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Pete Ross

Pete is Clark’s best friend in high school and one of the investigators of the strange occurances in town along with Chloe.

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III plays Clark's best friend Pete Ross in SmallvilleGrowing up in Boston, Mass., Jones acted in local commercials. After spending a summer vacation with a friend living in Los Angeles, he caught the showbiz bug and decided to pursue a career in acting. Soon after he graduated from high school, Jones moved to Hollywood to follow his dream.

His first job was a memorable guest-starring role on NYPD Blue in which he portrayed a troubled teen who stole a gun and hid it in his daughter's crib. From there, his career began to grow. His credits include an emotionally charged recurring role on C.S.I. in which he played a teen who accidentally killed a girl and then watched as his grandfam Jones III plays Clark's best friend Pete Ross in Smallvilleather attempted to take the blame. He also guest-starred on Judging Amy as a sexually abused teen who gets mixed up in a drive-by shooting. Jones will appear in two episodes of the new R.L. Stine series The Nightmare Room, beginning this fall on Kids' WB!

On the big screen, Jones is poised to make an auspicious debut. In the gritty independent drama Zigzag, he plays the autistic 15-year-old title character opposite Wesley Snipes as his crack-addicted father. The film also stars Oliver Platt, Natasha Lyonne and John Leguizamo as his terminally ill mentor. Jones also stars in the upcoming independent crime drama Snipes, playing opposite rapper Nelly and Dean Winters (Oz).

When he is not working, Jones spends his time on the basketball court. He currently lives in Los Angeles and will be relocating to Vancouver for the filming of Smallville.

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