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Jewel Staite in Florida

I had a chance to attend Dreamcon this past weekend in Jacksonville which featured Jewel Staite - our favorite Engine monkey Kaylee - as a guest. She gave several talks and signed autographs to the delight of fans including myself!

With the film version of Firefly, titled "Serenity," currently filming, naturally everyone wanted to know what secrets she could tell. While keeping mum on the plot and any details, Jewel did reveal there are talks of additional movies if this first one is successful. And she also confirmed that creator Joss Whedon would answer some of the questions left by the too-soon cancelled series while leaving several points open for the possible (and hoped for!) sequels. Apparently a few things on the ship Serenity have been changed to take advantage of the expanded budget of the film, though Jewel considered them minor tweaks with our ol' gal Serenity being very much recognizeable.

Jewel sees her character as "very innocent. I think she has this childlike innocence about her that I don't necessarily have all the time. I'm very sarcastic. My sense of humor is sick and twisted, and Kaylee's not like that. She's such a sweet, gentle soul that would never hurt anyone intentionally. She's never in a bad mood. She's just so loving. When she's angry, she's not even angry - she's just sad. And I can get angry - ask my husband - I can get angry!"

When asked if she wasn't a part of the series, would she be a fan, she replied that she would because it's such a great show about family. "To me, it's a show all about a family. About dynamics between people. It's not all about action, even though there is action. It's not all about special effects, even though there are some. It's about people. It's about people that are forced to live together under extreme pressure. And umm, extreme situations. And it's about how they learn from each other, and how they relate to each other. And I like stuff like that, so yeah, I think I would be a fan. I mean, I'm VERY biased in saying that, but I think I would, yeah."

Straite loves working with the crew and is happy to be back with them filming the movie (to be released April 22, 2005 from Universal Studios). "Luckily we all get along very very well. And we love each other very much. And we are very trusting of each other, as people, not just as actors. Like we have really deep great relationships with each other. So when the series was canceled, we all burst into tears. It was very emotional. When we filmed our last shot in the last episode, they yelled "Cut, Print" and we all kind of looked at each other. And Ron Glass just started bawling. He was like the first one to totally break down. And we were like "Oh my God!" So we vowed to stay in touch and call each other at least once every few weeks just to see how we were doing. Morena was the maid of honor at my wedding. Nathan stood in as my husband's best man. Alan filmed "I, Robot" in Vancouver where we live. And Morena filmed a series there. So, we spent a lot of time together and if we were in different cities...I mean Gina, Ron & Adam are in LA...we just made a point to stay in contact, say hello, and so by the time we all got back together it was, it was easy. It was so easy. We were just like "Oh hey buddy!" You know, it was like no time had passed. This is like the best cast I've ever worked with. This is like my 8th series, and the best by far. It's great to work with every single one of them individually."


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