New action figures due

The New York Toy Fair has seen a lot of new releases announced including:

  • Angel & Fred figures from Diamond Select Toys. New scanning technology is being employed to supposedly make the likenesses spectacular. They are scheduled for a summer 2005 release with the normal slew of variants expected.

  • Star Trek figures from Diamond Select will include DS9 "Trials and Tribulations" versions of Jax, Sisko, Bashire and O'Brien in original Trek uniforms, Next Gen figures of Riker and Worf (both with many variants).

  • Buffy/Angel Props from Palisades Toys/Factory X will have the Gem of Amara, the Orb of Thesula, Spike's amulet, Anya's Amulet and a Vampyre book box. A plush stake will also be out sure to be popular for live action vampire games (though I understand it looks a bit...rude).

  • Buffy & Angel figures from Sideshow will have new releases too. Origins Angel (Angel right after he's been turned to a vampire) as well as Vampire Buffy from "Nightmares" and Oz will all be released this summer. Diamond Select Toys will release an articulated deluxe Buffy and Faith as wella s Welsy and Lorne figured (the Lorne includes his head in a basket!). An Uber Vamp bust will join their line too.

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