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Markus Alexander (Peter Stebbings)

Markus is in charge of Thunder Mountain. Markus feels the weight of the world on his shoulders, as he delicately balances his world in Thunder Mountain and the outside world, which threatens its existence. Markus is a meditative man who has learned to trust his instinct. Despite Lee's suspicions, he trusts Jeremiah and welcomes him to join his exclusive community. At Jeremiah's request, Markus tentatively orders Jeremiah to act as a scout outside the mountain walls.

    Peter Stebbings had appeared in The Outer Limits, On Hostile Ground, No Alibi, Traders, Kug Fu, Madison, and The X-Files.

Kim Hwthorne plays Theo in JeremiahTheo Drake (Kim Hawthorne)

The strong, attractive and well armed warlord of Clarefield, CO. Orphaned just at the onset of puberty, Theo was smart enough to anticipate a future marked by rape and horror, and evaded it by building a new world order with her in control. A natural leader, she has built up a force of jocks and geeks. She’s determined to rediscover the lost technology of her parent’s generation and to maintain her own place in charge. Seeking the rumored “End of the World” that has all the technology, food and other comforts, she thinks Jeremiah may know where it is.

    Kim Hawthorne’s credits includes appearances on Stargate SG-1, Voyage of the Unicorn, Dark Angel, Andromeda, The Outer Limits, Cosby, Drop Squad, In the Heat of the Night and more. She has also appeared in feature films including Along Came a Spider, See Spot Run, and 3000 Miles to Graceland. She also has extensive theater experience.

Lee Chen (Byron Lawson)

Markus Alexander’s head of security for Thunder Mountain, Lee is a paranoid, suspicious man who doesn’t trust Jeremiah as easily as Markus does and warns Jeremiah he is watching him closely.

    Byron Lawson has appeared in First Target, Beyond Belief, First Wave, Highlander: The Blitz. His feature film credits include Romeo Must Die and The Corrupter.

Simon (Daniel Gillies)

One of Markus Alexander’s scouts, he is captured by Theo when she discovers his truck - complete with a full tank of rare gasoline. Tortured by Theo, he refuses to talk and Jeremiah and Kurdy help him escape. Mortality wounded, he tells Jeremiah and Kurdy about Thunder Mountain and sends a crucial message back - that the Big Death is coming again.

    Danile Gillies has appeared in Street Legal, Young Hercules, No One Can Hear You, The Act of a Dying Man, and A Soldier’s Sweetheart.

Matthew (Curtis Bechdolt)

One of Simon’s associates, he is also captured by Theo and is shot and killed by her when he and Simon refuse to talk.

Elizabeth Munroe (Kandyse McClure)

Simon’s sister, she also lives n Thunder Mountain. Kurdy is instantly attracted to her.

    Kandyse McClure has played Kim on Just Deal and also starred in Higher Ground. She appeared in the films Framed and Passion and Prejudice plus feature films See Spot Run and Romeo Must Die.

Ezekiel (Alex Zahara)

A wonderer, the Big Death seems to have mentally unbalanced Ezekiel. Claiming to have the gift of prophecy, he subtly follows Jeremiah’s tracks giving him cryptic predictions of the future.

    Alex Zahara was most recently seen in Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers, but has also appeared in Stargate SG-1, The Stick UP, Dark Angel, Andromeda, The Immortal, and So Weird. He also appeared in the films The 13th Warrior and K-10 The Final Solution.

Devon (Robert Wisden)

Jeremiah’s father, Devon was a government official with high contacts. He’s devoted to his family, but grew increasingly edgy just before the Big Death. He tried to flee a chaotic city with his family, but was forced to turn back. Leaving his sons behind when he and his wife try to find a safe way out of town, he never returns.

Mary (Teryl Rothery)

Jeremiah’s mother, Mary was a university teacher who was terrified by the collapse of civilization and the spread of the Big Death. She and Devon try to find a safe route out of the city - and never return.

Michael (Ryan Drescher)

Jeremiah’s younger brother, Michael is left in Jeremiah’s care when their parents try to find a safe way out of the city. Jeremiah blames himself for Michael’s later death.

Jeremiah (Luke Perry) - Kurdy (Malcolm-JamalWarner)

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