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Clark Kent

If there is anyone that doesn’t know the story of Superman by now, I wonder what cave they’ve been living on? Created in the 1930s as a DC Comic book character, Clark Kent is the adopted son of Martha and Jonathan Kent who find the boy as an infant after his space ship crashes near their farm. Smallville concerns the teenage Clark discovering his powers and history.

Tom Welling

Tom Welling plays Clark Kent in SmallvilleBorn and raised in New York, Welling is fairly new to the acting world. He performed in a few high school theater productions before recently moving to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career.

Tom Welling plays Clark Kent in SmallvilleHis first big break was landing six episodes on Judging Amy last season, playing opposite Amy Brenneman in a romantic role that drew raves. He landed the role of Kent after a nationwide search for a fresh face to play the part. He also played a frat boy in the pilot episode of Undeclared.

Welling currently lives in Los Angeles. When not working, he enjoys reading, playing basketball with friends and running.


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