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Episode Guide - Season 2 Page 1

Episode information is added as we find out about them - some of this may only be speculation and will be corrected once the episode airs.

Currently missing from the official schedule is ďContingency PlanĒ which was to feature Hoshi after an Andorian sneak attack crippled Enterprise and almost kills Archer. It was replaced by Dead Stop.

Episode 1- Airing September 18, 2002

Shockwave, Part 2

Archer and Crewman Daniels explore the devasted world trying to find out what happened as well as find a way back to their timeline. Searching for a library, they find a human camp and discover there is no electricity anymore.  Daniels is also surprised to find the Federation monument was never built since no Federation was ever created. Daniels brought Archer to this point in time in order to protect the future, not cause these disastrous results. The two men  find the library with floors upon floors of bookshelves. Archer suggests looking through some of them to discover clues as to the fate of history with Daniels suggesting without Archer and his mission, the Federation never came into being, though Archer doubts his role could have been that pivotal. Daniels manages to construct a ďcross space-time communicatorĒ allowing Archer to contact TíPol.

Meanwhile on the Enterprise, the Suliban and Silik have boarded the ship. Silik recovers the discs Archer stole and Hoshi admits that they hadn't had time to copy them. A Suliban officer, Raan, emerges from the turbolift and tells Silik that Archer isn't there. Silik interrogates T'Pol about Archer's knowledge of the Temporal Cold War and whereabouts and she tells him that Archer was last seen entering the turbolift. Silik detects a temporal signature in the lift and believes her then orders Trip to disable all ship's systems except engineering and the bridge. The NX-01 moves away at impulse with the enemy vessels.

The Enterprise docks with the Suliban helix and Silik and Raan attempt to contact their commander from the future. Silik becomes concerned when he will not respond (perhaps because the change destroying the Federation also prevents him from contacting them or even existing?). Meanwhile the Enterprise crew try to retake the ship with several moments to look forward to: Reed is in his quarters with Hoshi appearing outside -- topless. Two Suliban officers harrassing T'Pol in the corridor when Trip and Reed drop from the ceiling and take them out with hyposprays. In Trip's quarters the officers agree on a dangerous course of action -- to mount a coup in engineering and set a warp core reactor breach.

Silik orders the Enterprise, building towards a massive explosion, away from the Helix as he works with a glowing device in the Helix chamber. Raan commands the Suliban operation on the Enterprise. Suliban ships begin towing the NX-01, nacelles trailing plasma exhaust, away from the helix. Meanwhile, Silik's work with the strange glowing device Reed found in Danielís former quarters seems to pay off as a figure begins to materialize on the platform...but instead of his commander, Archer appears. The Enterprise escape the Suliban with Silik as a prisoner.

After all this, the Vulcans are still unhappy and itís only TíPol standing up for her crewmates that allows the mission to continue.

Guest Cast:

  • John Fleck as Silik
  • Matt Winston as Daniels
  • Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest
  • Gary Graham as Soval
  • Keith Allan as Raan
  • Jim Fitzpatrick as Commander Williams
  • Michael Kosik as Suliban Soldier

Writers: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Director: Allan Kroeker

Our thoughts: Didnít live up to the promise of Part 1 last season as this one seemed a rushed and disjointed episode. See more on the message boards.



Episode 2 - Aired September 25

Carbon Creek

Concerns a coal mine accident and the rescue of trapped miners which apparently the Enterprise rescues. Includes location shots filmed at a mine in Carbon Creek, PA, filmed in July only weeks before a real mine accident occurred at Quecreek, PA.

Story will be told in flashback as Archer and Trip convince TíPol to tell them the story of her great-grandmotherís visit to Earth as part of a Vulcan ship observing the launch of Sputnik in 1957 (prior to the events in First Contact, of course). The ship has to crash land in Pennsylvania, near the coal-mining town of Carbon Creek and apparently helps to rescue the trapped miners mentioned above.

The Vulcanís even find time for some recreational activities as TíPolís ancestor picks up a red purse as a souvenir of her trip during a visit to a bar complete with a game of pool. While Archer and Trip donít quite believe her, she returns to her quarters and takes out the red purse after she leaves them.

Guest Cast:

  • J. Paul Boehmer as Mestral
  • Michael Krawic as Stron
  • Ann Cusack as Maggie
  • Clay Wilcox as Billy
  • David Selburg as Vulcan Captain
  • Ron Marasco as Vulcan Officer
  • Hank Harris as Jack
  • Paul Hayes as Businessman

Musical Score: Jay Chattway (who also did Cold Front)

Writer: Chris Black (teleplay) Story by Berman, Braga and Dan OíShannon
Director: James Contner

Our Thoughts: An entertaining episode with a lot of lose ends and things that left you wondering... See more on the message boards.


Episode 3 - Airing October 2


The Enterprise encounters a minefield planted near a planet and must try to dislodge one that attaches itself to the shipís hull. When Malcolm Reed goes out in an environmental suit to disarm it, but ends up trapped between the mine and the hull. Archer decides to go out himself to rescue him. Expect a lot of injured crewman filling up the sickbay. Said to be a very intense episode that will hold fans on the edge of their seats throughout.

The first episode written by former X-Files writer John Shiban.

Guest Cast:

  • Tim Glenn as Med Tech
  • Elizabeth Magness as Injured Crewmember

Writer: John Shiban
Director: James Contner

Our Thoughts: The best episode so far that even included... character development! See more on the message boards.


Episode 4 - Airing October 9

Dead Stop

In the aftermath of Minefield, the damaged Enterprise makes itís way to an automated repair facility with a secret and a heavy price for services. Reed apparently has a scar on his leg from his problems with the mines.

Musical Score: Velton Ray Bunch (who also did Silent Enemy & Acquistion)

Writers: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Director: Roxann Dawson (BíLanna Torres)

Our Thoughts: An interesting story....See more on the message boards.


Episode 5 - Airing October 16

A Night in Sickbay

Will focus on Dr. Phlox, Archer and Porthos. Porthos is apparently ill and weíll find out a little more about Phlox, including that he has a very long tongue and a closeup of his feet.

Set mainly in sickbay, Porthos becomes sick after being infected by a pathogen on an alien planet. Though Archer gives him the full gel rub-down in the decontamination chamber, Porthos has to stay overnight in sickbay...with a worried Captain by his side acting as a worried Ďmotherí (and probably driving Phlox nuts!). The Kreetassan from Vox Sola reappear (again played by Vaughn Armstrong). Other crewmen will also appear, though sans uniforms and in Ďcontemporary but quite sharp-looking dark suits.Ē

Guest Cast: Vaughn Armstrong as a Kreetassan (also plays Admiral Forrest)

Writers: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Director: David Straiton

Our Thoughts: A fun episode that all animal lovers can relate too (even if Archer is taking some flack about it from some fans). See more on the message boards.


Episode 6 - Airing October 23, 2002


After taking some heavy damage, the Enterprise is in desparate need of deuterium and heads towards a Quonset mining colony. TíPol, Trip and Archer take a shuttle to the colony to negotiate with the alien leader, Tessic, but they find him surprisingly uncooperative due to being behind schedule to deliver all their stocks to another trading partner. Archer convinces him to reconsider by promising to help repair two broken pumps.

The Enterprise crew strike up some tentative friendships with the aliens with Trip befriending a yougn boy named Qíell who wants to learn how to fly the shuttlepod. Phlox takes a female doctor, EíLis, on a tour of sickbay though refuses the expensive equipment Phlox offers as part of the trade. Phlox is surprised she mainly wants gels against plasma burns and cardio-stimulator leading him to believe the mining operation is far riskier than he first thought.

Archer and crew are surprised to see a group of heavily-armed Klingons beam down to the village (the Klingons now have transporters it seems), with their leader, Korok, being very unhappy to learn Tessic will need more time to process all the deuterium the Klingons ordered.

Only when the Klingons give Tessec one week before beaming away again does Archer learn that they began raiding the mining colony for five seasons, stealing so much deuterium, the miners can barely survive. An attempted rebellion 3 seasons before ended with several dead miners. The Enterprise steps in to help.

Said to be an ďepic tale in the style of an old WesternĒ. Film on location in a rock quarry in Ventura County, CA. Includes a new set, the Shipís Gym.

Guest Cast:

  • Larry Cedar as Tessic
  • Bari Hochwald as Eílis
  • Robertson Dean as Korok
  • Jesse James Rutherford as QíEll
  • Steven Flynn as Maklii
  • Wayne King, Jr. as Klingon #1
  • Peewee Piemonte as Klingon #2

Writer: David Wilcox (teleplay) from a story by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Director: Mike Vejar


Episode 7 - Airing October 30, 2002

The Seventh

TíPol receives a message from the Vulcan High Command informing here that ďMenosĒ has been found - a shocking revelation to her. This individual is only 3 days away from the Enterpriseís current location and has TíPol unsettled.

Arriving on a cold, artic alien outpost in search of Menos, Archer, TíPol and Mayweather track him using DNA scans to a large alien bar. While Mayweather covers the doors, Archer and TíPol walk into a strange scene that grows mysteriously tense. TíPol nervously searches through the crowd and Archer apparently observes a form of ďstrip pokerĒ using dice as several alien men cheer when a furry female alien removes a silver glove after an role apparently against her.

TíPol catches site of Menos only to lose a clear shot when she is knocked into by someone. Dressed in artic gear, Menos disappears when she turns back around. Archer signals Mayweather from a table top which causes alien weapons blasting through the room. Making their way through the crowd while dodging fists and bolts, there is a tip of the hat to Kirk from Star Trek V as Archer knocks into a 7í alien with a wise crack before he moves off.

Mayweather manages to snag Menos through all this but the Enterprise officers find they are unable to immediately depart due to a layer of xyalthoris acid which must be thermalized off the landing pad.

TíPol searches Menosí ship looking for something in particular and is astonished to find container after container of injector casings prompting a series of flashbacks: two men (Menos and a man named Jossen) running through a jungle and TíPol out of control in a Vulcan monestary.

On rejoining the others, TíPol asks to speak to Menos alone and asks him who is Jossen as she is having problems remembering events. Menos claims he and Jossen were innocent and didnít need to be rehabilitated prompting another flashback of TíPol chasing the 2 men through the jungle, which Menos identifies as the Tropical Zone of Risa. Menos further reveals the monestary accused he and Jossen of crimes with TíPol sent to apprehend them.

While still unclear of the truth, TíPol remembers flashes of Jossen falling in the jungle, her telling Menos that a Tellarite captain helped her locate them on Risa, killing Jossen, and herself being restrained in the Vulcan monastery as a senior monk read incantations over her wreathing body. Menos informs her this was the Vulcanís way of repressing her memory of killing Jossen.


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