Fox could get Roddenberrys Questor Tapes

In 1973, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry created The Questor Tapes, a pilot movie that failed to start a series. Now, his late son, Rod Roddenberry, is working with Imagine Entertainment (owned by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer) to produce a new series. As Imagine has a "first look" deal with Fox, Questor Tapes could very well end up on the network.

The plot of the series was a genius scientist, Dr. Vaslovik, building an android super-human (think Data), disappears with half of his programming tape erased in an an attempt to decode it. His colleagues continued and complete the project, but Vaslovik has embedded a secret program in Questor's brain which causes the android to take off on a search for Vaslovik. He is added by Jerry Robinson, the prime suspect for having stolen the android. The series would have basically been the quest to find Dr. Vaslovik.

Want to see the original Questor Tapes? Take a look at it on YouTube:

Of course with Fox's track record with science fiction shows (ie Firefly, Dollhouse), do we want them to not give another show a fair chance? -- 1/29/2010

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