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Note: I donít list minor things added like new news stories, etc., as Iím always doing that. Please browse the site for them. Here I list the major things that have happened - new sections and pages Iíve opened, etc.

May 19, 2002: Added TWO new contests - for DVDS of X-Files Season 7 and Dark Angel Season 1!!! More to come!

February 1, 2002: Our new database news section is now up!

October 6, 2002: Our Birds of Prey section is now online.

October 1, 2002: Our Firefly section is now online.

September 14, 2002: Our new message boards are online! No more annoying popups and a TON of great new features.

September 5, 2002: Our new chat rooms are online. A few bugs yet, but we are working on it.

July 11, 2002: Fixed a problem some of my pages were having where you kept being redirected back to the main news page :( Thatís what happens when we try to make something easier and accidentally put a code in the master layout instead of just the page I wanted to use it on. Sorry about that!

July 5, 2002: Think I have to remember to update this page more! Iíve been doing a lot of behind the scenes enhancements lately thanks to the new version of my authoring program (Net Objects Fusion) being released. Things to help the siteís speed, organization, etc. We have more planned including converting a large portion of it to PHP database generated pages. Also have been upgrading our computer system to allow for video and audio editing as well as other things, so you might see a few surprises or two creep in over the next few months :)

March 21, 2002: Opened our page on Dragoncon 2002! We are planning to go and hope you will join us for the biggest sci-fi convention in the Southeast!

March 15, 2002: Opened our section on Jeremiah.

January 2, 2001: Been adding a lot more info to some of the special movies coming out this year. Looking forward to a lot of them myself...especially Matrix 2, MIB2 and Spider-Man!

December 17, 2001: Our newsletter is back! My technical person got our own mailing list program working so we can publish the newsletter again without having to worry about the service we use dropping their program again!

December 12, 2001: Fixed a few strange formatting problems I discovered on a few pages....seems every time you think something is perfect, itís not! :(

September 20, 2001: I found a few pages that had never gotten updated to the new design! I couldnít believe it, but they are all fixed now. At least, they had better be! Our gameroom is back up too - with all new and very cool games!

September 17, 2001: Added wallpapers & browser skins to download from our Star Trek section and general scifi as well.

September 10, 2001: Getting the Sci-Fi Postcard center going.

May 7, 2001: The redesign is just about complete! We are adding text links at the bottom of each page to allow those with older browsers (or Netscape or WebTV) access to a non-framed version of the site. You donít get the full effect of the design or see the graphics, but you can still read and enjoy the site. (We do recommend viewing in Internet Explorer 5 or above (and our stats for several months have shown no one using anything older or other than this). If you do have IE, try viewing the page in Full Page Mode (hit F11) - cool!!! :-) Once all pages are fully functional, watch for some more updates and new features like a site-wide search engine!!!

May 3, 2001: We launched a NEW ReDESIGN! Yet a bit closer to my original plan for the site! Everything will be updated and any problems fixed over the next few days but weíd love to hear what you think about the new look! It fixes some problems I had with where to put things and some pages that were getting way too long! Also each page should be quicker loading now as they share a common graphic border. Older browsers may have a problem and Netscape before version 6 may also have problems, but my web stats show I have so few of visitors using older browers, this shouldnít be a problem.

July 14: We are one of Yahooís Most Popular Sci-Fi Sites!!! Donít know how this happened, but itís cool! :-) I also added a side panel to the front page with a few of ďWhatís CoolĒ - some of the newest things on the site. Some people thought I wasnít updating the site since the front page didnít change - they just didnít go check out the News or other sections.

December 28: Our new message boards on now online with a lot more features and better traffic! Please check them out! We also won a new award - The Serreal Site Award!

December 20: I had some reports of WebTV users having problems with our home page due to the ticker tape I had on it. I removed it and changed it to text links to some of the features in the site. Itís tricky trying to find the right balance of style and function and usability for all! One of the challenges of doing a web site!

December 12: Renamed some of our pages as I got a bit too wordy at times and some of the search engines were having problems properly indexing the site. If you bookmarked any pages, you may need to do so again so they point to the correct page.

December 1: Weíve won 2 new awards from Nu-Design Studios!

November 27: Fixed some of the navigation bar layout problems to get rid of the big gaps! Also renamed the links to make them easier to read.

November 26: Added Statistics to our site so you can see where all your fellow science fiction fans are from that visit Scifispace! We get people truly from all over the world and at all hours of the day and night!

November 25: Discovered our store is down for some reason today. Iím looking into it and hope to have it back up soon.

November 19: Won the ďItís Too CoolĒ Award from www.mrbilly.com ! Includes a cool cartoon on our Awards Page!

November 4: Added a Store Directory to our Dealerís Room - including opportunities for stores to get a free listing or web page! Iíll be making this a searchable database eventually, but first things first!

October 10: Redesign of the rest of the site is up today. Made things a bit cleaner and faster loading. Also fixed some bugs I found.

September 30: Redesigned the News section making it a little cleaner. Have new graphics (including a cool new nav bar) in the works that should be debuting soon. Iím trying to find just the right look and personality for the site and donít think Iím there yet, but I am on the right track! Also added an Movie News Archive page to hold the older, but still interesting, stories.

August 10: Won the Critical Mass Award! See our Awards Page!

August 9: Added FREE Classified Ads to the site - be sure and post what you are looking for or items you have for sale/trade. The site will be on a brief hiatus for updates probably until August 18 due to a death in the family. We will be out of town for the funeral for about a week. Iím sure you all will understand.

July 27: Added our own science fiction search engine! This is going to be part of a larger plan for a new great science fiction index in the works! Also added a few features to the News Desk section including updated headlines and Star Trek headlines. And fixed a problem with my ICQ Communicator page!

July 20: Redesigned the site yet again! Thatís one trouble when you are a graphic designer and are always learning new tricks! I think of new ways to do things. This version, however, SHOULD NOT give any Netscape users any problems (which is what prompted the redesign!) Iíll be further refining things over the next few weeks.

July 1: Finally moved to our own servers here at Awave.net. Now have more control over scripts, forms, etc. so watch for changes over the next few weeks!

April 28: Fixed our FREE Web-based email! Had a problem getting it to work right with our existing email accounts so people who signed up werenít getting their email! But weíve fixed that now!!

April 14: Added 2 new Message Board - one for Horror and one for a discussion of Science Fiction Conventions and ways we can make them better!

April 7: Added our FREE Web-based email AND our first Message Board for General Science Fiction Discussion! Also fixed a bunch of alignment problems and moved the Quick Link box to display on all pages, instead of just the Main Page (will appear on all pages as they are updated).

March 12, 1999: Continued to add sections in the new design and fix the tings I messed up in the initial redesign!!! I'd love to hear what you think!

March 9 1999: New site design went online! Still adding and fixing problems, but site is now created in NetObjects Fusion 4 for easier manipulation and growth!

March 2, 1999: Added a new entrance page to allow you to select Frames or Non-Frames version of the site after a few requests (and a few problems getting good rankings in search engines!) It will also eventually allow you to choose a Flash version with a really cool interface we are working on (it will take time!)

February 16, 1999: Updated the Chat Directory. Fixed a few problems of pages opening in the wrong frame.

February 15, 1999: Reorganized a few things - Added a Lounge Section to house the Chat Room, Message Boards, and Links.

February 3, 1999: Fixed some form problems that had been reported.

January 29, 1999: Added a Club Directory in our Club Section. You can also post your club to this directory now.

January 29, 1999: Added a Game Calendar in our Games Section. You can email me your tournament listings.

January 27, 1999: Added a Barnes & Noble Affiliate Bookstore.

January 20, 1999: Added a link to Entertainment Headlines on our News Desk

Between September 30 & January: Too much to list! I added and fixed everything on the site!

September 30, 1998: Scifispace.com went LIVE!

Who am I?

I'm your resident webmaster, Lori Anne Brown! For info on me or Awave, Inc. where I am based, click the names.

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