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News from Around the Verse

Firefly is No 1 Brilliant but Canceled Series

The editors and contributors of SciFi Channel's Sci Fi Wire recently picked the Top 10 Brilliant but Canceled Scifi Shows. Not surprisingly to me, Firefly was number 1. 1. Firefly, created by Joss Whedon. Fox. Original run: September 2002 to August 2003. Number of episodes produced: 14 Joss Whedon's high-concept space western was a difficult sell to mainstream audiences, television critics and even its own network, but it inspired a group of ... more

Morena & Nathan land new roles

Morena Baccarin has landed the female lead in ABC's untitled Dave Hemingson drama pilot from 20th TV. It is an ensemble drama about a law school grad (Matt Long) from a blue-collar background who joins a Los Angeles boutique law firm. Baccarin ("Firefly") will play another new associate at the firm, a scrupulous beauty Beverly Hills born and bred. Nathan Fillion has been cast in the lead of "Castle," from ABC Studios, a comedic drama about a famous mystery novelist (Fillion) helping the NYPD solve crimes. Santiago-Hudson ("Lackawanna Blues") ... more

Firefly airs on Universal HD beginning April 5

For those of you who have HD, Universal is starting to air Firefly April 5. See their official site for details and showtimes. more

Firefly Comic Behind the Scenes

Here's your chance to see how a comic book is put together! From scripting to pencils, and coloring to lettering, it's all right here in Dark Horse's "Making of a Comic" feature for Serenity: Better Days 1.

Joss Whedon returns to the world of his blockbuster ... more

Drive Cancelled After 4 Episodes

Once again, Fox doesn't let Nathan Fillion have a chance. After only 4 episodes have aired, Fox has cancelled Drive, the series about an illegal cross country race produced by Buffy's Tim Minear and starring Fillion. There are nine remaining episodes that haven't aired and no word on if they ever will. Fox, which cancelled Firefly after only 11 episodes had aired, continues their record of not letting shows have enough time to find an audience. Makes me wonder why any producer would ever want to work with them. more

Serenity Beats Star Wars at Best SciFi Movie

SFX Magazine pubished in the UK polled more than 3,000 fans and Serenity came out as the Number One Sci-Fi Movie of All Time beating Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope)! Star Wars, which served as a partial inspiration to Joss Whedon's Serenity (based on the cancelled Fox Series, Firefly), came in second in the survey. 1. Serenity 2. Star Wars (Ep IV) 3. Blade Runner 4. Planet of the Apes (original we assume) 5. The Matrix 6. Alien 7. Forbidden Planet 8. 2001: A Space Odyssey 9. The Terminator 10. Back to the Future SFX editor ... more

Jayne and Mrs. Reynolds added to FX Guests

Orlando Florida's upcoming FXShow has added 2 more Firefly/Serenity guests in addition to Ron Glass (Book). Adam Baldwin (Jayne) and Christina Hendricks (Saffron/Yolanda/Mrs. Reynolds/Bridgit) will also now be appearing. This is the first time either guest has been in Florida so for Southeastern Browncoats, FX is now a convention not to miss!
FX will be January 26-28 at the Orlando Convention Center. See their website for info and tickets. And ... more

Nathan Fillion to Star In Drive

Our favorite Captain will play the lead on Fox's mid-season drama series, Drive, about an underground race across America.
Fillion will play Alex Tully, a charming, rogue landscaper who is coerced into joining the race to search for his wife who has been abducted.
The executive producers on the series are Tim Minear (Firefly), Ben Queen and Greg Yaitanes. more

Firefly Coming as a MMORPG

Multiverse has announced that Firefly will be coming to the MMORPG system with a launch hopefully in 2008!
Wired has a full article about the plans here. It sounds like you will be able to be a member of the Alliance or an Independent and be able to explore the 'verse Joss Whedon created. Wonder if you will be able to be a Reaver as well?
We'll keep you posted on any plans we uncover. more

Book Comes to Orlando

Our favorite Shepard will be appearing in Orlando at the FXShow in January!
Actor Ron Glass has been added to the guest line up for the Florida eXtravangza, January 26-28, 2007 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This will be Mr. Glass' first appearance in the Central Florida area and one no Firefly fan will want to miss!
For more info, see the FXShow website. more

Nathon Fillion Guests on Lost

Serenity star Nathan Fillion guest-stars on the Nov. 8 episode of ABC’s hit series Lost, “I Do,” which also marks the decision by Kate (Evangeline Lilly) to hook up with either Jack (Matthew Fox) or Sawyer (Josh Holloway). Fillion will play a character named Kevin in the episode, which is the last new one for a while as the series takes a 13-week hiatus, returning in February.
“I Do” was written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and directed by Tucker Gates. It airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT. more

First Run of Firefly Ornaments Sells Out

Firefly's popularity certainly doesn't seem to be slowing down as the first run of the Serenity Ornaments from Dark Horse sold out within 3 weeks of release!
The ornaments, which are very well detailed, come with a display stand as well as a removeable hanging loop. And I can definitely say it looks wonderful on your desk!
Dark Horse is planning a second production run for November. This bodes well for the possibility of additonal ... more

Morena to be in Stargate SG-1

Our favorite companion, actress Morena Baccarin, will be appearing in several episodes of Stargate SG-1 when it begins it's 10th season July 14. She will be playing the rapidly maturing child of now regular Vala (Claudia Black) and the villainous Ori. The child's name is Adria. No word on exactly how many episodes Morena will be in.


Serenity Composer to Sign CDs

A star-studded gathering of Hollywood's most impressive composers for horror, fantasy and science fiction will be greeting fans and autographing their best genre cd's at the "Soundtrack Signing Extravaganza" on Saturday, June 10th at Dark Delicacies in Burbank from 2 to 4 PM. Sponsored by Percepto Records, this event will include DAVID NEWMAN ("Serenity") BEAR McCREARY ("Battlestar Galactica"), VIC MIZZY ("The Reluctant Astronaut”), LEE HOLDRIDGE (“Splash”), JOHN MASSARI (“Killer Klowns From Outer Space”), JOHN FRIZZELL (“Stay Alive”) and JOHN ... more

Firefly to hit iTunes

FOX and some of its corporate siblings are the latest networks to join forces with Apple to offer TV episodes on the computer company's iTunes service. Starting today, users will be able to download current FOX and FX shows like "24," "Prison Break" and "The Shield," plus older shows like "Lost in Space," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Firefly" that 20th Century Fox produced.
"We're committed to delivering our content to consumers in as many ways as possible," says Peter Levinsohn, president of Fox Digital Media. "Today, with some of ... more

Nathan Fillion stars in Slither opening March 31

Our favorite captain co-stars in Slither, a horror comedy also starring Elizabeth Banks, Gregg Henry and Michael Rooker.
Slither is an edgy blend of heart-stopping terror, wry humor and surprising humanity from genre-bending screenwriter James Gunn, whose Dawn of the Dead became one of 2004's most surprising hits.
The sleepy town of Wheelsy could be any small town in America--somewhat ... more

New Serenity Comics due from Dark Horse

Dark Horse confirmed at their panel at WonderCon that they will continue to publish a Serenity comic under the direction of Joss Whedon!

The company will also produce the continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer picking up the story of "Season 8" of the series that went off the air after Season 7.

No word yet when the titles will actually be available for purchase. more

New Serenity Comics due from Dark Horse

Dark Horse confirmed at their panel at WonderCon that they will continue to publish a Serenity comic under the direction of Joss Whedon!

The company will also produce the continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer picking up the story of "Season 8" of the series that went off the air after Season 7.

No word yet when the titles will actually be available for purchase. more

Firefly trading cards due in April

Inkworks has announced they will be releasing a new set of cards based on Firefly: The Complete Series in April. No details of the set as yet, but we are assuming it will be similar to their successful Serenity set with a base card set plus rarer bonus cards. A Collectors Card binder is also expected.

More as we hear it. It will be available for pre-order at SciFi-Collector.com as soon as we know more. more

Firefly Costumes & Jewelry for Sale

For Browncoats with extra cash burnin' a hole in their pockets, check out the auctions costume designer Shawna Trpcic are running for costumes and jewelry worn on the show. Various pieces are going on sale over the coming months via Ebay, but all can be seen on Trpcic's site. Inara and Books costumes are featured as well as a lot of jewelry. more

River & Wash in Orlando in January

Orlando Browncoats will have a chance to see Alan Tudyk (Wash) and Summer Glau (River) at FX January 28-29 2006 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. They will be signing autographs and meeting fans both days.
The convention also features many of the co-stars of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire including Stanislav Ianevski (Viktor Krum), Devon Murray (Seamus), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and ... more

Serenity DVD places third

The DVD of Joss Whedon's Serenity debuted in third place in total sales for the week ended Dec. 25, according to preliminary figures reported by Variety.
Not bad especially considering the number of DVDs purchased for Christmas presents during that week! more

Official fan site to close January 3

Sadly, http://browncoats.serenitymovie.om will be shutting down on January 3. This probably means Universal is ending their promotion of the Serenity feature film - though it doesn't necessarily mean no more feature films will be made as I have seen rumors. An extensive site is expensive to maintain and it's not unusual for official movie sites to close a few months after the film release.
The forums will continue at Serenitymovie.org however and fan sites such as ours will continue. ... more

SciFi Channel hosting Firefly marathon again

Once again SciFi Channel will show 12 consecutive episodes of the series Firely. The Marathon starts Friday, January 6 at 8 am eastern. This is a great chance to get a friend hooked on the series or just visit with your ol' friends again. More at SciFi.com. more

Scifispace.com mentioned on Serenity DVD!

As I was re-watching the special features on the Serenity DVD tonight, I discovered in the special "Re-lighting the Firefly" a nod to my little site! During a discussion of the fans rallying to save Firefly when it was cancelled, a number of fan sites are printed on the site including "Firefly @ Scifispace.com!"
Now if that's not reason for everyone to go and buy the DVD...I'm not sure what is!
Well, oh yeah, it is one heck of an awesome movie! more

We review the BD DVD!

Read our review of the DVD of Serenity hitting stores on December 20! If you haven't already added it to your Christmas Wish List, do it now!! more

Serenity DVD hits shelves December 20

Don't miss the BD DVD of the BD movie Serenity! It's coming to stores December 20.
A passenger with a deadly secret. Six rebels on the run. An assassin in pursuit. When the renegade crew of Serenity agrees to hide a fugitive on their ship, they find themselves in an action-packed battle between the relentless military might of a totalitarian regime who will destroy anything - or anyone - to get the girl back and the bloodthirsty creatures who roam the ... more

Ask the cast of Serenity

Here's your chance to get that burning question to the cast of Serenity!

Email your questions by Monday, October 10th to question@serenity-themovie.com. They will be taking the best and posting answers for questions for Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Jewel Straight, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, and Summer Glau.

Get those questions in fast!!! And check back here for all the answers. more

Joss answers!

Questions were collected from various Firefly and Serenity websites, and here are Joss Whedon's answers!

Questions from : www.buffy.nu

Have you ever had writer's block? How'd you overcome it?

Lots. The trick is to walk away, either to another script or to some good old mindless veging out. The other trick is not to give up right away 'cause you're lazy and you wanna play. But if it ain't comin', it ain't.

If you knew you were going to spend the next 10 years on a desert island and could only take ... more

Geekson.com talks Firefly

Geekson.com is featuring an interview with Christina Hedricks (Saffron from "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Trash" and Lisa Lassek who was an editor and producer on the series.

The show will be available for this week only, so give a listen. more

See Firefly before Serenity in Orlando

Firefly fans in the Orlando area might want to check out the Loew's Cineplex at Universal City Walk. A special presentation of the unaired episode "The Message" will be shown on Wednesday, September 28 at 10:45 pm. A $5 admission will let you see the episode shown once, then again with the DVD Commentary (which will be closed captioned) by Alan Tudyk (Wash) and Jewel Straite (Kaylee).

You can also cash another airing of "The Message" alone on Thursday night at the same time followed by the premier showing of the BD Movie Serenity! ... more

MovieFone has exclusive clips

Check out MovieFone for some exclusive Serenity clips!

Included is more of the scene from the trailer with Mal asking Jayne if he wants to take over the ship (a fun moment though a very tense scene!). They require either QuickTime or the free AOL Player to view, but are worth the brief download!

Of course Serenity opens September 30th and we will sure be there! One of the few movies in a LONG time I will be going to opening night! If you are seeing it in ... more

About.com talks with Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon sat down with Fred Topel from About.com to talk about Serenity in an interview here. Warning: contains mild and vague spoilers! more

Universal Studios-Hollywood hosts Serenity Shindig

Universal Studios Hollywood is reaching out to movie fans, science fiction enthusiasts and fans of Universal Pictures new “sci-fi western” SERENITY and its preceding TV series “Firefly” (also known as “Browncoats”) with “SERENITY Fan Fest” on September 24, 2005. Fans will have the chance to meet the film’s stars, view clips and behind-the-scenes footage from the film, meet the special effects team behind the film’s striking visual imagery as well as the film’s writer/director, Joss Whedon.

The ”SERENITY Fan Fest” will take place inside ... more

Serenity Wallpaper for Download

With the movie due to come out in just a few short days (September 30), jazz up your computer!

The Official Movie Site has a cool create your own wallpaper tool and the official Serenity wallpaper show here is available in several sizes, pick the one that best matches your monitor resolution.

  • 800 ... more

  • The reviews have started!

    Reviews for advance screenings have started trickling in and - if we hadn't already figured it out - most say how kick ass the movie is! Thought I'd post some quotes and links to reviews as I come across them for you - might come in handy if you need to convince a friend or dozen to get tickets!

    Warning: These reviews may contain slight spoilers - I'll give you warnings for any with heavy spoilers.


    "Drawing inspiration from “Star Wars,” various Westerns and, in one scene, “Blade Runner,” ... more

    Chat with Whedon & Serenity Cast

    Joss Whedon and several cast members from Serenity will be taking part in a live webchat on Empire Online on Thursday 25 August. The event willl kick off at 12:30pm BST (7:30 am Eastern Time). more

    Firefly hits SciFi Channel

    Firefly fans have a chance to catch all Firefly episodes before the big screen version hits theaters September 30 as the SciFi Channel began running Firefly in the proper order (with the Pilot first) on July 22. They will also be running the previously un-aired episodes! Of course those of us who have the DVD set have an advantage, but lets hope even more fans join the Browncoats before the BDM hits theaters! Visit their official site for more. more

    Serenity Comic covers posted

    The Official fan site for Serenity, the Firefly movie, has posted the covers for the Dark Horse Comics coming out for the movie here.

    The plot of the 3 issue mini series was written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews with art by Will Conrad and Laura Martin. The story takes place between the time of the series Firefly and the movie Serienity to help bridge the gap for fans. Each issue will have 3 variant ... more

    View the Serenity Trailer!

    After watching the new trailer, I know one thing... "I aim to misbehave!" View the trailer and you will know what I mean. SHINY!!! more

    Serenity links to check out

    Here are some links to interviews, con panel video, and other cool things for Firefly fans...check them out! WonderCon Clip 700k_wmv.asx WonderCon Clip 300k_wmv.asx more

    Serenity trailer coming Tuesday!

    The official (and according to Joss Whedon AWESOME) trailer for Serenity is due to be released to the world on Tuesday, April 26! We'll post the link as soon as we have it! According to a post by Joss, it blew away Nathan Fillion and some eagle eyed fans may be able to get a hint of some surprises too. more

    Firefly action figures coming in September

    Finally! Some Firefly merchandise has been announced!!! At the New York Toy Fair this month, Diamond Select Toys showed 2 Mal figures (normal and a variant), 2 Jayne figures (normal and a variant) and another un-named one which was described as "some sort of monster" in the press I've seen. My guess is its a Reaver, but only time will tell! They are due to be released in September as a movie tie in. No photos have been released yet and no word on if any other characters will be immortalized, but lets hope! more

    Serenity sneak peak gets rave reviews

    Fox may indeed have to eat a bit of crow when Serenity, the movie based on their cancelled Firefly series, hits theatres September 30 from Universal Pictures. The film has been shown to limited audiences in Los Angeles to rave reviews - including several comments calling it "better than Star Wars". Joss Whedon, creator of the series, wrote and directed the big screen version which will reveal the secrets behind the mysterious River as well as setting up all the characters. If as successful, the cast is signed to at least 2 sequels. more

    Serenity pushed back to September

    The release date of Serenity, the Firefly movie, has been pushed back from April 22 to September 30, 2005. The studio apparently decided the spring season was too swamped with other films and to showcase Serenity later in the year. Rumors insist though that the studio has plans for at least 3 big screen adaptations of Joss Whedon's creation. All the cast have options for more. more

    River gets clearer in Serenity

    Actress Summer Glau who returns to the role of River for the big screen version of Firefly promises many questions about her character will be resolved. The mysterious character rescued by her brother Simon (Sean Maher) from a government experimental program has been the subject of much fan speculation. Apparently, River will also get some action in as a blend of wu shu, kung fu and kick boxing was worked out for her for the film. Her background as a ballet dancer helped shape the fighting style for her character. more

    Serenity to be novelized

    Keith DeCandido who has written several Star Trek, Andromeda and Spider-Man novels, has been hired to write the novelization of the upcoming Firefly movie, Serenity. The book is scheduled for an April 2005 release to coincide with the April 22 release date. more

    Firefly & other photos from Dragoncon

    Someone at DVDTalk posted a great photo album from Dragoncon this past Labor Day including the Firefly panels. Take a look here. more

    Photos from the set posted

    The official movie site has the first photos from the set posted! Check them out here - it sure looks like Gina and Nathan are having tooo much fun! Don't forget the movie hits theaters on April 22! more

    Jewel Staite in Florida

    I had a chance to attend Dreamcon this past weekend in Jacksonville which featured Jewel Staite - our favorite Engine monkey Kaylee - as a guest. She gave several talks and signed autographs to the delight of fans including myself! With the film version of Firefly, titled "Serenity," currently filming, naturally everyone wanted to know what secrets she could tell. While keeping mum on the plot and any details, Jewel did reveal there are talks of additional ... more

    Two Firefly eps get Hugo nominations

    Both "The Message" and "Heart of Gold" received Hugo nominations for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form). The full nominations for this category are: "Chosen" — Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Mutant Enemy Inc./20th Century Fox). Written and directed by Joss Whedon. "Gollum's Acceptance Speech at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards" (Wingnut Films/New Line Cinema). Written and directed by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson. "Heart of Gold" — Firefly (Mutant Enemy Inc./20th Century Fox). Directed by Thomas J. Wright; written by Brett ... more

    Serenity to include Angel?

    Firefly star Gina Torres (Zoe) told fans at the Sci-Fi Grand Slam convention in Pasadena, Calif., that creator Joss Whedon wants to get Angel star David Boreanaz into the upcoming feature-film version of Firefly. She also confirmed that Ron Glass (Shepherd Book) will definitely be in the movie despite casting reports that do not include him. more

    E!Online talks about Serenity

    E!Online writer Sarah Hall gives Serenity info this week in a syndicated news story. No More Angel? Serenity, now! After the WB's surprise cancellation of his Buffy spinoff last month, a devastated Joss Whedon found himself without a pet project. But Whedon didn't lick his wounds for long. He's now at work on developing his defunct television series Firefly into the feature film Serenity. The futuristic action-adventure film will be the directorial debut for the man famed for bringing Buffy's vampire-slaying antics to living rooms ... more

    Firefly movie officially listed by Universal!

    Great news for Browncoats! Check out the Movies, Coming Soon page of the [url=www.universalpictures.com]Universal Pictures[/url] website and you'll see "Serenity" officially listed! No details given yet, but it confirms the rumors of the film based on Firefly getting a green light at last! Joss Whedon has a script and all of the original cast are expected to return. Release date will most likely be sometime in 2005. more

    Firefly movie may start in May

    Latest rumor has Universal lawyers working out all the contracts for a possible May production start on the Firefly motion picture. This would tie in with the hiatus of those actors that are working on other series this season. Bad news is, the film probably wouldn't hit theatres until sometime in 2005. more

    Nathan goes Hollywood

    Our favorite Captain has been cast in a pilot for Fox called Hollywood Division. He replaces Matthew Settle originally cast in the role of an undercover police detective at a Hollywood high school. If you are thinking "98 Jumpstreet" remake, you are probably right. more

    Firefly to hit UK in April

    [url=http://www.streetsonline.co.uk/common/product.jhtml?pid=30061481]StreetsOnline[/url] is giving the UK release date for the Region 2 version of the complete Firefly set as April 19. There is no word yet on the special features included and if they will vary from the US set. more

    Baldwin looking for Atlantis

    Adam Baldwin, the mercenary Jayne on Joss Whedon's Firefly, told SCI FI Wire that he is pursuing a role on the upcoming Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off of the SCI FI Channel's Stargate SG-1. "I'm hoping that can work out," he said during an interview at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention. "We're working on it. Nothing set in stone just yet. I'm actually trying convince them to hire me." Baldwin said that he is up for a supporting character not unlike his role on Firefly. "He's a military guy," he said. "I would be one of ... more

    Firefly movie fan site is live

    Fireflymovie.com site goes live supporting the continuing effort of getting Firefly back into production. They have a lot of ideas for supporting the comeback effort as well as the audio from the recent Firefly panel at the convention in Los Angeles. SHINY! more

    Morena Baccarin gets Still

    Morena Baccarin (Inara) has joined the cast of "Still Life" co-starring with Susanna Thompson (Once and Again) and Jensen Ackles (Dawson's Creek). The series is from executive producer Marti Noxon (Buffy) though I don't have plot details yet. It will air on Fox (!) next season. more

    Firefly movie script is written, cast is ready

    Appearing at the Los Angeles Comic Book & SciFi Convention this past weekend, Firefly creator Joss Whedon, producers Tim Minear & Ben Edlund, and cast members Nathan Fillian, Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin & Gina Torres talked about the show, the DVD set, and the hoped for motion picture. Whedon announced to the enthusiastic crowd that the script has been completed for the film calling it "the hardest writing I've ever done". While Universal is interested and Whedon considers it "a pretty good shot" the film will get a go, nothing ... more

    Firefly cast move to 24 & Miss Match

    Several former cast members of Firefly are popping up in other places. Star Nathan Fillion will be making an appearance in two episodes of Miss Match starring Alicia Silverstone. He'll appear in the Monday, December 15 episode titled "Who's Sari Now?" and in a later one titled "Miss Communication." Former Firefly guest star Christina Hendricks previously appeared in an ... more

    Serenity flies past Galactica!

    The Serenity isn't in mothballs yet, it seems! The ship made a special cameo appearance in the Battlestar Galactica mini series, which debuted on the SciFi Channel December 7. About 15 minutes into part one of the Galactic mini series, the Secretary of Education is shown in her doctor's waiting room where you see this bank of windows overlooking a colonial city. ... more

    Whedon interview says Firefly movie not definite

    Joss Whedon was interviewed in the December SFX magazine. The interesting article gives his opinion of each Firefly episode, but also gives a bit of a guarded opinion of the Firefly motion picture previously thought to be an official go. Whedon says the script is still to be finialized and while Universal has expressed some interest in the project, the pending sale of the studio may change things dramatically. It's hoped that the strong pre-sales of the Firefly DVD set due to come out December 9 will help sway the position of the studio, ... more

    Firefly Buddy Icons available

    Help spread the word about Firefly by using the official Buddy Icon! It's available here (a Buffy version is also available here. 12/1/03 more

    CFQ has Whedon & Minear Firefly comments

    Cinefantastique magazine (click on the news & regular features link at the bottom) is doing a regular a multi-part feature with creator Joss Whedon and producer Tim Minear giving behind the scenes comments on each episode of Firefly, which is released on DVD this month (and can be won here12/1/03 more

    Firefly set coming December 9

    Fox will release the complete series of Firefly on DVD on December 9. The cover for the set is shown here (click it for a larger view). Creator Joss Whedon says it will be a super deluxe set and including all episodes - including the 3 unaired ones - gag reel, interviews with everybody, and commentaries on most of the episodes by cast members, writers, ... more

    Firefly movie now official!

    As reported by The Hollywood Reporter: The short-lived TV series "Firefly" is moving to the big screen. After taking his "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" feature film and turning it into a successful TV series, Joss Whedon is about to do the reverse with another one of his creations. Whedon has teamed with Universal Pictures to turn "Firefly," a TV cult favorite, into a feature film. In addition to having adapted it for the big screen, Whedon will also make his feature directorial debut with the project. Plans are to see "Firefly" go into ... more

    Whedon writing Firefly movie

    It's not a done deal yet, but Joss Whedon is writing a script he plans to direct based on Firefly. The film will have the entire original cast if the script is picked up by a studio. Whedon has high hopes but warns fans it's not written in stone yet.7/17/03 more

    Firefly comes to DVD - MAY NOT be dead!

    Just when you thought you heard the name Firefly for the last time, Joss Whedon is saying, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Joss Whedon recently told Robert Bianco of USA Today that the show may not be on the air, but he's not quite ready to say goodbye to his science-fiction western just yet. "I still haven't given up on 'Firefly,' which may seem strange since it's been off the air for months," Whedon said. "If I can find a new home for Firefly, TV or movies or any damn thing, it will soften the blow." Whedon said that he still remained ... more

    Firefly DVDs due in December

    Firefly fans will get a great Christmas present as Joss Whedon announced in a recent USA Today interview that DVDs of the series - complete with his commentary - will be released in December by Fox Home Video. It is assumed all episodes will be included...including the three episodes of the cancelled series Fox has yet to air. 4/18/03 more

    Firefly going to the UK

    SciFi Channel UK has bought the broadcast rights for the completed episodes of Firefly - including the ones that have never aired here in the US. The series will begin airing in the UK in May. 3/17/03 more

    Capt. Mal gives Buffy a run for her life

    Firefly star Nathan Fillion is joining the cast of UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a key role in the series' final five episodes, Variety reported. Fillion will play Caleb, a former man of God who's turned to the dark side and now follows the First, the trade paper reported. Buffy creator Joss Whedon also created the short-lived SF series Firefly for Fox. "Nathan Fillion has a leading man's looks, but he's actually horribly evil, so he makes Caleb the epic foil for Buffy that he needs to be," Whedon told the trade paper. "Caleb calls ... more

    Firefly fans collect coats

    Fans of Fox's canceled SF series Firefly collected more than 1,600 coats and other items for charity in a campaign to raise awareness of the show, which producers are still trying to keep alive. Firefly fans, who call themselves "Browncoats" after characters in the series, collected more than 500 coats and dozens of other items in the United States, Canada and Germany on Jan. 25, organizers said. The items were donated to homeless shelters and other charities in 26 states, four Canadian cities and in Frankfurt, Germany. Fans also collected ... more

    NBC signs Nathan Fillion

    NBC has made a six-figure talent holding deal with former "Firefly" star Nathan Fillion. The pact calls for Fillion to star in either a drama or comedy project for the network. Fillion and his reps, along with NBC executives, have already started looking at scripts that may be appropriate for the actor. "Right now, my heart is set on comedy," Fillion said. "I'm looking forward to working in front of an audience, making people laugh. But I'm not terribly picky; I just want to work." NBC snapped up Fillion not long after it became clear ... more

    SciFi, others pass on Firefly

    Word is that the SciFi Channel has also passed on picking up Firefly as have CBS, NBC, and ABC. While disappointing, it's not entirely unexpected as SciFi has been sighting high production costs as the problem with renewing FarScape and with Firefly at $2 million an episode, I would have been surprised if they had grabbed it. Creator Joss Whedon is still shopping the show around - perhaps to first-run syndication. 1/15/03 more

    UPN passes on Firefly

    Though it expressed some interest, UPN has decided to pass on the Fox cancelled series, Firefly, from Buffy creator Joss Whedon. Whedon is now shopping the series to the SciFi Channel and other sources. 1/13/03 more

    Firefly pilot doesn't score big numbers

    Firefly's 2-hour pilot only managed to score 2.7/5 share on Friday, coming in 4th behind Providence, America's Funniest Home Videos. These were on par with previous Firefly episodes, though not a huge boost fans hoped for. Fox, however, also failed to 'heavily promote' the pilot airing as they originally announced they would do. 12/21/02 more

    Serenity Special Edition DVD out today

    The Serenity special edition DVD hits stores today, August 21, and is already more


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