Wheel of Time Calendar Released

Tor Books is proud to announce that ROBERT JORDAN'S WHEEL OF TIME� 2009 CALENDAR is now on sale.

Last spring, Robert Jordan announced a competition on his blog ( where artists would have the opportunity to submit original artwork based on the Wheel of Time� for inclusion in a 2009 calendar.

He wrote, �I know there is some really professional quality work because I have seen it. Style doesn�t matter in this. Manga, hyper-realism, current cover-art. Whatever. Anything and everything is acceptable as a possibility. It will be the quality that counts, not the style. If you want to try it the way you think Rembrandt would have done it, go for it.�

The competition ran through August 15th 2007 and the initial judging was conducted under the supervision of a panel of judges from several popular Wheel of Time� websites including:,,,,

Robert Jordan personally conducted the final judging and selected the 12 images that appear in the 2009 WHEEL OF TIME� calendar just a few days before he passed away on September 16th, 2007, from the rare blood disease, amyloidosis. The pieces chosen symbolize the devotion that readers have to Robert Jordan and to the rich world he created.

They are (in alphabetical order): Michael-James Anderson �Into the Ways�, Susan Frech-Sims �Aviendha in the Aiel Waste, Book 4�, James Keegan �Mordeth Revealed�, Jared Magneson �The Heart of the Stone�, Doug McCluer �Couladin Surprises Mat�, Paul Pederson �Night Stalkers�, Andrea Perurena �Rand in The Fires of Heaven�, Matty Ryan �Child of the Light, Galad Damodred�, Kevin Ed Tinney �The Caemlyn Waygate�, Joseph B. Trimarchi�Battle at Whitebridge�, Joni Warden �Sedai, Among Us�, and Tess Wrathall �A Lily in Winter�.

The July 2008 publication of ROBERT JORDAN�S THE WHEEL OF TIME� 2009 CALENDAR offers another new way to experience favorite stories and characters, and will be a must-have for Robert Jordan�s millions of fans.

For more information or the buy the calendar, see here

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