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Episode Guide - Season 2 Page 2

Episode information is added as we find out about them - some of this may only be speculation and will be corrected once the episode airs.

Currently missing from the official schedule is “Contingency Plan” which was to feature Hoshi after an Andorian sneak attack crippled Enterprise and almost kills Archer. It was replaced by Dead Stop.

Episode 8- Airing November 6, 2002

The Communicator

Things go from back to worse when Archer and Reed return to a pre-warp society on the brink of war to retrieve a communicator lost during an undercover survey mission. It draws on the McCoy/Kirk exchange from the original series episode A Piece of the Action when McCoy accidentally leaves his communicator behind to show us what might have this case, serious consequences for the planet’s population.

Guest Cast:

  • Francis Guinan as Gosis
  • Tim Kelleher as Lt. Pell
  • Brian Reddy as Dr. Temec
  • Dennis Cockrum as Alien Barkeep
  • Jason Waters as Alien Soldier

Writers: Story by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, Teleplay by Andre Bormanis



Episode 9 - Airing November 13, 2002


Enterprise takes a close look at an unusual black hole that’s part of a trinary star system. But the ship’s proximity to the stellar phenomenon has a strange effect on the crew, one that severely strains their relationships. Takes place exclusively on the ship (and around it) though we see the galley for the first time (no note if we also meet Chef).

The effects of the radiation cause crew to become obsessed with minor projects: Trip on building a new Captain’s Chair, Reed on security protocols, and Archer on the preface of a book on his father he needs to write.

Guest Cast:

  • Matthew Kaminsky as Cunningham

Writers: Chris Black
Directed by: Patrick Norris

Our Thoughts: Boring episode full of plot holes - the worst one so far this season. There are a few good moments, mostly thanks to Phlox and Reed, but very little of interest in this one.


Episode 10 - Airing 11/17/02
(Was originally episode 9)

Vanishing Point

It starts with the Enterprise arriving at an alien planet. Captain Archer sends down a shuttlepod to take soil samples and photographs of the surface, but the alien inhabitants don’t like this idea and several hostages are taken (of course!) Communications are hindered by Hoshi’s failure to decipher the aliens language...but once Archer agress to return the soil samples and destroy the photographs, all is well.. or so it seems.

Hoshi is confused when she is told by T’Pol that she is being removed as head of communications after Crewman Baird easily deciphered the alien language Hoshi was unable to (however in a later scene, Archer and T’Pol are wondering why Hoshi hasn’t gone on-duty yet).

Feeling insignificant, Hoshi discovers everyone is ignoring her (even the computer). She finally realizes she is becoming a ghost - invisible with the ability to pas through walls. The entire crew thinks she’s dead and she needs to find a way to communicate with them and warn them about an alien plot to blow up the Enteprise.

With Archer contacting Hoshi’s father to deliver the bad news of her demise, she is desperately trying to get his attention by causing a little blue light to blink morse code... the only thing she’s found she can affect. But can she get Archer’s attention to warn him?

Sounds A LOT like a Buffy and ST:TNG episode to me!

Guest Cast:

  • Keone Young as Hoshi’s Father
  • Gary Riotto as Alien #1
  • Morgan H. Margolis as Crewman Baird
  • Ric Sarabia as Alien #2
  • Carly Thomas as Alison

Writer: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Director: David Straiton

Our Thoughts: I missed this one so will have to put our thoughts on it another time.



Episode 11 - Airing December 11, 2002

Precious Cargo

Enterprise answers a distress call from a Retellian cargo ship, and Trip goes aboard to repair a stasis pod holding Kaitaama in suspended animation. When the woman accidentally awakes, she reveals she’s not a passenger, but a prisoner. Things get messy and Trip attempts to rescue both himself and her, but Kaitaama’s obstinate personality makes things difficult. They find themselves on the run from her captors and, in the process, on an unexpected romantic adventure. Meanwhile, Archer holds one of the alien kidnappers captive on Enterprise and devises a scheme with T’Pol’s help to pressure the reluctant prisoner to help them locate Trip.

Guest Cast:

  • Padma Lakshmi as Kaitaama
  • Leland Crooke as Retellian cargo pilot 1
  • Scott Klace as Retellian cargo pilot 2

Writers: David A. Goodman (from a story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga)
Directed by: David Livingston (also directed Shuttlepod One, Detained & more)


Episode 12 - Airing December 18, 2002

The Catwalk

When a deadly radioactive storm threatens Enterprise, the entire crew must take refuge for eight days in a small maintenance shaft. As they weather the storm, the crew discovers that alien intruders are trying to steal Enterprise — and may turn the crew's save haven into a death trap in the process. In order to stop the aliens and save the ship, Archer and his officers must battle against time ... and the deadly storm.

Guest Cast:

  • Scott Burkholder as Tagrim
  • Zach Grenier as Renth
  • Aaron Lustig as Guri
  • Elizabeth Magness as Female Crewmember
  • Danny Goldring as Alien Captain
  • Brian Cousins as Alien Lieutenant
  • Sean Smith as Alien Crewman

Writers: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Directed by: Mike Vejar

Episode 13 - Airing January 8, 2003


Takes place on an alien moon and has Trip and his adversary, an Arkonian named Zho’Kaan, facing imminent danger at dawn if they don’t learn to communicate and work together.

Trip is testing upgrades to Shuttlepod One when Zho’Kaan fires on him and forces him into an emergency landing on the night side of a moon orbiting a gas giant. The alien crash lands nearby and the two get locked in a struggle on the surface. They have only a short time before dawn when life-threatening heat envelopes the moon.

Guest Cast:

  • Gregg Henry as Zho’Kaan, an Arkonian
  • Brad Greenquist as Khata’n Zshaar, the Arkonian captain

Writers: John Shiban (Minefield)
Directed by: Roxann Dawson

Our Thoughts: Not bad - for a rehash of Enemy Mine, Arena and others. How about some original, thought provoking stories?

Episode 14 - Airing February 5, 2003


Focuses on Phlox and T’Pol and explores prejudices of Vulcan society while giving us a chance to meet other Denobulans - including one of Phlox’s 3 wives!

Phlox diagnoses T’Pol with Pa’nar Syndrome, a Vulcan illness that could eventually kill her. When Enterprise visits a planet where an interspecies medial conference is taking place, Phlox tried to obtain research on the disease from the Vulcan contingent there. But as those afflicted with Pa’nar are stigmatized by Vulcan society, he cannot reveal his interest.

Meanwhile Feezal, one of Phlox’s 3 wives, comes aboard to help Trip install a new newtron microscope in sickbay - where an interesting relationship develops between her and Trip.

Guest Cast:

  • Melinda Page Hamilton as Feezal, one of Phlox’s 3 wives!
  • Michael Ensign as Dr. Oratt
  • Jeffrey Hayenga as Dr. Yuris
  • Bob Morrisey as Dr. Strom
  • Lee Spencer as Vulcan Doctor

Writers: Rick Berman & Brannan Braga
Directed by: David Livingstone

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