EverQuest expansion ships

EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath, the next expansion for the mmorpg is now available. The expansion features appearances from familiar characters, enhanced graphics, updated creatures and new guild management tools.

The new story revolves around the characters Firiona Vie and her nemesis Lanys T'Vyl, who return to find that a dark influence has seeped into the world of Norrath, causing new tensions to arise and conflicts to intesify as the dawn of a new age emerges.

Game features added with this expansion includes a new interactive map, a potion belt to access inventory quicky and more easily swap weapons, as well as new quests, treasures and creatures - including drakes, goblins and dragons.

While the game is availabel for digital downloan, the boxed retail version will also include a cloth map and in-game health, mana and endurance potions.

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