National Press Comics announces 2 new titles

Oakland, CA based National Press Comics will be soon unveiling 2 new comic books, Stark and Earth Sons with a plethora of titles to follow!

Stark, with its gothic mystery has gained a great deal of praise from the public and at the WonderCon convention in San Francisco, CA. Who or what exactly is Stark? A nation? A man? Those who would escape the law find out the hard way; their blood spilled by this inhuman angel of retribution... Discover the secrets of the Stark bi-monthly from NPC!

Earth Sons, a part of the National Press omics “Alterniverse” titles, is a story set in the world of H'trea, decimated 4000 years ago by the Burn. An event so horrible, no records of it exist. Toxic and barren, H'trea is a dead planet. Find out more in this monthly comic!

Produced by National Press Comics, Stark is written by D. Ledon Mason with artwork by Kyaw Ar Kar. Earth Sons, the standard in which NPC sets for undiscovered talent is written and created by Jody Parker with artwork by Dan Logan.

For more information, visit National Press Comics.

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