in a small southern town.

V (ABC). Airs: Midseason

Stars: Morena Baccarin (Firefly as Diana). Planned for 4 seasons with a complete story arch. Remake of the 80s mini-series/series of the same name. Will begin airing midseason. Watch for our special section coming soon.

The Vampire Diaries (CW). Airs: Thursday 8 pm.

Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder (Lost). With the success of Twilight, at least one vampire show had to hit the air, eh? And about...teens! It centers on a teenage girl named Elena who falls or a handsome new student in town, Stefan, who turns out to be a good vampire though has a not-so-good brother named Damon who is also very interested in Elena. It's based on the LJ Smith book series (which pre-dates the Twilight books apparently). Produced by Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek) and Julie Plec (Kyle XY) who both know teen drama.

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