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About me: Currently, I own my own company, LAB Enterprises, running e-commerce web sites including, naturally, a sci-fi collectibles store. You can view my company blog and links to all the sites at I currently live in Sanford, FL. The e-commerce sites I say are my work (and livelihood) while is my fun.

htmlwritersguildI’m a graphic designer, advertising/marketing person, 3D animator (Lightwave & Inspire 3D), and general computer geek who misses her Amiga 4000 but is getting used to Vista.

I’ve been a science fiction fan since I was 12 and founded the Orlando Chapter of Starfleet International (STAR TREK Club) when I first moved to Florida from New Jersey in 1981. The club started a sci-fi convention called Tachycon in 1983 which was a joint venture between myself and my fiancee and unfortunately came to an end in 2000 along with our relationship. began as the news and information section of TachyCon’s site when I first got onto the internet but became it’s own entity in March 1999 in a joint venture between myself and Awave, Inc.

My sci-fi interests lean towards Star Trek, Firefly, Babylon 5, Star Wars, etc., though I enjoy tons of stuff. I also am an avid reader (though don’t pay attention to authors much - I do like Anne McCaffrey and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro among others) and am also an illustrator just getting back into displaying at sci-fi conventions. Some of my recent favorites are Firefly/Serenity, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Heroes.

I’m also a former member of the SCA and enjoy historical fiction and non-fiction with Alexander Dumas my all time favorite author. I especially enjoy medieval illumination and love doing custom scrolls and other art for people. I enjoy many crafts as well including sewing, embroidery, and want to get into candle making and brewing.

I’ve also been a video editing and animation instructor and a print production specialist.

So you could say I’m all around weird :)


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