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Firefly set coming December 9

Fox will release the complete series of Firefly on DVD on December 9. The cover for the set is shown here (click it for a larger view).

Creator Joss Whedon says it will be a super deluxe set and including all episodes - including the 3 unaired ones - gag reel, interviews with everybody, and commentaries on most of the episodes by cast members, writers, directors and himself. The entire 4th disc of this 4 disc set is devoted to special featurettes including "Here's How it Was," "Making of Serenity", Joss Whedon's Tour of the set and singing of the theme song and lots more - plus at least one hidden 'Easter Egg' ... Adam Baldwin singing the "Hero of Canton"!

Watch for clips coming soon here at Scifispace.com and hopefully a contest to win a set too! See our Firefly Special Section for more on the series that is gone, but not forgotten. And see Fox's DVD site for more on the set. 11/4/03


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