JK Rowling accused of plagiarizing again

JK Rowling has yet again been accused of plagiarizing Harry Potter. The English author and her publisher are being sued for 500 million pounds for allegedly copying Harry Potter from Adrian Jacob's 'Willy the Wizard'.

Jacob's book is about a boy discovering his magical powers and was published in 1987, ten year before the JK Rowling's first Harry Potter book.

Jacob's book was also rejected by Rowling's present publisher, Bloomsbury Publishing. He got his book published by a smaller company under the title "The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard No 1: Livid Land." Jacob died in 1997.

In both 'Willy the Wizard' and 'Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire' the boys compete in a magic contest and try to rescue human hostages held by half-human creatures.

The lawsuit naming these and other similarities has been filed in High Court against Bloomsbury. Bloomsburg denies the charges. -- 06/17/09

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