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The Cast of Birds of Prey
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Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon/Oracle
Daughter of Commissioner Gordon, Barbara became Batgirl and fought beside Batman and Robin for many years. She is paralyzed in a fight with The Joker and spends the rest of her life in a wheelchair...though not out of the crime fighting business. She reinvents herself as The Oracle, a computer genius that can hack into just about anything. She becomes the leader of a trio of women crimefighters who become known as The Birds of Prey.

Dina Meyer is familiar to sci-fi fans from Starship Troopers and will also appear in Star Trek: Nemesis this fall. She also guest starred in Friends, Ally McBeal and Secret Agent Man.



Ashley Scott as Helena Kyle/The Huntress
Helena Kyle is the secret daughter of Batman and Catwoman (aka Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle). She is estranged from her father and her mother was recently murdered. The Huntress is extremely athletic and able to kick some serious butt.

Ashley Scott played Asha in Dark Angel and Gigolo Jane in the movie A.I.





Rachel Skarsten as Dinah
The most altered character from the comic, Dinah is only 17 and has some psychic ability. She may or may not be the same Dinah who becomes The Canary in the comic book.

Rachel has been seen in Twice in a Lifetime, The Famous Jett Jackosn, Little Men and Angels in the Infield.




Shemar Moore is Detective Jesse Reese
All good crimefighters need a contact with the police department...Reese is it for the Birds of Prey, though he doesn’t always get along with them. There may be some sexual tension between him and Helena.

Shemar Moore has been seen in The Young and the Restless, The Brothers, and host of Soul Train.




Mia Sara as Dr. Harleen Quinzel
She’s Helena Kyle’s psychiatrist...and the recurring big bad of the series.

Mia Sara starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as well as many other roles.





Ian Abercrombie as Alfred
Yes, Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler, Alfred, has made the jump to helping Barbara Gordon and the Birds of Prey.

Ian Abercromie is a veteran of many roles including a ton of television appearance in series like Seinfield, Buffy, Star Trek: Voyager, and more. He was also in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Army of Darkness and Addams Family Values.


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